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Hello Mr. Batali,

I was wondering what cooks/cuisines are currently doing it for you. I notice that you seem to be a fan of what Fergus Henderson is doing - which as a Englishman, I find very exciting. Anyone else?

Speaking of Mr. Henderson, I've noticed that organ meats seem to be getting a little bit more trendy lately. As a long-time supporter of these oft-neglected cuts, what do you think of this?

Sorry to ask two questions in one post. Hope you don't mind! Cheers!

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my faves in nyc are the minimalists i love rebecca charles and everything at pearl, i love gabrielle hamilton at prune, i think mark ladner at lupa and dave pasternack at esca are redefining italian simplicity with an american pride and i am dying to try josh dechellis at sumile rocco dispirito's food at union pacific still defines contemporary cooking, despite the tv show's smackdown of his public personna

as far as trendy organs they will come in and go out of fashion.. for some it ain't no trend it is life style mb

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