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Loved the Film Noir Butter episode!

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Mr. Brown, as my username suggests I am very interested in Film and Television, to the point that I'm investing some time and money to learn as much as I can. I also share in the wonder and mystery of taking all sorts of ingredients and creating tasty miracles.

My fellow cinéastes and I have noticed that you rarely have the camera in a single place for more than a few seconds. You're always tracking, or panning. I also noticed that you like to use unusual angles (very high or low). Do you do this just to make it more fun or what? Lastly, (I promise) I wanted to know, what kind of camera you use for the shots from inside the fridge, paper bag, and oven. Is it a DV cam or do you use your regular camera?

Personally, I think you're show is great and worth watching because each episode has a plot, however simple or complicated (Ill gotten Grains, point in case, but that was one of the best ones!). There is always a reason why food must be cooked. Whether it is to rescue your "worthless hound dog" or to appease the "evil" stalker fan. Food with a mission, that sounds like, well you know, GE.

Sincerly, (or maybe not that sincerely),



Maria-Virginia D. :cool:

PS, the food scientist lady is sooo cute, she reminds me of my highschool English teacher!

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Thanks for noticing all the camera work...i'm kinda proud of that. I do it because...well, everyone that works on the show (on the TV side) has done serious time in commercials and movies and we tend to treat every episode of Good Eats like a little movie. I direct them just as I did commercials...heavy on composition...and I've got a really great DP who does amazing things with light...really amazing.

As for gear, all our cameras are DVcam. The fridge shots are done on high end consumer camcorders and everthing else is done with either "prosumer" or professional cameras...but we master everything on mini DVs. .

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