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Knife Sharpening Services in Triangle

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The only decent cutlery store in the area of which I'm aware is Becks (http://www.beckscutlery.com/) in Cary. I think they have a sharpening service. Regardless of whom you find, report your impressions back here!!!

Will do.

I still regret not taking my knives to SF with me. They have a knife sharpener at the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market on Saturdays. I didn't want to go throught the hassle of checking them, though.

Oh well, we'll see if I can get out to Cary in the next couple of weeks. The knives are getting really dull and it's making me sad.

Thanks for the tip.

Gourmet Anarchy

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I have always heard that there is a guy sharpening knives at the State Fair flea market, but rarely go there anymore, so don't know it for a fact.

I would call Beck's and see if they do it or if they could recommend someone. Altlhough it is always fun to go there just to drool over all the cool knives. It is in McGregor Village right off 1.

You could also call Burke Bros. Hardware and see if they do it, or know someone. I know that Ferguson's Hardware, before they closed, had a guy that came every couple weeks.

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I know I'm asking for it here, but I spent a day a few weekends ago sharpening our knives on a Chef's Choice sharpener and they came out great. It did take some time though, I figure about 15 minutes per knife.

Bryan C. Andregg

"Give us an old, black man singing the blues and some beer. I'll provide the BBQ."

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Go buy a copy of the book "The Professional Chef's Knife Kit" published by the CIA and a "Chef's Choice 6" diamond stone and you'll never have dull knives again. Plus you'll know how to make bost all of the basic cuts taught in culinary school.

Less than $60 buck (total) when I got mine a few years ago. Amazon carries both so it can be a single order.

- Tom

Tom Tyson
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