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  1. wabi

    DARTO pans

    I would like to echo a previous poster...by all means post pictures of your pans delivered...and if you can, your pans in use, or once seasoned. I am interested to see the relative sizes of the paella pans. I ordered the full size. If I need a large roasting pan now, I will use a Staub oval roasting pan...my go to pan for roast chicken, or a larger Griswold pan. My go to pan for searing a steak after I sous vide cooked it is a DeBuyer pan that has gotten a little warped from heating it on my outside burner...I wonder if a Darto pan will replace it? My view of the world is that if I can cook it on cast iron or carbon steel, I'll do it. There is nothing in this world better for a Malliard reaction than carbon steel or cast iron. Funny, here we are in the 21st century, and savoring the best of 19th century cooking methods.
  2. wabi

    DARTO pans

    I want to thank all of you enablers here on eGullet for introducing me to Darto pans... I'm a shameless cookware hoe. Now that Darto has opened itself up for orders again, it looks like I will be replacing most of my carbon steel pans with Darto.
  3. wabi

    Good eating on Kauai

    Alas, he has not reopened much to the chagrin of a lot of his local fans. It's just not the same here without him.
  4. My wife and I are planning a late summer getaway in late August. We are going to Banff, but look to take a drive up to Jasper to see the sites. It looks as if it would be better to drive up to Jasper, spend the nite, and then go back to Banff. Soooooooo....with one nite to stay in Jasper, where should we stay, and where should we eat? Is the Jasper Park Lodge worth it, or is there somewhere else that we shouldnt miss? I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and advice in advance. wabi
  5. wabi

    Good eating on Kauai

    I will post as soon as I know something. Remember though......it's Kauai, everything takes a bit longer here...... wabi
  6. My wife and I are planning a trip to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island this August. Being members of eGullet, our interests are simple......dining and eating. I have been to Nova Scotia many years ago, but my wife has not. Our plans are to fly into Halifax, rent a car, and go from there. We plan to drive the Cabot trail, and spend several days on PEI. The various web sites we have visited give the nice, wholesome.....read "GENERIC" places to stay and dine at. I am posting here to get real opinions from eGulleters to tell us where to stay and where to eat. Bring it on.....Where to sleep, where to go for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Where not to miss, what to avoid...... That said, any other links, discussion forums that would help us in our travel plans. I want to thank everyone in advance for their opinions and responses. wabi
  7. wabi

    Good eating on Kauai

    Coconuts is on Kuhio Highway (4-919 Kuhio Highway) in Kapaa. As you pass the Kauai Village (Safeway) shopping center as you are heading north...on your right will be the Kapaa Shores condominiums, on your left will be Coconuts. It's right on the road with a sign, you cant miss it. The phone number is 808-823-8777. wabi
  8. wabi

    Good eating on Kauai

    Sad news for eaters here on Kauai. A Pacific Cafe has closed. This is only temporary as the place is relocated....but it will be several months down the line. Valentines Day this year just wasnt the same for my wife and I......... I will keep everyone posted. wabi
  9. wabi

    Good eating on Kauai

    I live here. High end....I still think that A Pacific Cafe is the one to beat. Cafe Portofino has moved across the street to the Marriott. It shares space with Dukes. I have had some very nice meals there. The Hukilau Lanai near the Coconut Marketplace is pretty good also My wife and I tend to go to local places during the week if we are too tired to cook. Let me suggest some of the local's favorites as it were..... In the evening the Tip Top Cafe (great breakfasts!!) turns into a Japanese restaurant. the food is very good and inexpensive. Very good Katsu, japanese favorites and sushi. The portions are amply sized. Hamura's Saimin.......dont visit Kauai without a visit there. Kiibo japanese restaurant in Lihue is good for both lunch and dinner. I am a big fan of Ara's Japanese restaurant in Hanamaulu.....very local, but very good. Ara and Debbie work their butts off, and it's a locals favorite. If you want some quiet, get a tatami room. They also have a take out place next door called Ara's Sakana-ya. It's a place that sells Poke, pupus and beer, but they do a take out Bento lunch that is my favorite. I like the Teri fish platter. In Kapaa at the Kinipopo shopping center is Korean BBQ.....good and you get your moneys worth. In Kapaa, at the Safeway shopping center is a small vietnamese place called Ba-Le, their Pho is very good. Next to Safeway is a small mexican place called La Playita Azul that is also very good with reasonable prices. Except for my first couple of selections, the places I mentioned are inexpensive, nothing fancy, but have solid food and are very popular with the local folks. I live on the east side of the island, so tend to frequent these spots as they are close by. These are the places that my wife and I tend to go to on a regular basis. I hope this helps. wabi
  10. Rachel: Aloha. I would use the Hawaiian salt on anything that you use salt on. I use it to sprinkle on steaks before I grill them or a chicken before I roast them. It's salt.......but as it is from here, that makes it special. Enjoy it. wabi
  11. I want to thank everyone who answered our enquiries. We went to Joe's. I have to say that it was a wonderful meal, and well worth the effort . Thank you all. wabi
  12. Aloha. Some friends of ours from here did something similar to this just a couple of weeks ago. They took a bus of some sorts right from the hotel to the Getty. I think that it was a tour bus of some sorts, but they did say that it was easy. Why not rent a car and drive....good question. My thoughts on it are these....we live here on Kauai, rarely drive over 50 mph, driving in Honolulu is a challenge. We'll be tourists in LA, God knows we have to drive behind them here in Hawaii... I think that we'll leave the driving to the pros. . wabi
  13. Aloha, and thank you for the ideas so far. We will be staying at a Radisson Hotel near the airport. How much....I dont really mind as long as the dinner is pretty exeptional. Cuisine... We like all kinds. I have to say that living here we have a pretty good selection of asian cuisines. Joes does sound like an excellent idea, I went and looked at their website with menu. How long and what can I expect the cost of the cab ride there to be? Please continue to make suggestions as I will be reading the posts as they are made. wabi
  14. Aloha. My wife and I are going to be in LA literally for one day and night later this week. We are flying in from Hawaii, and have to spend the night to catch a flight out the next day. We have decided to spend the day going to the Getty Museum...so lunch is taken care of there. We have heard very nice things about lunch at the Getty. Now comes the question on dinner. We will be staying at a hotel near the airport and have decided NOT to rent a car. Dinner, no matter where we go will be a cab ride. Where should we go? What kinds of food do we like....all kinds. We live on Kauai, so needless to say we dont need to go for sushi. We really like nice places to eat, the genre of food is not as important as the quality. Is there anywhere near the airport that we shouldnt miss? How far do we need to go? We are literally going later this week, with this in mind, we need to be able to get reservations on a bit of a short notice. Any advice is appreciated. BTW, I am a long time reader, but this is my first post. wabi