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How can a diner communicate their passion for food to the chef, the fact that they take it seriously, and are not there just to see-and-be-seen at the hot new restaurant? Extending this further, how can a diner get the "best" (whatever your definition of that may be) out of your restaurant, and your cooking, on any given night? Do you have any other advice for the diner in your restaurant?

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Q #1

You can't.

If I were going to dine at Trio here is what I would do to "get the most "out of my experience.

Be excited.

Remember, chef's like to cook for people that are into food. If a waiter hints that someone on table 32 is jazzed to be here and the energy is high, chances are I will send out a little course or two.

Talk to your server.

They are the liasion to the kitchen. Especially if you are in the business. I would rather know if I have a cook or front person in the dinning room rather than you feeling silly telling your server you are the saucier or backwaiter at some restaurant. Help them, help you enjoy the ride, tell them what you like , and what you are looking for. Chances are they will find it.

Choose your dinning partners wisely.

Make sure you are going with someone that enjoys food. Sounds silly, but make sure money, time and cuisine style are condusive to your dinning partners. A restaurant can put out a first class meal only to be ruined by the person sitting across from you. The food can be thought provoking, you either want to go with someone that says nothing and leaves you to your thoughts or will bounce cerebral conversation around.

If money is not an issue...get the TDF. It is an experience very rare in this country.


Grant Achatz



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