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Used Dedy 30kg tempering and enrobing machine - $5,000

Casey H.

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Retired and selling used Dedy (Germany) Model 320 wheel tempering machine with mesh enrobing belt and photo-eye controlled take-off table. 

-30kg capacity

-shell molding and enrobing

-230V, single phase

-German workhorse can enrobe thousands of pieces in a few hours; feed with warm chocolate throughout enrobing session and it can run all day without over crystallizing

-works great; photo-eye can be finicky but I can describe our workaround (the price takes this into account, in the event you want to buy a new photo-eye; you can get one from TCF Sales) 

-manufactured in 2006; I'm 2nd owner, purchased from German chocolatier who brought it to the US; have used this without issue since 2011

-located in Charlotte, NC - local pickup or you can arrange for crating and freight shipping

-I have a video of it working I can email to serious inquiries

dedy 5.jpg

dedy 4.jpg

dedy 1.jpg



dedy 6.jpg

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