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NEW Silicone Molds for Sale - Hard Candy

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We have about hundreds of Silicone molds sitting in our warehouse! 

When I started at Chalice, I often wondered what we were going to do with them... and two years later, the OLCC changed a few rules and now we definitely aren't going to use them. 


I'd like to see if anyone is in need of molds like these. 

We had them made @ NW Rubber Extruders in Beaverton, OR.

Both fit comfortably on a sheet pan over parchment. The dimensions are 15.75" L x 23" W x 1/2" Tall. 


Large - 330 cavities 3/4" x 3/4" and hold about 5g of Candy Mixture


Small - 630 cavities 1/2" x 1/2" and hold 3.5g of candy mixture (unverified as I have personally never used them.)


They are great to work with, sturdy for ease when scraping, easy to clean with commercial dish machine and  will last a very long time. 


Please let me know if there's interest and I can get more details to you.  Thank you

Silicone Mold Close Up.jpg

Silicone Mold, Large 1.jpg

Silicone Mold, Large 2.jpg

Silicone Mold, Small 1.jpg

Silicone Mold, Small 2.jpg

Chance Carstensen

Research and Development

Chalice Farms, Portland, OR 

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