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Countertop broiler


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1 hour ago, AlaMoi said:

shortly I will be constructing a wood paddle with embedded magnet and 'heat protective wrap' to make that effort a mere 'use insert'

I will probably make various "open door distances" to accommodate the differences of fish-pizza-steaks-chops.

I think the simplest door jamb could be a neodynium magnet, placed fairly low on the side of the opening, which would allow a fairly thin magnet to create a large-ish gap at the top.  The low placement would also keep it fairly cool, which I think is wise, since heat can be problematic for magnets. Neodynium should give you enough pull that the door won't slide the magnet up.

Maybe 2 of these, stacked, might do it:


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17 minutes ago, scott123 said:

think the simplest door jamb could be a neodynium magnet,

This sounds really good in theory but I was looking on the internet because I questioned how easy these would be to remove from the surface without damaging it since they are so strong. I came acrossed this fact while I was looking.



"They can also damage televisions, VCRs, computer monitors and CRT displays. Avoid placing neodymium magnets near electronic appliances."


it might not be the best thing for this type of oven.

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this is a combination oven bottom / microwave on top - so it needs to not interfere with the upper door...

the wedge idea would be perfect except for the interference.


I have a couple rare earth magnets - they do have issues with being "too strong" for some purposes. 

the plan is to drill a hole not all the way thru and when I've got the thickness to pull power right, glue them in place.


the other consideration to using magnets . . . tossing the gadget in the junk drawer produces one solid mass of stuck together junk....

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