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Hello from Sunny Hot and Humid Florida

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Hello Fellow Food Enthusiasts. I stumbled upon this site in search of some useful information for dating ready to eat foods like sliced tomatoes. I've had very little success thus far, and I'm hoping and praying that someone here might have the answers for me. I'm looking for some information that shows how long produce and other items are good for before things needs to be thrown out. I've been told by more seniored employees or supervisors that we don't need to use the Dot It system because we go through enough of the product to not worry about it. I know this for a fact to be wrong, and I may have the opportunity to advance to the Lead Kitchen person. Food costs are very high right now, and they are looking to lower those food costs, and I feel that this will be one way to achieve this. 


I previously worked for a number of cinema chains (small chains, no AMC or Regal) as a manager, and I also worked for Burger King as a manager. Both times I had to be ServSafe certified, so I know that this is something that needs to be done.  If anyone is able to help me out and let me know where to look to get this information that is greatly appreciated. 

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