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Vertical Farming


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"It's hard to grow vegetables in this mountain town. Then this farmer had an idea"


Jackson {Wyoming] sits at an elevation just over 6,000 feet, nestled between Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and the Teton National Forest, and its location means there is very little space and conducive weather for farmers to grow fresh produce for the bustling tourist town.
"We came together to look for an out-of-the-box solution and that's where the idea to go up came from," Yehia said.


...While planning for a new greenhouse, Yehia and her design team realized they had to do more with the project than just grow fresh greens for locals.
"There was a bigger problem," Yehia said. "People with physical and intellectual disabilities in our town who wanted to work, who wanted to find consistent and meaningful work, were not able to do so. We're pairing innovation with an under-served population and really creating a sea change of perception of what this population is able to do."

Vertical farming isn't a new concept. But that they're able to employ those who need employment is an added bonus.

I would love to see the next step mentioned in the article about the bigger "vertical farm" bring built in Maine. It's a great idea.

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