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South Bend, IN


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I'll be at a conference in South Bend, Indiana, next week. The conference includes lunch Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, as well as "heavy hors d'oeuvres" for dinner on Monday and Wednesday. They're also arranging for a bunch of food trucks to set up on Sunday night, as there's only a short window of time between the afternoon sessions and a plenary lecture. That leaves some gaps in the food, though.


Any suggestions for places to consider for dinner on Tuesday night, as well as shopping opportunities for materials with which to make a very quick breakfast each day Monday through Thursday, as well as easily transportable nonperishable snack materials? The AirBnB listing says there's a full kitchen available. The conference will be on Notre Dame's campus; the AirBnB is downtown; I'll have a car but I have a strong aversion to paying for parking at restaurants.




Oswego, NY

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