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Well howdy!

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Ok, that subject just grabs ya, don't it?


My name is Russ and I am a foodaholic.. heh


Seriously though, googled some research for stoves/ranges and this site popped up. Looks like a lot og great info in here that should keep me reading and interested for some time.


My wife and I have recently decided to sell our home and build another one (ok, it was my idea) and the main and only real upgrade is the kitchen because "I" love to cook.


I am by no means a chef, I just like my wok and cast iron skillets and daddy needs a bigger stove!


So, I am just about 99% 'sold' on the Capital Culinarian 48" with 4 burners, a grill, and a griddle. I am just not ready to pull the trigger as we flat out do not have the land to build the house yet.. YET.. heh


Got a little worried earlier as it dawned on me that this behemouth of a stove probably uses a ton of propane and, well.. it ain't like we have a natural gas spiket on some of these places and all I can think of is running out of propane so, going to see how many folks on here have a large propane tank outside their home and how often they cook vs how often they have to fill that bugger.


Anyway, I ramble.


Howdy and hope to learn a lot here!




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I have a big old Vulcan with about 8 pilot lights (I turned a few off) and gas hot water too.  I think the propane  guy comes two or three times a year. A modern stove without pilots would use much less.

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Hello and welcome JR !  


If you really like to cook and cast iron and Wok utensils intrigue you then you are a good path.  Those are healthy interesting

ways of cooking. 


Something I'll mention to you.  If you are buying a gas stove new,  try to get them to throw in a set of jets for the other gas while you are at it.  Then package them and hide them in the stove somewhere where they won't get lost.   That way if you locate in an area where you start with Propane and later Natural Gas comes available, then you'll have your coversion jets handy.   Purchased later these will be expensive and possibly difficult to get.  Stove manufacturers may go out of business or be bought out.


I just noticed that GE Appliances division was purchased by the Swedish  Electrolux company today for 3.3 billion dollars.


Since you are  a foodie, you may want to look into this place.


Restaurant Depot com




There may be some Kitchen things there that could prove useful to you. 


I know realtors suggest the average family only stays in a home 5 years before moving on, but I'd suggest

that you build what you want so it will satisfy your family's needs for the next decade or two.   Build out far enough from town so that by that time the town wll have grown out to where you've built your home.  That way if you want to sell sell your home then, the investment value will have grown considerably.  So in your planning now you'll have time to shop for what will  be prime property in years to come.   


Happy cookin  :D

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