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Storing Alfajores

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I just received a box of Dulce de Leche filled alfaores from Argentina. These are a gift for Toots - they are her favorite. They arrived much earlier than anticipated. I need to store them for several more weeks. What would be most appropriate; freezer, refrigerator, a cool, dark place ... ?

BTW, each alfajore is individually wrapped in foil.

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From the makers of Havanna brand alfajores:

Hi Shel,

Glad to hear you received them quickly!
Best way for long storage (up to 6 months) is the freezer. Just make sure to leave them on the shelf for enough hours for them to unfreeze completely. Refrigerator is not recommended at all.

They will also last on the shelf, you can safely consume them up to 10~15 days (not more than that, please) after expiry date.

It will be greatly appreciated if you leave a comment in the Testimonials section of our website:

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