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Paris: left bank


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Taking wife & friends to Paris for her 60th.

Need a good French restaurant/brasserie/bistro (good of its kind) for a Saturday night meal.

Staying on left bank, so looking for something not too far from that area.

Not fine dining: actual birthday meal is at Le Gavroche in London.

What can you recommend?

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My personal favorite is D'Chez Eux in the 7th at 2 avenue Lowndal near Les Invalides and a short walk to the Eiffel Tower. It is country French. Some believe it to be too full of tourists, but I find the hospitality, food and atmosphere drawing me back each time I visit. Call me a softy for tradition and traditional food.

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Bertrand Bley's Les Papilles. Strictly speaking, a wine shop, wine bar, epicerie. But Bretrand's warm welcome and the kitchen's superb food make it a "must go" for us every visit to Paris.

No choice menu consists of a garnished soup with the tureen left on your table, followed by a casserole of an exquisite protein that can be anything from pork breast to rack of lamb or duck breast, all served in a fine sauce with appropriate vegetables. Then a small plated cheese course and most often some special take of panna cotta. All this for 31€, last visit. Wine is off the shelf price + 8€ corkage.

We'll be there in a week! Cheers!


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