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Duluth, MN

Zeb A

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Will you have a car?

I do know that The Pickwick is considered an institution, but having gone there regularly over the course of about 30 years, the new management has been disappointing. We've never eaten at Fitger's, just had drinks there, and found them to be "hoity." Are you interested in eating sandwiches and hearing music? Heading up Hwy. 61?

I'll call a friend tomorrow who lives in Duluth and get some recommendatation; advice on transportation and what you want would be good.

Edited to add: if you have access to a car, I'd suggest two different places on Old Scenic Hwy 61 -- Nokomis and the New Scenic Cafe. And, if you go early (while there is still daylight), the drive is spectacular). Both have websites. And, if you head to either one, stop a couple of miles north on the east side of the lake at Knife River at Russ Kendall's for smoked fish. You won't be sorry!

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Susan Fahning aka "snowangel"
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we will be heading that way for a conference in the middle of April. I have a few ideas in a file at home. has this trip already happened?

susan am writing down those recommendations as well...thanks

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