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  1. I searched the forum and found essentially nothing about Duluth dining options. Does anyone have a dinner recommendation for Duluth? I will be there for one night. What should I not miss? Thx
  2. I just made a post about Binkley's in thegeneral Phoenix thread. I won't repeat it, except to say that notwithstanding the commentary in this thread, Binkley's is underrated. I had an amazing meal at the bar this evening, and I would suggest that, if you enjoy fine dining and find yourself in Phoenix, you simply must find a way to get to Cave Creek and eat at this restaurant. What a treat.
  3. Well, I bit the bullet and decided to make the trek to Cave Creek. What a treat! While Binkley's has received some incredibly favorable reviews on this site, I don't think they do it justice. Simply put, if you enjoy fine dining, it would be a terrible mistake to come to Phoenix and miss Binkley's. I sat at the bar this evening and had one of the best meals I have ever had the opportunity to enjoy. I tried the 6 course tasting menu, selecting: mackeral tartare, goose egg (filled with marscapone scrambled goose egg and a braised short rib ragout), Moi (a wonderful fish from Hawaiii that I had not tried before), duck two ways, cheese, and tres leches. Of course, the labels do not do the food justice and, sadly, neither can I describe them nor did I photograph them. I will simply say that every course was thoughtfully prepared, with surprising and interesting elements, and, best of all, everything was delicious -- and I mean everything. Perhaps my favorite aspect of the restaurant was the barrage of amuse. I am a sucker for small bites of food (and, yes, there was a small lollipop amuse). I believe that I had well over five amuse before the first course, and I would guess that there were over 20 courses in total. I can't begin to remember them all (notwithstanding the fact that I drank little), but they ranged from fried okra, to foie gras, to peach soup, to a chocolate souffle, to a mini charcuterie, to peanut butter and chocolate shake, to a pretzel/cheese/ham? skewer thrust in a mustard froth, to a lava lamp beverage, to a rice krispie treat, to a proscuitto powder, etc etc. The range of techniques and ingredients was amazing, but even more amazing was Chef Binkley's ability to keep it all together and create super tasting food. Flavor was never sacrificed in favor of creating novel and interesting food. I had a chance to talk with Chef Binkley a bit. Seems like a great guy. In all seriousness, if you really enjoy food, then you have to visit Binkley's when you are in Phoenix. PS: The drive from Cave Creek to downtown Phoenix at 9 pm was not bad at all. Maybe 30 minutes. The drive to Cave Creek was traffic-ridden, but I went at the worst time -- 5 pm. PPS: I forgot to mention the incredible value. The 6 course tasting runs $89 (keep in mind the total number of courses is over twenty). My final bill, with alcohol and tip was $140. In Chicago, for example, the same meal would cost twice that amount. A terrific deal, and a terrific meal.
  4. You will enjoy NOCA, I am sure. You probably saw me last night while you were munching on your pizza. I was #456 in line. The waitress at the bar next door told me that if you come at like 9:30 or 10, the wait drops to an hour!
  5. We just got back from a wonderful meal at NOCA. What a treat. I posted in the general Phoenix forum, so won't repeat myself here, but, if you have a night in Phoenix, I suggest you visit NOCA. Exceptional on all fronts.
  6. Eliot: Thanks for the tips! Tonight, though, I made a good decision. We hopped in the car and dined at your restaurant, and I love NOCA. I had the heirloom tomatoes and the halibut. While I loved the tomatoes, the halibut was truly outstanding. Just great. The post-meal cotton candy was a treat. I wish I could have found room for dessert, because they looked great as well. Service was outstanding, from the waitstaff to the gentleman who greeted us at the door (you?). On top of that, the atmosphere was a great mix of casual elegance, and the value was terrific. Just a great restaurant. Congratulations!
  7. Or, better yet, where should I go, assuming I have a ride. Seems like my #1 choice would be Binkley's in Cave Creek. Everything about that restaurant sounds great. Except, it is about 40 minutes from downtown Phoenix. Assuming I will want to drink wine with dinner, I am not sure that a power drive through the desert is a great idea. So, where is Plan B if Binkley's is not an option? Assume I like to eat out, regardless of price, but may not be back to Phoenix before death. Thx
  8. So, I have been in Phoenix for 3 nights and will be here for four more. Last night, I had a car, and I dined at Tarbells. It was good. Tonight, no car. Walked around downtown. Pizza Bianco seemed like a reasonable idea, but there was a 3 hour wait on a freaking Tuesday night! Either that is great pizza, or downtown Phoenix blows. Ate at Kincaid's steakhouse. Great if you like hot Oysters. Seriously, though, the steak was good, but everything else was ho hum, and I spent $100+. Is there any cool place to eat downtown? Casual or fancy? I don't care about venue, other than good quality at what they do. Where can I walk to from 3rd?
  9. evidently, there is some food conference or something. i am number 10 on the wait list.
  10. Thanks. I tried being nice on the phone, but was nicely informed, No room. They suggested I try 48 hours in advance because that's when cancellations kick in. Bummer. I wish I could plan things more in advance. I don't want to clutter this thread with anything off-topic, but if you have any strong feelings about other places in Chicago I should try, please shoot me a PM. I've dined at Trotters and Topolobompo and want to try something new this time. Maybe Tru? Moto? Anyway, thanks. (Oh, and I should say that I am there Sunday night to Wednesday night, so two of the nights (Sunday and Monday)probably have few options. Thx)
  11. Just found out that I will be in Chicago on the nights of the 7/29 and 8/1. Solo. Anyone aware of any tricks to help get a table?
  12. I hope there isn't a more recent thread. If there is, my search skills bite. Anyway, one night in Bethany -- best fine dining option is . . . ? Two names I have heard are Sedona and The Parkway. Any thoughts on these or others? Thanks
  13. Interesting article on the post-Savannah legal fallout
  14. Not really what you are talking about I suppose, but I had a real good pizza at Evoo the other day. Pizza with pork three ways, salami, pepperoni and house made sausage with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese 10.00
  15. Porters -- and please give me some of the Tavern Chips as well. For a chain burger, I have to confess that I dig 5 Guys. It had a better vibe back in its hole in the wall DC days, but its still a good burger with solid fries. I think Char Grill burgers are gritty and foul
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