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restaurant mc--Millburn

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We spent a leisurely lunch along with several other tables of ladies who lunch.

Cleanliness of restaurant: D

Service: C

Quality for pricepoint: B-

There is a cute $1 per item list of foods which can be apps or make your meal. It includes items such a tuna sushi, BBQ chicken or shimp lollipop, satay, shrimp tempure, slidder, chIciken truffle salad sandwich & several others. Fun! The quality , preparation & tastiness varies. There also are a la carte apps that include salads and other offerings. Among these the chinese dumplings would have been 'good enough' if accompanied by a sauce for dipping.

There were several attractive sounding entrees. The burger is very good and can come with gooey garnishes, There was a nicely portioned salmon w. pureed seasonal vegetable andtopped w. okra tempura. The mussels were fetchingly served in a sand pail which had a bunch of silverfoil inside to make the portion look far larger than it was. A secondary problem with that was all of the wonderful sauce had settled on the bottom, hard to reach around the foil. The mussles themselves were sweet and perfectly cooked. We had to request a dish for the shells.

The 1/2 l. of wine at 34$ ..filled a few inches below the neck of the carafe, only provided the two glasses [12$] that we were trying to enhance...so forgo that seduction.

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