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seafood restaurants in south florida


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what r the best seafood restaurants in south florida-

miami dade, broward . palm beach counties

For Miami (I've given links to more detailed writeups where I have them) -

Area 31, new restaurant in the Epic Hotel downtown, does a very good job with locally sourced seafood (named after the UN-designated fishing area that includes th Florida coast). More info here.

River Oyster Bar on Miami Ave. near Brickell/Downtwon is good.

Many people highly recommend Alta Mar on South Beach, I have not been.

For an old school type seafood place, Captain's Tavern in South Miami is a long time favorite though it's been some time since I've been.

I like Chef Creole on NE 2nd Ave. & 54th St. for Creole (Haitian) style fried shrimp, conch, and the like. Sort of dodgy neighborhood.

Garcia's, on the Miami River, is more of a lunch place but does a good dolphin sandwich.

Red Light, not exclusively a seafood place, but usually offers a couple locally sourced fish every night, and great New Orleans style bbq shrimp. More info here.

Hiro's Yakko-San - again not a "seafood restaurant" but a Japanese izakaya, happens to have some of the freshest fish in town. More info here.

I don't spend as much time in Broward, but had a very good meal at 3030 Ocean, which has a strong seafood focus. More info here.

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