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Recent recommendations for Southern Puglia?


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I'm in the midst of planning a trip to a part of Italy I've never visited, Puglia. The trip would be in late October through first week in November.

More specifically, after about a week in Rome, I plan to drive down to Matera (Basilicata) and spend a couple of nights, then spend a week based in the city of Lecce (the Salento peninsula).

No recent recommendations here. Any ideas for great vegetarian meals? (Fish to, but not seafood.) I may head to Gallipoli, etc.

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I'm about to go to Puglia for a couple of weeks, specifically near Ostuni and then near Specchia and I wondered if anyone had any recent food recommendations, I guess either restaurants with an emphasis on more traditional food or good bakeries, things like that. I've had a look through the various Puglia food / restaurant threads, but the restaurant threads in particular are 10 years old and I just thought I'd see if anyone had any recent good experiences.

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Near Ostuni:



Ristorante Da Gino
Contrada Montevicoli, 57b
72013 Ceglie Messapica (Brindisi)



Ristorante Le Palme - Hotel Masseria Torre Maizza
Contrada Coccaro
72015 Savelletri di Fasano (Brindisi)


Taverna della Torre
Via San Quirico 3
72014 Cisternino (Brindisi)



Hosteria Gia' Sotto l'Arco
Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 71
72012 Carovigno (Brindisi)





Near Specchia:



Pasticceria Arte Bianca
via Don Sturzo
73052 Parabita (Lecce)


Ristorante Lemì
Via Vittorio Emanuele, 16
73039 Tricase (Lecce)



Ristorante Il Bastione
Riviera Nazario Sauro, 28
73014 Gallipoli (Lecce)


Ristorante LaltroBaffo
Via Cenobio Basiliano, 23
73028 Otranto (Lecce)


Trattoria la Puritate
Via S.Elia, 18
73014 Gallipoli (Lecce)


U Purpitiellu
corso Annibale
Ugento di Torre San Giovanni (Lecce)




I'll try to look for some more.






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