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  1. That's a great price for the UK, was that showing as out of stock? I can see they have Rittenhouse at the moment for £23.50 out of stock, might be worth a try!
  2. jameswilliam

    Peanut Beans

    These look like what I've seen sold as borlotti in the UK. I've used them in the Marcella Hazan recipe here which is simple and very nice
  3. I'm about to go to Puglia for a couple of weeks, specifically near Ostuni and then near Specchia and I wondered if anyone had any recent food recommendations, I guess either restaurants with an emphasis on more traditional food or good bakeries, things like that. I've had a look through the various Puglia food / restaurant threads, but the restaurant threads in particular are 10 years old and I just thought I'd see if anyone had any recent good experiences.
  4. They're very nice actually and nicely presented as well, you get them in boxes individually wrapped like you can see on this page http://cadizpedia.wikanda.es/wiki/Reposter%C3%ADa_%28Medina-Sidonia%29 I've been looking for a good recipe for a while. I found one in Frank Camorra's book 'Movida Rustica' which I thought was going to be along the right lines as he seemed to know about the area, etc but it turned out be rather different than what I've had, more of a biscuit (it's reproduced here http://www.them-apples.co.uk/2010/07/alfajores-spanish-spiced-fruit-and-nut-biscuits/)
  5. Thanks for your help - I've got a couple of other places I can try to get normal anise seeds, otherwise maybe I'll try a mixture of fennel / star anise. I think I'll probably use rather less than specified as well, I don't really recall the ones I've had in Spain having that much of a dominant aniseed flavour.
  6. I'm looking to make the Alfajores that you find in Medina Sedonia in Spain. I've found recipes here in English and Spanish (it looks like the English one is a translation of the Spanish one with measures converted to volume) http://spanishfood.about.com/od/dessertssweets/r/Alfajores-De-Medina-Sidonia-Recipe-Andalucian-Delicacy.htm http://www.asopaipas.com/2010/12/alfajores-de-medina-sidonia.html I'm having a little bit of trouble finding aniseeds and I'm wondering whether it would be okay to use star anise as a substitute somehow, maybe just the seeds from middle? Any advice would be much ap
  7. If you're going to the Whiskey Exchange shop in Vinopolis it's worth double checking with them if you're after something specific from their website - they don't have everything from the website in the shop. If they haven't got it I've found they can get it ordered into the shop for no charge with a few days notice.
  8. Just a quick note on Golden Day - this is apparently now has a different chef and is not so good http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2013/nov/17/sichuan-folk-restaurant-review-jay-rayner Jay Rayner recently reviewed Leong's Legend in Chinatown quite favourably
  9. I have a jar of Laoganma black bean sauce that looks like that (specified in Fuchsia Dunlop's Every Grain of Rice) The label design is slightly different but from what I can see the characters are the same and contents look similar... http://www.amazon.com/Lao-Black-Bean-Chilli-Sauce/dp/B0051D84GI edit (actually that jar on amazon is slightly different - my one has the same characters in white across the top as yours)
  10. ETI (the manufacturer) list refurbished thermapens in various colours on ebay uk http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Splash-Proof-Super-Fast-Thermapen-Food-Thermometer-/370753828807?pt=UK_Kitchen_Accessories&var=&hash=item5652a677c7 Looks like it works out around $47, with shipping on top, the listing only shows shipping to Europe though, so it depends where you are.. I bought mine this way last year and it's great, seemed like new
  11. Something I thought was great with Every Grain of Rice compared to Fuchsia Dunlop's previous books was the sections with pictures of all the various ingredients, both in terms of fresh vegetables and packets of things like 'red-in-snow', tofu bamboo, etc. With previous books I had a lot of trouble going around Chinatown asking people about Cao Guo, etc. having the pictures makes things a lot easier, and certainly in London at least I've easily found most of the branded things she's using like the black bean sauce, fermented tofu etc. It definitely feels more accessible in general as well.
  12. I've got one of these porlex spice mills which I've been pretty happy with, works well for things like fennel seeds http://www.creamsupplies.co.uk/porlex-spice-mill-ceramic-burrs-/prod_2271.html?category=
  13. The other week I bought some fresh (possibly defrosted) from the Costcutter Oriental in Bayswater, might be worth giving them a call
  14. Thanks for the responses, that's really helpful. I found this page on the alice.tv site which looks like a good place to start and then I think after that I'm going to go through the tv guides that they have and see what I can find on youtube.
  15. I'm currently trying to pick up some basic Italian and I wondered if anyone knew of any good Italian language television programmes, whether on air at the moment or older ones that I might be able to find online? I tried searching Google, but I couldn't work out good search terms to use. For learning Spanish I found Jose Andres's Vamos a Cocinar and Juan Pozuelo's Que Comemos Hoy really great for listening practice and mainly I'm looking for similar format, ie someone making something and talking you through it, but to be honest anything else food related would be great as well
  16. It could be, it sounds like you're looking for one that's cured right, with a firm texture for eating sliced / uncooked? I think butifarra is basically just sausage so could be cured or not cured, like if you look about a minute into this video you can see the butifarra kind of crumbling http://www.worldsofflavorspain.com/23-garbanzos-con-butifarra-negra-chickpeas-black-sausage This says it's cured but also that it needs to be cooked http://www.thetapaslunchcompany.co.uk/spanish-food/chorizo-jamon-meats/morcilla_black_pudding_200_g I reckon you're best to give Brindisa a call and explain what
  17. Brindisa might be worth a try as well. They definitely always have a fresh one in their shop, but I would imagine they might have a cured version as well
  18. Hi I'm going to be going to Almeria on holiday soon and I wondered if anybody could recommend any good places to eat or dishes to look out for. I'm going to be around the Cabo de Gata area. I've heard that there are supposed to be good fish restaurants in Garrucha but I'm not sure which ones. Any ideas would be terrific Thanks James
  19. Hi First of all I wanted to thank you all for your advice, it contributed a lot to our holiday, both in terms of the specific places you recommended and also the specialities you mentioned, Manzanilla for example, something I might not have thought of trying otherwise and ended up taking quite an interest in.. Anyway, we spent most of the time in Rota, but we did have one day in Sanlucar. There was still some kind of rubbish strike going on, but it seemed like they were organizing things so that instead of lots of small piles of rubbish everywhere there were a smaller number of enormous piles
  20. Thanks for that Bux, I'd seen that thread and that's certainly more food for thought (if you'll excuse the dreadful but unintended pun). Annieb I actually tried Urta a la Rotena last time I was there and it was okay, but not spectacular, although I think that was down to the restaurant where I ate it rather than the dish itself. Something else I tried and enjoyed was arranque roteno, a mixture of bread, tomato and green pepper, very tasty. Anyway, thank you all very much for your suggestions, I'll post some photos when i get back Cheers
  21. Hi Thank you very much for your replies, that's all terrific information. Looks like we'll definitely be making a trip to Sanlucar. It'll be good to have specific places in mind rather than just wandering around aimlessly. I'll try and take some pictures and post them when i get back. btw I found this article on Casa Bigote, it does sounds great http://www.verema.com/en/articles/article.asp?articulo=6 Thanks again for your help, and if anyone has any recommendations within Rota itself that would be great as well
  22. Hi I'm visiting Rota near Cadiz for a couple of weeks and I wondered if anyone might be able to recommend any restaurants to eat at or dishes I should try? I've been before and found a few nice places like one by the harbour where they do great shrimp omelettes and cuttlefish stew, but beyond that I found it a bit hit and miss - my Spanish is pretty limited and I don't know anyone there which makes it tricky to ask for recommendations. I saw the other thread about Sanlucar and it looked like a visit there might be worthwhile, what about other towns nearby like El Puerto de Santa Maria or Chip
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