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Let's say you were in the fortunate position of having reservations for four at Per Se for Saturday night and one of your party got stuck in Tokyo and couldn't make it. Following the event guidelines, you would simply post a topic with the title "Plan: One Seat at Per Se Sat May 26" and content something like this:

We have one seat at a table of four for dinner at Per Se this Saturday night, May 26. The first person who posts to this list that they can commit to attend and pay one-fourth of the total bill (including wine, the Per Se service charge, and $20 each to support the eGullet Society) is welcome to join us! Please post here if you're interested, and then I'll follow up on PM. Thanks!

Finally, you would then append the all caps disclaimer.

Of course, if for any reason you don't wish to make such an offer available to all members, you can always use the PM system to get in touch with particular members that you would like to invite.

eG Member Relations Team


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