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Memorable 40th Birthday


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Hi - a close friend will be turning 40 shortly and I want to pick a great location for dinner (there will be at least 4 of us; possibly 8). We can do either Toronto or Niagara Region. I was thinking of Scaramouche but wanted other suggestions...

I expected others to jump in as my recommendations will be fairly conventional - but so you don't feel ignored:

In Niagara it's an easy choice: Treadwell's Farm To Table Cuisine in Port Dalhousie. Probably a bit too cool now to sit on the terrace, but the food is always fresh and the wine list is probably the best in the area (and reasonably priced too).

Sometimes the neighbourhood can get a bit rowdy (especially Friday nights), but the restaurant itself is an oasis.

In Toronto, Splendido stands out (as always). I also love Scaramouche, but on recent visits have found the experience 'same as ever' - not a bad thing, but it just lacks a little zip. Splendido, however, is still working at the top level, even though David Lee has been 'distracted' by also opening Nota Bene (also wonderful, but more downscale). Depending how wine-oriented people are, I might also consider Colborne Lane (8 would be perfect in their private dining room) - but their wine list really hasn't impressed and they don't support BYOW. But the food is certainly "different" - whether you'll like it depends on your tastes. Definitely edgier.

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