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Fine Food Stores - San Fran?

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Hello Everyone,

I am in need of some assistance.  I was wondering if anyone knew of some Fine Food Stores and upscale grocery stores in the San Francisco Bay Area?

Thanks in advance for the help,

Cosentino's in San Jose on Bascom

Gene's Fine Foods on Cox in Saratoga

Draeger's in Los Altos

Andronico's in Los Altos (they may have other Bay area sites)

Those are the ones near me.

John S.

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I'm sure you'll get a lot of responses for traditional gourmet food markets, but you should definitely check out Polarica USA. It's a wholesale meat/game/mushroom/berry provider that normally caters to restaurants. Consumers are welcome there as well. The place isn't geared towards merchandizing, so you won't find row upon row of gleaming display cases with squab, partridge, chanterelles, etc. It's literally just a short counter at the front of a warehouse in an industrial neighborhood. What you will find, though, is an incredibly selection of game at extraordinary prices. I bought Grade A Sonoma Foie Gras for $35/pound. Duck and Goose fat are a great deal relative to what you would pay at D'Artagnan or retailers around here. I highly recommend it. Just realize it isn't set up to provide an elegant shopping experience.

Check out their website--they post their product list online.


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Definitely check out the Ferry Building. Bi-Rite Market is a good neighborhood gourmet store.

There are the higher end grocery stores throughout the city like Mollie Stones and Andronico's.

Trader Joe's carries some gourmet items as well. Lots of organic products. The place does not look upscale and the prices are actually quite low.

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aguynamedrobert, are you In The Business?

If so, you can't beat Pacific Gourmet at 1060 Marin Street [(415) 641-8400]- it is wholesale only so you would need to open an account to shop there (and they don't have a website), but they have the most diverse and expansive selection of everything; truffles, dried mushrooms, condiments, mustards, vinegars, oils, cheeses, meats, etc...

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