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Trying to Choose New Appliances

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I've already posted it elsewhere, but was suggested to try Canadian forum...

I'm going to get some new stuff for the kitchen, particularly range (or may be cooktop/oven), and I feel I'll need some help in brands orientation. I took a walk to few large stores, and there are plenty of all kinds of ranges, with very little information on why should I prefer this brand over that one.

My last Sauter oven I had overseas was excellent: precise temperature control, 500C self cleaning, super even baking, high speed temperature gain, build quality, etc. And it was priced just above $1000, but yes, it was much smaller.

What brands or may be specific models should I be looking on here in Canada for similar level of quality and features?

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Thought about going to Almar on Decarie? That'll give you an idea of the higher end.

Edit: saw your original post. You're looking to redo the whole kitchen?  Budget?

No, at this stage I'm looking into appliances only, which I hope to fit into existing kitchen. This may change though... I'm currently on very high level "design" stage, budget so far isn't well defined as I'm yet to figure out the Canadian prices on equipment of the level I want, and then to decide how far is it from my abilities - then I'll make necessary adjustments...

I don't want to go high end, the Sauter I described as an example wasn't high end either (it was rather mid-high :smile:)

I just feel somewhat lost in the available selection here - I don't want to get something fancy of generally cheap brand as it may happen to look good but to work bad, and vice versa - don't want to pay just for look if the same level of quality and functionality can be obtained for less money...

So, I would really appreciate if you guys can recommend me what to look at.

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The issue I find is that there's brand dilution and bait and switches. For example, there are not a lot of different manufacturer's of those normal lines (Whirlpool, Kenmore, etc). You'll see a lot of similarities, the functionality is mostly intact but some features differ.

As for the high end ones, be wary. You get what you pay for. Unless its an exact same model number, there's a reason why one place is selling it for a lot less. The brand is using their name to get those mid-price buyers, but the quality suffers.

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Here's a great little web site I use to get info on appliances: Appliance Advisor

If you're trying to find the appliances you had "overseas" many of them are available in North America. Montreal in particular seems to be the landing point for many of them. Check with web sites for a local distributor.


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  • 2 weeks later...

I am sure that I will get death threats for making this public knowledge, but if you are looking for high end appliances at excellent prices.... Basically demo's, showroom models, etc.

Go to:

Pierre Duret Service

1717 Rue Vercheres

Longueuil, Qc

It was nice knowing you all. :wink:

And remember, you have no idea where you got this tip.

Veni. Vidi. Voro.

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