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  1. I'm wondering if anyone knows how can I find quinoa in bulk 4-10kg here in Montreal, for a reasonable price? Any store, or may be online?
  2. That's right if you happen to sharpen often. But with modern Japanese knives, used at home... I do it just once in a 6-8 month, and with that little practice the chance to ruin a great knife are too high. So here's where Apex comes to the picture...
  3. I have Apex for 3 or 4 years, and this is by far the best system I ever seen. Only one negative point - it does scratch the sides, so you'd better put some masking tape if you're worried. The only better alternative is whet stone, but only if you have already mastered it. I don't have time for that, so Apex works marvelously for me.
  4. Just got a couple of Epicurean boards, will see how well they do...
  5. The major reason is a mere tradition. It's Japanese Nakiri knife. Look here for more information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nakiri_bocho
  6. I played with rice vinegar a bit, adding 1/2 tsp into 800g of whole wheat flour made the dough kind of "springier". I had similar experience when added vital gluten... Crumb texture had well defined cells with thick walls - without vinegar the same dough produced crumb with much smaller cells and crumbly texture.
  7. IMHO, nothing (but whetstone in good hands) compares to EdgePro sharpeners. I have Apex and can't even think about... downgrading it to anything else.
  8. Moving to a new place, and I just learned that I'm restricted to 30" slide-in electric ranges. I like gas, induction, whatever else, but not electric! I know, later in June Viking supposed to come out with a range with induction top, but it's too late, and too expensive. My question if you could suggest a few great (not just fancy looking) electric ranges? - I still hope there's something that can be called "great" among them... For the top the priorities are clear, just as good as possible, if "good" can be said about electric top at all. For the oven... well, I make bread, and I'm used to high quality stuff - fast heating, ability to restore the heat quickly after door opened and closed, even baking without fans on, self cleaning... Is there such a thing? Any suggestions, please!
  9. No, at this stage I'm looking into appliances only, which I hope to fit into existing kitchen. This may change though... I'm currently on very high level "design" stage, budget so far isn't well defined as I'm yet to figure out the Canadian prices on equipment of the level I want, and then to decide how far is it from my abilities - then I'll make necessary adjustments... I don't want to go high end, the Sauter I described as an example wasn't high end either (it was rather mid-high ) I just feel somewhat lost in the available selection here - I don't want to get something fancy of generally cheap brand as it may happen to look good but to work bad, and vice versa - don't want to pay just for look if the same level of quality and functionality can be obtained for less money... So, I would really appreciate if you guys can recommend me what to look at.
  10. I've already posted it elsewhere, but was suggested to try Canadian forum... I'm going to get some new stuff for the kitchen, particularly range (or may be cooktop/oven), and I feel I'll need some help in brands orientation. I took a walk to few large stores, and there are plenty of all kinds of ranges, with very little information on why should I prefer this brand over that one. My last Sauter oven I had overseas was excellent: precise temperature control, 500C self cleaning, super even baking, high speed temperature gain, build quality, etc. And it was priced just above $1000, but yes, it was much smaller. What brands or may be specific models should I be looking on here in Canada for similar level of quality and features?
  11. That's why I tried to start with brands - I thought there are not so many of worthy ones... It's very hard to point on specific models without being familiar with brands, mainly because I can only judge by their look, which is a wrong way I guess. Reliability is not the only criteria, I'm also looking for ergonomics and convenience, features that really work, build quality, and look of course. Example - my last oven "over there" was Sauter which I loved very much: 930 degrees Fahrenheit self-cleaning, very quick heating, extremely even baking, really precise temperature control... What kind of ovens here offer similar level of features and quality?
  12. Ok guys, I see your point. I see lots of Electrolux/Frigidaire and Kitchenaid products among ranges and fridges. Can I trust to these brands, do they represent a good value in general? What about Viking? Please...
  13. I'm moving to a house, and soon going to get all new kitchen appliances - cooktop, oven, and fridge for the beginning. I recently came from... outside of North America to Montreal, and thus not well familiar with the local brands. These days I'm visiting appliances stores in attempt to familiarise myself with what's available here in Canada. My target is highest possible quality equipment available for still reasonable price, i.e. I won't go high-end, but I'm willing to pay for quality. I obviously would like to spend my dollars in a most efficient way, so my question is - given more-less equal price on the item, what brands I'm better to stay away from (ex: fancy but not worth the price)? What brands should I be looking for?
  14. Thanks guys! I now have much clearer picture of my options, and... whatever you say I highly appreciate your advices.
  15. Ahem... so you believe this is the mandatory part of city living Interesting. I never lived in suburbs so far, it always was city - be it in Canada or abroad, but I never had an opportunity to live in between old abandoned factories...
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