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Crave Espresso Bar (Tucson)

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My husband's been telling me about a new coffee place near his work, called Crave Espresso Bar. I went with him on Tuesday morning and it was great!! It's on Broadway, in the same strip as C.I. Chu's Mongolian BBQ and Rockin' Pizza; the website with all the info is: http://www.craveespressobar.com

The menu is huge...one menu alone for mochas...then other coffee drinks (including French press to order)...then non-coffee drinks. They had lots of yummy-looking baked goods, all made fresh there. There were 2 quiche offerings, a savory muffin/roll, 3-4 types of scones, and other decadent looking goodies. I had a blueberry scone which was probably the best coffee house scone I've had. Finally someone understands that a scone doesn't need to be heavy like a doorstop; this was lighter and more biscuity. The blueberries were of the dried variety, and plenty of them, so they added wonderful texture and flavor. A small drizzle of icing to add sweetness, but not too much. I was impressed. I had a latte with sugar-free vanilla syrup. It was a tad bit sweet...next time I'll ask for 1/2 as much syrup. My husband, who is very picky about his lattes, really loves all the coffee drinks he's had there so far.

There were plenty of tables as well as a bar with bar stools. Also a nice balance with some comfy chairs and then my favorite spot -- a "nook" with very comfortable built-in high-backed couches; this area would 4-5 people well...great for a meeting, or a gathering of friends. Also great for 2 people to stretch out with a cup of joe and a good book. Picture here -- http://www.craveespressobar.com/photo...

Kim, the owner-manager, is incredibly friendly and welcoming. She hasn't staged their "Grand Opening" yet as she wants to make sure all the employees are well-trained before the crowds come. So far they seem to be doing a great job.

Oh...and free wifi... and outlets available to plug in the laptops!

I encourage all Tucsonans to give this place a try. It's hard to compete with Starbuck's and corporate America, so let's help a good local business make a good go of it!

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