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  1. what tea will you be serving? i will be serving a darjeeling with dinner and scented tea with dessert joanne
  2. do you serve a special tea with these dinners?
  3. As I mentioned elsewhere, my small 20 seat cafe should be opening within the next month or two. Its focus is not on teas and I don't expect much tea business nor have I given it much if any thought. Frankly, I don't drink it and never made it. Now that you hate my guts, could I get some advice? :) What would be recommended for a low volume business? Bags? Loose tea? Equipment? thanks!
  4. i will be attending expo on sunday- i will try to take some pictures, etc. joanne
  5. A recent question posted here by Geetha about Indian coffee has left me very curious. It appears that although much of India is traditionally a tea drinking culture, there is a strong tradition of coffee drinking in Southern India. Thus far I've found only this information about the brewing device Indian Coffee Filter The description indicates that the "davras" is a two part stainless steel assembly with a mushroom shaped filter in the upper portion. The lower portion is used to collect the brewed coffee. It's unclear to me whether the entire davras sits on a heat source and pushes boiling wa
  6. I've seen their website numerous times, but I haven't seen anyone mention it here. Has anyone ordered teas from www.adagio.com? It looks like a nice selection, but I was wary. Any opinions? Thanks!!
  7. Hi! I am interested in natural food colorings. I just learned about Flower and Botanical teas. Do you know of any teas that, when steeped, impart a deep purple or deep blue color to your tea water? Thank you much!
  8. As I briefly mentioned in another thread, Masashi Nakagawa of Flavor coffee in Aichi prefecture, Japan, was the first to succeed in roasting coffee beans by applying superheated steam. In what he calls the direct-heat and superheated steam roasting system, he applies superheated steam to coffee beans over direct heat in the drying phase (phase before the first crack) of the roasting process. He says that this allows him to control the humidity in the roaster, thereby controlling the moisture in the beans at will while keeping other components in. This has been just an introduction to his uni
  9. I had the most wonderful tea at Yauatcha (London, UK) the other evening. It was Fujian, roasted Anxi Tie Guan Yin tea. I've never tasted tea like that before. Does anyone know where I can buy some in London? Any suggestions appreciated.
  10. aliwaks

    Wet Sugar

    www.wetsugar.com great name, it's simple sugar individually packaged iced coffee & tea what do you think? Does it have legs?
  11. I attended 1 1/2 hour workshop on Korean tea ceremony with 4 other members of yahoo group teamail- I can only speak for myself-I had a good time- Before the workshop I had vegetarian lunch for $9.95 Also before workshop we exchanged some tea samples. The workshop was $20 and after the workshop you receive a gift bag with personal teacup and a sample of their wild green korean tea. Joanne Franchi 12 Park Avenue(35-36 St.) NY,NY www.franchia.com
  12. For the past year or so I've been drinking yerba maté more than coffee and can attest to the differences between caffeine and the mateine in this South American beverage. I still love coffee, but can expect an edgy ride when I drink a few cups of coffeeshop-strength brew. With maté it's different; I feel a lift to the body and the brain without any sleep deprivation or crash -- and I can drink six teapots' worth or more. And if you believe what mate purveyors claim, the stuff is full of antioxidants among other health benefits. A few natural-foods stores sell small portions of maté at a steep
  13. jpr54_


    a small group of people are planning a tea tasting of korean green teas on march 20 or 27 in nyc at hangawi- if anyone is interested in joining us please e-mail me joanne
  14. jat

    Yunnan Tea

    Thanks to Susan, I've tried 6 yunnan teas. My favorite hands down is the Silk Roads, Yunnan gold, high grade. Even the last drop of the bottom of the pot was like honey, no bitterness. Here's the list: 1. Silk roads, yunnan gold, high grade 2. Imperial tea court, Imperial yunnan gold 3. Rishi, Organic golden needle 4. Rishi, organic golden yunnan 5. Special teas, royal golden yunnan 6. In pursuit of tea, Royal yunnan Back to marathon videos!
  15. I feel I've reached a coffee plateau. I'm currently roasting my own with a FreshRoast, grinding with a Solis Maestro, and brewing in a press pot or, on lazy days or for larger production, in a Braun drip machine. I'm pretty sure I'm producing the best or nearly the best coffee I can produce using the equipment available to me. But I'd like to do better. I don't have the time, money, or inclination right now to get into the whole world of espresso. Is there anything -- either equipment-wise or in terms of advanced technique of which I might not be aware -- I can do cheaply and easily at this po
  16. Do you think that the people who get so wrapped up in their espresso can taste the nuances of great tea? Or do you think that the two beverages appeal to entirely different personalities? Can you truly love tea and also be passionate about coffee? I'm of the tea persuasion. Betts
  17. Hello to all you self professed coffee and tea geeks and fiends (even those with just a passing interest). I was delighted when eGullet's Craig Camp recently advised me that a separate Coffee and Tea forum would be launched and asked me to serve as moderator. I imagine some sort of "formal' introduction will be posted by eGullet but I'll throw in the basic details here. A native of Syracuse NY, I spent several years in Ithaca in the early '90s, subsequently relocated to the NYC area for another four years, eventually returning to Syracuse several months ago for work related reasons. A person
  18. Even though I would like to change the situation, the winter is coming. Sooner or later there will be sharp winds, frost and unpleasant moisture. I don't know how you like to warm up at home, but on the first cold day I dust off my home recipe for hot and yummy winter teas. You can use my recipe or come up with your own proposals for fiery mixtures. Only one thing should be the same: your favourite tea must be strong and hot. Ingredients (for 2 teas)Raspberry-orange 8 cloves a piece of cinnamon 2 grains of cardamom 4 slices of orange 2 teaspoons of honey your favourite tea
  19. I saw something today I'd never seen before. A student at Johnson and Wales brought back coffee and iced tea for several people in the bread classroom (including yours truly -- more on that visit later), along with straws for all the cold drinks. However, one of the iced tea drinkers was short a straw, and when we looked around to see why, one visitor was drinking the hot coffee through a straw stuck into the little hole in the cover. I have never seen this before. Does it have some meaning of which I'm unaware?
  20. Has anybody tried the iced green tea at Panera? I went there the other day to get one of their wonderful turkey clubs, and decided that an iced green tea sounded great to accompany it. It was slightly brighter green in colour than I expected, but I really didn't think anything about it. When I took a sip however, wow! I nearly choked. I'm not sure they use any actual green tea in it. The best comparison I can make is to the Starbuck's green tea frappucino. In its original formulation, they used to add 4 measly scoops of macha powder, and sweeten it with melon syrup. I finally learned to order
  21. Fat Guy

    Decaf tea

    Is there a consensus among serious tea people as to whether decaffeinated tea (actual decaf tea, as opposed to herbal infusions) can be legit?
  22. I'm just wondering if I could add phosphoric acid to home brewed tea. Has anyone tried it? I am trying to cut sugar out but can't stand plain tea or tea with lemon. I am a soft drink junkie but think its the tartness I like about them.
  23. Hi everyone, I wanted to ask - does everyone here use a timer for brewing? and if so, do you have any recommendations for good, convenient timers? I always seem to get my tea bitter...
  24. I love lapsang souchong tea. And I am always on the look-out for a better brew. I know Zhi Tea makes a nice one. Does anyone else know of a really good one?
  25. I love green tea powder or matcha but I've been reading along the web that white tea has alot more antioxidants that green tea does so I went into searching for white tea matcha but so far I've found any selling in my neighborhood so I was wondering what do they taste like and if anyone could compare them to matcha green tea for me
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