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  1. What happened to this show? I saw the first pig show where they brined the pigs feet while they were still attached to the rest of the carcass. I saw the tail end of the lobster show the same week, but I have not seen any signs of the show since. I looked for it on the src website but found no evidence of its existence.
  2. I need your help, What are your favorite places to have breakfast. I need suggestions. Name any part of town. I am not a breakfast resto expert. High art to greasy spoon, whatever get your engines revving in the morning.
  3. I agree with iroc326, This is a great subject I need help on! Lets hear somemore. After reading some posts above, I can ask where is a good 5 a 7, or Where is the love!
  4. Hello, I had a cappuccino at ArtJava this weekend. I found the coffee tasted good but the cappuccino was drowned with milk and did not have enough foam. The service was not good. My friends ordered coffees and asked the server to return to take an order for food. They never returned and we left. Not a good sign. My preference for a cappuccino is a short espresso toped with mostly foam.
  5. Ah! Now I understand! You are looking for good coffee. I will give it a try. I now have a built in sceptisism of west coast based coffee places for obvious reasons. But if for some reason a good coffee comes from there great.
  6. Oye Vay Allan, Many of the people that contribute to the Montreal Forum are very knowledable. There are many opinions and many tastes for coffee. Some like drip/perk/squish(French press)/turkish/greek/espresso/cap/....... Just why do you hold such a strong oppinion on this place I don't understand. The best coffees I ever had was at a bar accross the street from the Torino train station at 6:00AM, and every coffee I had in Madrid. Although I have occasionally had some that are good in Canada. but I would never hold up Vancouver as the model. Allan, what is your interest in this place?
  7. Getting back to the original question! Corned beef in Montreal is not as commonly ordered and available as smoked meat. Smoked meat is available in almost every local restaurant/deli across Montreal and beyond. South shore Laval, etc.... I cannot even be sure were they sell corned beef. I think The Main might serve it. As for pastrami, as a Montrealer the Pastrami I have seen is near me is bland salty bags of water. Always from crayovaced water filled brine injector junk.(In Montreal like most smoked meat but worse). This does of course not include any NY deli, I have not been. Corned beef is a broad topic because many maritime communities, Newfoundland, Caribbean countries have their own version. But we are most likely thinking of the corned beef that is seasoned like smoked meat but not smoked. My preference is smoked meat the natural stuff that is not found every where.(I have no idea where to find real smoked meat/pastrami in TO.) I make corned beef at home. I definitely like to use the brisket. The name of the cut that they use in NY can be confusing because different regions use different names for the same cut. For brisket People differentiate between the 2 muscles in a brisket. You need both, one for the lean and one for the fat.
  8. It is clear to me that over time there have been some people that have raised the profile of this pair of restaurants in this forum beyond people’s interest. Some people have used this space to promote (advertise) these restaurants. It is annoying. I will never again add anything to this topic. In reality I should not do it now but I recently was at the wine bar and want to give my impressions. I went to the wine bar to have a glass of wine, at the wine bar. The wine bar is a relatively small space with and open kitchen with a bar looking at the kitchen. The other side of the room is a bar with a wall made of a wine rack. There were some tables sprinkled in the front and the back. When I first walked in I was surprised. Although the space was nice I thought the place might be bigger given all the postings in this forum. I also realized that the wine bar was not a wine bar but a restaurant. I told the hostess that I came for a glass of wine then she directed me to the bar along the kitchen. I directed her to the seats along the wine bar. I was again encouraged to buy food, and again, and again. So much for the wine bar! I ordered a glass of port, sat and talked with my friend we noticed on that night was a very coupley night, and definitely a restaurant atmosphere. When I first walked into the restaurant there was strong but pleasant food smell. As the night wore on the smell changed to be a less pleasant. The smell that took hold was the smell of meat cooking on a frying pan, and the room became more filled with food smoke. The chairs used at the bar, although stylish are inadequate for this type of restaurant. They are 10 minute chairs. Over all the Wine bar looked like a good place to eat but does not justify post after post.
  9. I'm getting a peacan pie from Au Pain Dore the next chance I get. I love pecan pie. I am going to give making a sweet potato pie another go soon. The last time I used bad nuts and it turned out like somebody used bad nuts.
  10. If you get the right flour and get the right oven temperature the bagels should turn out crispy. If not, try adding some steam in the oven when baking the bagels. From reading your description of the bread there just bar the doors when you get them right, every one in Beijing will be coming by for some bagels.
  11. The results were very good. You do get a large variation with texture and size. To control the size you have to experiment to find the size you want. I found if you let the bagels rise very much they get puffy. I found if you boil them just after rolling, the bagels are more dense and chewy like the real thing. The bagels puff up a lot in the boil. Tell me how things turn out.
  12. I have used this recipe, http://www.recipezaar.com/35261 You probably can work the eggs out of the recipe. I think the most important thing is to realise these are very quick to make. You can play with the size and chewyness by not letting the rolled dough to stand.
  13. Great pictures. I see that there is still some raw meat that gets displayed outside of refrigeration. MMM nothing like peameal bacon and semonilla for breakfast.
  14. Thanks for the advice. Don't worry my place is so cold they will probably be quite small at the end of may.
  15. For that I got some chinese melons that can grow 2 metres and more. These snakes are more like anacondas. They have started to grow here first real leaves. When I have grown sweet melons, I have only had limited success, but Weird shaped fruit is part of the fun home gardening. Who always wants the same shaped melons.
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