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  1. GREAT! THANKS! I would appreciate that. what was the brand that you bought? i have seen on the web that they have maple syrup routes you can take to during the sugaring time and visit the small farms. that would be loads of fun. and ANN thanks so much for that website i read most of it ! thank you both for the info. edited for my bad typing
  2. OH MY!!! thats some nice plate of chicken ! i am OUT OF HERE NOW TO GET SOME! THANX!
  3. That location closed down several months ago, much to my eternal disappointment...no more trips to Costco with a side trip for biscuits. Sigh. Not that I don't know how to make those biscuits, but it's nice to have someone else do it for me. Guess I will just have to wait for Costco to bring back the lobster rolls so I have an excuse to go there again. The old location is for lease...anyone wanting to start a fried chicken empire could use this space as a launch pad...all the equipment is still intact, by the look of it. ← OH well...... i am not moving back to new orleans anytime soon. so.... i guess i am stuck with the the one in coquitlam. and as far as the bisquits go....if you want them badly enough....you wont find them anygood at that popeyes either. i dont know what they do to them but they are not what they ought to be. looks like its time to find some other fried chicken and bisquits. damn.
  4. i got to thinking about it more tonight and decided to do a little research on the web. i stumbled on some people talking about how todays methods of evaporation do not showcase the flavour of maple syrup as in the old days of boiling it. i then i searched some more to see if anyone was indeed boiling it instead of the modern evaporative method. every little farm i came accross talked about the new method and not a single place boiled it anymore. the other thing i came accross were some people discussing syrup from single farms and not syrups mixed together from different places. they said it made a real difference in the taste. kind of like and estate bottled wine. i never really gave that much thought to maple syrup till i realized how much of it i use... then i got to thinkin ...am i getting most flavour out of it that i could? so... now in my spare time(whats that?) .... i am going to see if i can find a place that still boils their syrup the old fashioned way. i'd like to see for myself if theres a difference....and of course i will post what i find out. if anyone knows of any farms that still boil it....let me know. my curiousity is killing me. thanks
  5. yes i love intense maple flavour and grade b is good i think...but i was wondering if some producers have better tasting syrups than others. or is maple syrup the same from producer to producer and only varies in taste by the grade? and thanks for the link!
  6. thanks ling but i dont have a costco membership...any other suggestions for stuff you like?
  7. since i am new to the area i thought i would ask this question. i am about to run out of it and i thought i would pose this question to the board before i just bought any old thing. is there a local brand thats good or is maple syrup generally all the same? thanx
  8. Here are the Popeyes locations in Canada. Remember, Memo likes lots of Olive Oyl on his Popeyes. Memo ← thanks so much for the info... i am leaving now for a popeyes FEAST! ok... so i drove the 35 miles from where i live to popeyes ...and when i got there all they had was a few dry pieces that had been sitting for a while. i asked when more was comming out. and the guys in the back said... right now and dumped a lovely pile of the spicy out of the fryer. now... thats great! RIGHT? ... but when i told the manager i wanted the fresh stuff he said ok and when I turned my attention for a moment...he slipped in a dry breast instead of giving me 2 fresh ones. i had ordered a 3 piece... 2 breasts and a leg. the other one was wonderful... everything that popeyes can be...tasty moist and fabulous. but the old one was dry and lifeless. i cant believe the bastard slipped me an old piece of chicken after i specifically asked for the fresh stuff. i have never had this happen in all the years i have been eating popeyes. even when i lived in new orleans for YEARS! and ate it damn near every day! normally i am very combative by nature but i let this slide. if i took it back to him... he would have denied it.... so i let it go. oh well....guess i will have to try the one in abbotsford ...or maybe somewhere else that makes spicy chicken.
  9. Here are the Popeyes locations in Canada. Remember, Memo likes lots of Olive Oyl on his Popeyes. Memo ← thanks so much for the info... i am leaving now for a popeyes FEAST!
  10. have you been there becuase there is no answer when i call them...usually someone picks up the phone at these places. thanks
  11. I LOOOVVE popeyes chicken! Is there a popeyes fried chicken anywhere in the vancouver area? or anything like it that i might try? Thanks!
  12. today i wandered down to the richmond public market and came accross the guy on the ground floor selling BBQ duck and BBQ pork and other things. I bought a whole duck to have over several meals and when i did get to it tonight it was good but it got me to thinkin about BBQ ducks.... Where have you eaten them that you thought they were SUPER tasty? and what kind of prices were you paying? I always get the duck for takeaway ...usually from a BBQ place but...if anyone has any suggestions as to where they have had good ones in the richmond area i would really appreciate knowing. this was the first time i bought a whole duck but it looked good and i was really in the mood to dive in....and knowing there is more tomorrow means i dont have to think about dinner as i work such long hours. not alot of choices down here in the point roberts area. so... any help on the duck thing would be great i want to most flavor i can find. thanks.
  13. YES YES! thanks for all your replies i did go to Choices in white rock and they DID have the yogurts i was looking for. i am glad to see there is at least a good Canadian store for those things. whole foods is a good store but honestly alot of what i use to go there for was to buy good local products. i have never cared that much for their cooked foods they were never that tasty to me. they all look good but i never had anything from the takeaway that i thought was to die for. BUT! they always support local producers and for that... i shop there unless i can find them somewhere else. anyway... thanks again for information thats why i LOVE this board !
  14. I was in the whole foods yesterday and it took me FOREVER to get there as i was comming from Point Roberts. my question is... are there other stores like that in the area... especially south. i love the good yogurts they carry at whole foods....especially the non homognized ones. i also love goat and sheeps milk yogurt...which whole foods usually carries. BUT... its such a tough drive there with all the bridges and their traffic i am not sure i will be going up there again anytime soon. does anyone have any suggestions on where i might find any similar stores closer to the south end of the area. or maybe even organic markets as they usually carry good quality yogurts. thanks
  15. ok...now another question. i LOVE good peking duck! where can i find it in richmond thats REALLY fabulous! and that brings me to the next question. Is peking duck just a BBQ duck thats rolled into the pancakes? or is it made a special way? and the last question... who makes a REALLY fabulous tasty juicy BBQ duck. i am talking strictly takeaway for the moment. i am planning to go the richmond public market at some point.....would that be the place to find good duck? thanx
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