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Found 513 results

  1. I am wondering if anybody has experience using rice bran oil and can comment on how it compares to other oils and in particular against extra virgin olive oil. ANy recipes that it is most suited for instead of other oils?
  2. I need some advice regarding a savory cheesecake recipe of mine. It's a savory cheesecake that uses: mascarpone-5# cream cheese-3# whole eggs-12 each A. P. Flour-1 cup Maltodextrin-1 cup If I cook this in a water bath for about 2.5-3 hours, will the mascarpone break? I've tried this twice before. Cooking the batter, piping it into molds and letting it set under refrigeration for 2 and 3 days. Next the mold is removed and the cheesecake is reheated in a convection oven at 191C for about 8 minutes. Also, I have tried it t 205C. Any advice on this would be sincerely appreciated. Thanks, John Kirk
  3. I tried the pressure cooked caramelized onions and loved them. Then I tried the pressure cooked red bell pepper soup. It was veggie and bitter. I poured it out. Did I miss something? Forest
  4. I just bought a Kuhn Rikon 12L Duromatic Hotel model to make stock. However, whenever it has past the first red marker it starts to hiss and small whiffs of steam escape from the primary valve (ie.: the one housing the indicator stem). Tightening the screw, pushing down or wiggling the stem during cooking or any other measures didn't help. The documentation states that if this is happening, too much pressure is being build. Does anybody has the same experience? If that is the case, than the Kuhn Rikon is not able to pressure cook unvented at 15 psi .
  5. I am new to the MC@H world. Today I finally bought a pressure cooker. Cooks Illustrated ran a bunch of comparison tests a while back, and concluded that the 8-quart Fagor stainless steel, for about $100, was virtually as good as PCs costing much, much more, and labeled it their best buy. So that's what I got, from Amazon. Interestingly, on Amazon, one can for $110 buy that PC, with no accessories other than a basket, and pay for the shipping; OR one can buy a kit, with that PC, a 4-quart pot to go with it, the basket, and a glass non-pressure lid, and with free shipping, for $99. I did the latter. While others on this list may not be as skinflinty as I, I would be curious (while I await its arrival in 6-10 business days) to hear if others have had good experiences with the Fagor.
  6. MikeMac

    Gaba Brown Rice

    This is not a new variety of brown rice, but a newly discovered way of cooking brown rice to "activate" it and increase natural occurring gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), an amino acid in brown rice believed to have health giving properties such as lowering blood pressure, improving kidney function and relieving stress. While I am not techinically capable of commenting on the above statement I do like the taste of the rice . problem is when making it in a rice cooker I am limited to a 2 hour soak aparently because the rice water gets too ripe. plus are the claims made about GABA rice really true?
  7. I would like to make a savory custard for a consomme. I would like to put a layer of sauce American on the bottom of the mold so that it is like a caramel topping on a flan when turned out. I feel that I need to use a hydrocolloid to stabilize the sauce and keep it from mixing with the uncooked custard. Not sure how best to do this.
  8. I am looking at getting a combi oven gaganeau or wolf. Will they do the job for sous vide as well or should I also buy a polyscience recirculator for sous vide? Any advice appreciated.
  9. I've been looking for a FoodSaver for a while and this popped up. I think it's good enough to go for. http://www.homebrewfinds.com/2013/02/foodsaver-v3860-bonus-bags-free.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+HomebrewFinds+%28Homebrew+Finds%29
  10. I followed the MCAH recipe on p. 137 for the Fish Spice Mix. I even had the N-Zorbit brand from Modernist Pantry. The recipe calls for 12g of this powder. The powder is very, very light so it ends up being a LOT of powder for the mix. In fact, my fish spice mix appears to be totally over-saturated by it. It just doesn't look right. There was no way to completely incorporate it. I'm probably going to scrap it and try it again with a fraction of the powder. Maybe 4g or so. Can someone verify that 12g is the proper quantity for the tapioca maltodextrin?
  11. What is the purpose of cooling the spinach butter after pureeing it. You then melt and filter it - why not do this directly after pureeing? Are you supposed to store it unfiltered? Is that true if you are freezing it as well? Finally, in the photo of the sous vide steak on top of the melted spinach butter, the butter is separated into yellow and green globules. Mine is pretty much all green - it tastes fine, just doesnt look as cool as the photo. Any help is appreciated.
  12. Hello, After recently watching a few videos of Grants tabletop desserts, I noticed in the very beginning he pours out what he calls "hot chocolate" upon the completion of his assembly he removes the two glass vessels which he poured the chocolate mixture into, and then announces it as warm chocolate pudding. I am looking to achieve the same effect, and I was wondering what I could use to achieve similar results. I would appreciate any answers or thoughts! Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my post. Here is an example of what I am referring to.
  13. Hello My name is Travis I Tried the Caramelized Onions and they turned out great. So much flavor, I was very happy with them. sadly though I think I broke my pressure cooker. I think I cooled it down to fast.
  14. We've just posted the recipe for Sous Vide Salmon in the Kitchen Sink, along with the recipe for our Fish Spice Mix. http://modernistcuisine.com/recipes/sous-vide-salmon-in-the-kitchen-sink/# Personally, this is one of my favorites from Modernist Cuisine at Home. Have you tried it? What do you think of using an improvised sous vide set-up?
  15. Does anyone have a recommendation for MC-style restaurants in Singapore? I have been to Keystone a number of times, and it is absolutely fantastic, but wondering if there are other venues.
  16. Hello! I tried to make sense of the correction/clarifications on the Goan Curry recipee, but it didn´t even sound close to the recipee i got in the German version of MC under the name "Currysauce nach Goa-Art" (5 - 95). Question 1) In step 4 all the spices are added to the tomato, ghee, onions mixture "sauteing until they start to smell" In step 5 everything gets in the oven, roasted for 10 minutes with 170C° "until they start to smell" In step 6 everything is grinded in a coffee grinder or a Mixer --> Looks like step 4 is wrong and should be done like in the other recipees after step 5 (roasting the spices) and step 6 (grinding the roasted spices)? Putting an Onion-Tomato-Spice Mixture into a coffee grinder in step 6 would destroy it. Why roasting the Onion-Tomato-Spice Mixture again in the oven in step 5? So it is a mistake in the sequence, isn´t it? Question 2: One ingredient is cane vinegar. So, the only cane vinegar i could find so far is a mixture of 50% water and 50% cane vinegar, resulting in 5% acidity. Is that the vinegar which should be used for the recipee? Question 3, linked to question 2) My recipee doesnot demand water whatsoever. Is that explained by the usage of pure vinegar, which should be watered down? "On pages 5·95 and 6·224, the recipe for Goan Curry Sauce should call for 250 g of water with a scaling of 208%. This should be placed just above cane vinegar. For more corrections to this recipe on page 6·224 only, click here. On page 5·95, in the recipe for Goan Curry Sauce, ‚“see page 2·424? should read ‚“see page 3·290.” Thank you for all your help! Best regards octabeer
  17. I would love to see a Modernist Cuisine screen saver here. Wonderful photography
  18. I would like to make a round thin circle of goat cheese that I can lay over a hot Ravioli. I do not want it to melt away. I would like it to not be two tough. I just want a thin coat that I can lay over the Rav. How should I go about doing this?? Thank you for your help Levi
  19. Hi everyone, We understand that Amazon Canada was shipping Modernist Cuisine at Home without a box. We investigated this and it looks like Amazon Canada has fixed the problem. If your copy of MCAH was damaged, please contact Amazon Canada. They should send you a new copy (in a box) free of charge. Judy
  20. Hi, Wondra flour appears quite regularly in MC@H but isn't easily available in the UK. Is it generally a case of substituting all purpose flour and better mixing or should we use an alternative ingredient. Thanks
  21. I just got a notice from Amazon that my copy of Modernist Cuisine at Home has shipped. I am really looking forward to it Modernist Cuisine lives in our living room ( too big and bulky for anyplace else) with the kitchen guide in with my other favourite cook books in the kitchen.
  22. How can I thicken a game jus without over reducing or using veal but still get the mouth feel. I.e is there a product out there that can be used?
  23. I recently made the pectin glue for the melon terrine but had way too much. Does anyone know how long I could store the remaining 'glue' and how to store it? Thanks! Bethanie
  24. I have the MC Books and maybe since I have been unable to read page by page of ALL the books this might be a dumb question. Is there anywhere in the Books a COMPLETE List of ALL the "Chemicals" used for the recipes in the book? I think a List would be nice to have.
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