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  1. I have a MAPP torch but I haven't seen any recommendation on how to use it in the kitchen. Since it's hot enough to theoretically melt any kitchenware I'm wondering about how to use it. Until I'm more confident it will be outside on the BBQ grill. But how do you use your torch? Thank for the info
  2. Is there any reason why I couldn't put hot ingredients (scrambled egg foam) inside my cream whipper? I bought this model: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/CREAM-GUN-WHIPPER-1L-PROFESSIONAL-DISPENSER-KA4700-/150602834437?pt=AU_Business_Industrial_Restaurant_Catering_Equipment&hash=item2310a0e205#ht_2658wt_922
  3. Mushroom stock is referred to in quite a few recipes, and said to be on page 6. I'm assuming that it is actually talking about vegetable stock, substituting mushroom as a majority, but I can't find these proportions. Does anyone else have any ideas on what to do when mushroom stock is called for? What have you done / made?
  4. After putting all the components of Seattle Food Geek's DIY immersion circulator in my Amazon basket I remembered that I know next to nothing about assembling electronics. That fact, and my sincere desire to avoid electrocution, led me to consider purchasing a commercial circulator. Does anyone have any experience with the Sous Vide Magic and the Fresh Meals Magic? I'm interested in the FMM because of its circulating abilities, I would much prefer that over a water bath. I appreciate any answers you can give me.
  5. Does pure alcohol also needs particles to freeze like pure water? The way the supercool water experiment works, if I were able to bring pure liquor or wine to some temperature below its normal freezing point (query: what is the freezing point of wine or liquor at different percentages of alcohol?), wouldn't I be able to replicate the same result? Pour liquid wine and watch it freeze?
  6. My wife rolled her eyes when I asked her for a $600 cookbook for my 50th birthday. She immediately reminded me of the exhaustive list of my cooking appliances, both current and posthumous, our cabinets full of our current cookbook collection and inventoried the various gadgets stuffed into every nook and cranny in our large kitchen. Yet she ultimately relented. And, so I set off to acquire a copy of Modernist Cuisine. I will spare you the long saga of the actual acquisition of the volumes, although the process involved haranguing phone calls, supplier lies and misrepresentations. Eventually,
  7. I recently made the bacon jam to pair with a smoked french toast I made. I didn't bother adding coloring to the jam, but it turned out great. Very different from a more traditional bacon jam, but it worked well. Nice and sweet/savory combo in a rich creamy egg base. A hit overall.
  8. I was looking at the 'Lychee and Lime Soda' recipe (4-268) and would love to try it out for myself. My one perfectionist issue is that I do not know where I can get the plastic circular molds to form the small lime tablets (as pictured in 6b). Any ideas?
  9. Are these products different? I purchased citric acid at William Sonoma but not sure my cheese recipes are turning out quite right. A little too sour. Sould I be buying sodium citrate instead?
  10. Only $24.99, guessing that's because they're a little eye-sore. Better than wallet sore for me! http://bit.ly/h6nAyL. We have a store in Seattle and they have them in stock so I didn't even have to pay for shipping.
  11. I know that Gluten is the key ingredient to Phyllo Dough. Are there any MC techniques that could help me make a Gluten Free Cream Horn for people with Celiac?
  12. I have been trying to find a recipe and hardware for home brewed ginger ale. Most if not all of the stores in the Tampa area are geared toward beer making, but don't have any info on ginger ale or root beer. I've used a recipe that calls for yeast, honey, water, lemon juice and about 1/2 cup of finely grated ginger which will ferment within24 hours in a 2 liter plastic bottle and does a fairly decent job. But I'm looking for a little bit more of a professional setup. Any ideas?
  13. i want to know what is ingredient have to add make japanese mochi ice cream skin soft and stay soft when its frozen? I used Bradley Smoker to make cold smoke salmon but the salmon color changed and the salmon surface becomes too dry. How can I improve that and what is the ingredient I have to add? What kind of wood chip is better for a cold smoked salmon. What is the ingredient I should add to make the cold smoked salmon taste better with more aroma?
  14. The complete recipe for Sous Vide Rare Beef Jus--along with backstory on its creation, tips on selecting the meat, and a step-by-step video that illustrates how to use a centrifuge to clarify the jus--is now available in the Recipe Library. We're looking forward to hearing what you think of the recipe, and what dishes you find go well with the jus.
  15. On the gels chapter there is a brief discussion on ricotta, and in the parametric table for cheeses it says that if you want to make dry ricotta you can add 0.7% salt, press it for 2-3 days in fridge, then hang for 2-3 weeks. 0.7% of what weight? The milk? or the ricotta you get? Is it added to the milk? I assume you press it in a cheese basket, with only a little weight? What are the environmental conditions supposed to be during the hanging?
  16. During much of the first volume, the book discusses specified cooking times and temperatures in order to kill bacteria and other pathogens. When it says for example that a certain bacteria dies at 130 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes, what does that mean? Like for a steak, does it mean the internal temperature of the steak needs to be 130 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes, or just exposed to that temperature for that amount of time? Thank you!
  17. MikeMac


    In some of the other posts most particularly one on homemade ginger beer they talk about different carbonation techniques. My personal belief is that there is good cooking and that there is new cooking and sometimes it's hard to tell the difference. A new taste sensation when you have nothing to compare it to can be hard to beat. Once you've tried a few things in the same vein I then can build up the basis of comparison and get more discriminating. Carbonation is one of these things the marrying of cranberries with carbonation is magical. Okay done now what else can we do? To that and
  18. Hello, I have been studying the first book in depth over the last few months and I have a few questions regarding the safety of cooking sous vide (as well as a few other issues). Firstly I wanted to ask a couple of questions on the table on page 193-1 "Extended & Simplified 6.5D Salmonella Reduction Table"; This table is referring to the killing of salmonella in different meats. I wanted to know if using these time and temperatures for all farmed meats would successfully eliminate ALL pathogens that we need to be concerned with, thus rendering it "safe" to serve
  19. Hello! I'm presently travelling and will be staying at Lyon for a day ”” does anybody know about a shop that might carry modernist ingredients? My French is non-existent so the Google is not of much help to me. Thanks in advance! Anton
  20. Hey guys, I'm going down to NYC for my birthday in a few weeks and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for where to eat. I was thinking about Momofuku Ko, but I've heard reservations are near impossible to get. I'm open to pretty much anything.
  21. Recently, a curious reader wrote in to ask: How long in advance can I season and vacuum prep meat prior to water bath cooking? Specifically - beef filet purchased on Saturday, with intention of serving the following Thursday. Option 1: on Saturday, I salt it, vacuum seal it, and leave it in the fridget until Thursday. Then I drop it in the sous vide surpreme for an hour, sear and serve. This is the most convenient approach for me as a harried office worker trying to get dinner on the table weeknights, but I worry that the extended time with the salt will damage the texture of the meat. opti
  22. I make short pastry at college a lot but the problem is my hands go to warm, cold water doesn't work ether, i've even just tried using my finger tips and again my pastry keeps over working because my hands are too warm, i don't know what to do because my lecturer only wants us to use our hands just because it works for her, she has colder hands than other people and we all vary in body temperatures, me i run a little more hot especially when walking up and down the kitchen.I need some better ways of rubbing the margerine and lard into the flour without touching it as much, there is a robo cook
  23. Who has tried this? I've tried it twice and both times I've ended up mojito jelly, not spheres. I even have the benefit of being able to ask coauthor Maxime Bilet for tips...only to have him finally tell me it must have been some user error. I should have taken pictures, but, well, I was kind of embarrassed! I promise that next time I try them--and there will be a next time!--I'll take pics and post them here no matter the outcome. If you did finally get spheres, I envy you. But, I am also curious to know how you served them. As Max noted on eGullet a couple months ago, they don't actual
  24. What is the purpose of cooling the spinach butter after pureeing it. You then melt and filter it - why not do this directly after pureeing? Are you supposed to store it unfiltered? Is that true if you are freezing it as well? Finally, in the photo of the sous vide steak on top of the melted spinach butter, the butter is separated into yellow and green globules. Mine is pretty much all green - it tastes fine, just doesnt look as cool as the photo. Any help is appreciated.
  25. Hello, After recently watching a few videos of Grants tabletop desserts, I noticed in the very beginning he pours out what he calls "hot chocolate" upon the completion of his assembly he removes the two glass vessels which he poured the chocolate mixture into, and then announces it as warm chocolate pudding. I am looking to achieve the same effect, and I was wondering what I could use to achieve similar results. I would appreciate any answers or thoughts! Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my post. Here is an example of what I am referring to.
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