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  1. Thanks for comments, unfortunately the VP-112 is too small as I have lots of veggies and meat to vacuum during the year. Cooking is just a small part. I still would prefer an option to use pressure instead of time for fragile items. Will be at a big catering exhibition in Toulouse next week and will report back on findings
  2. Hi all, I am also looking for a new chamber vacuum sealer. I am wondering if there is one where I can control the vacuuming also by setting a specific pressure instead of length of time of vaccuming. I am assuming the Polyscience Chef Series or the MultiVac 250 can do it, but unfortunately I can not find any proper description on how they actually work. Anybody any ideas? Thanks
  3. I have a problem here with the cooking of the squid and cuttlefish. somehow the timing doesn't seem right. Could you please confirm that the numbers are correct barley cooked50C 10 Min Firm65C 5 Min tender654 h 30 min firm seems to be pretty short in cooking time please also check the others like geoduck and snails Robby
  4. I don't know where Mr. Marchesi comes from, but I don't think it's Milan. For me, a risotto Milanese has to be made with bone marrow, otherwise it's just a risotto and NOT Milanese. And as I can't see any bone marrow in his recipe, it is not a Milanese. Sorry. Unless somebody proves me wrong. Robby
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