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  1. I love curry but can't eat it almost everyday as I used to because I live in Europe now. I sometimes get a takeaway from an Indian restaurant but at 20 euro per person, it's not something I can do often! The ready made spice packets sold at tokos are very milky and lacks the complicity and depth of the real thing. The Knorr packets are even worst (not at all spicy, apples, sweet etc.). I'd really appreciate it if someone could give me an authentic recipe for Madras chicken curry (post here or PM me). Thank you!
  2. Can anyone recommend an Indian caterer or private chef for a lunch that we'll be hosting in mid-September? Thanks in advance.
  3. This is a really unique cuisine that I don't think many people know about, from the community that I come from. There is only 1 recipe book, used amongst members of my community ('South African Indian Delights'), and most recipes are taught in families. You haven't eaten it if you haven't been to someone's home. I've often wondered about starting a blog with some of the recipes, because the food really is exceptional. Does anyone here have any experience with it? Our food takes its inspiration from Indian food, but is very different - it has a lot of Portuguese, African, Dutch and even Middle
  4. On a whim I bought some goraka because I have a weakness for buying things I don't know how to use. So what is the best way to use it? I understand it is a souring ingredient and particularly useful with fish but other then basic recipes, I haven't been able to find much other info. Can it be used as a substitute for tamarind?
  5. Browing the adjacent store at Shalimar Restaurant in Salisbury, Md., I found a jar of Kashmiri tea with instructions on the side (I didn't have enough post-dinner cash to buy it). It said to boil the tea leaves with three glasses of water down to one, then adding more water and reboiling until it was the right shade of pink. Then there were further steps with milk, cardamom, pistachios, etc. My question is, how or why does it turn pink? The leaves looked green like other green tea.
  6. Dear Friends Need help!! Planning a snacks party on Diwali. Please give suggestions for the menu and the recipes!!!!...
  7. So I've been living here in unincorporated Auburn (half way between Auburn and Fed-Way) and have not found a decent Indian restaurant yet! (Not that I've been trying very hard lately since my finicky toddler dislikes Indian food.) I really miss Taste of India up in the U-District. Anyone have any good suggestions for this area of WA? TIA!
  8. I've been wondering why there have been so few Alphonso mangoes available this season. An article in The Times explains why. Proof indeed, if it was ever needed, that climate change is a bad thing. What's it like where you live? We still have lots and lots of the Pakistani "Honey" mangoes (Sindhri & Chaunsa) but the Indian ones are almost non-existent. I've seen one box of old Alphonso and i saw a Kessar once at Sainbury's (rare beast indeed).
  9. Hi everyone, My friend came back from Singapore with a wonderful present -- an idle pan. I'd love to make idli often but don't want to go through the process of grinding and fermenting daily. I was wondering if I could save some of the fermented batter in the fridge and feed it like a culture. My idea is to have the unfermented batter in a separate container so that each evening I could pour off what I need, add some culture and let it rest on the kitchen countertop (where it's warm) until morning. Is that doable? Is it done?
  10. I will have one night for dinner on my own in London in March, and will be staying at the Paddington Hilton, which is not my usual neighborhood. Can anyone recommend a good Indian restaurant nearby? I will have spent a week in Cornwall and decent Indian meals are pretty thin on the ground down there. Thanks!
  11. One of my dearest friends, Jith, is the only son of a South Indian family, and his wife, Laurel, is seven months pregnant. This is a big deal. So, a few weeks ago, we got invited to the the Valaikappu blessing ceremony, a multiday affair celebrating the kiddo to take place in the western suburbs of Chicago. (Sadly, this Heartland gathering overlapped directly with this year's eGullet Heartland gathering.) When normal people are invited to these sorts of events, their thoughts turn to family bonds, traditional rituals, love, all that. My thoughts turn to the food. Not just my thoughts, mind yo
  12. I recently picked up an Indian cookbook (my sweetie loves the cuisine, I am warming up to it). A lot of the recipes call for yogurt, which I can't eat due to lactose intolerance. Any suggestions on a lactose-free substitute?
  13. Hi There are a couple of products I need to purchase including a kaldie, pressure cooker, idli pot. These items are not available where I am, so I'd like to import them. When I do a search I'm swamped with hits. I'm hoping someone can tell me a company they've used, a popular company, or one they know to have a good reputation. Thank you much, Steven
  14. Julie Sahni has a recipe for "Lentils with Garlic Butter" that appears all over the 'net (sometimes credited to other authors). It calls for 1.5 cups of pink or yellow lentils simmered in 5 cups of water -- with added turmeric -- until tender, and then pureed in the pot. The recipe continues from there. I just finished doing this, and I'm greatly confused. I ended up with nearly 6 cups -- almost all water, of course. The lentils are certainly cooked through, but rather than a lentil dish, this is like an extremely thin soup. Is this the way the dish is supposed to be? It seems unservable, but
  15. I've been exploring the menu of a restaurant serving such dishes as Kappa Fish Curry, Beef Fry, Pork Fry and Fish Fry, Karimeen Fry, Duck Curry, Avial, Thoran, Palappam, Chammanthi, Chemmendi and of course Payasam. The menu just uses terms like Kerala spices or sauces or 'typical Kerala dish.' What is the correct terminology for this cuisine: Keralan, Keralese, Keralite or just cuisine of Kerala? Is the term Malayali appropriate here or is that a term denoting a wider or narrower range of dishes?
  16. I was in India over the winter holiday studying in a proper school for 10 to 12 hours daily — it was bliss! Since I’ve come home I can really taste the difference the types of produce and the freshness of the meats make on a given dish. Not cooking Indian everyday, I want to continue learning by keeping up the dialog I had with my teachers and the other students, hopefully with people here. In this post I was hoping to talk about Salan’s as in Mirchi ka Salan (Green Chilies in Sauce) I have two recipes and I’d love discussion on how you make it. The first version we made contained equal
  17. I'd like to know if a masala dabba translates out of Indian spices . . . I have two kitchens, and in one I have an old ironing board closet (about two inches deep, one foot wide, and tall as a regular closet) that I've converted into a spice rack. This stays dark, and inside I have a large set of spice jars, clear glass, that I keep spices in. For the second kitchen, I had a small spice rack on the counter with glass jars. I found that the exposure to light weakened the spices and I wanted to try a masala dabba, since I can bring it to the stove and change what I have in the box as the sea
  18. Indian Ocean is pretty much as good as gets for a “destination restaurant” in Ashton. It’s all plush banquettes for seating, private dining room for hire, big bar area, separate from the restaurant. What more could we northerners want for? Well, we’d like a high street curry house that’s won awards please. Certainly, sir, that’ll be the Indian Ocean – awarded “Best in North West” by the fairly prestigious British Curry Awards in 2008 and 2009. And against some class opposition in the form of Mumtaz (although when Bradford became part of the north west is a vexing question). All that said, thi
  19. I found some ratanjot powder in a local Indian food shop and bought it out of curiosity. Only later did I google it to find out it is a natural colourant from the bark of a tree, used to give Rogan Josh and Tandoori dishes their signature red hue. I'm planning to make one of those dishes and thought, as my first post here on eGullet, that I'd ask other members if they have any ideas on: How to use it in the recipe, including amounts If it is completely safe, ie. non-toxic, as my wife is pregnant Naturally, we have all become wary of adding things to recipes simply to change the colour! Thank
  20. This is my first post on eGullet, so first I'll say Hello. I've recently discovered the delights of homestyle Indian food. I'm completely overwhelmed! There are so many regions and new ingredients and recipes and variations. And even the same food goes by different names and different spellings. It isn't easy! I hope you'll bear with me, because I'm sure to have many questions. But I truly want to learn -- so please let me know if I say something dumb. It wouldn't be the first time! My first question is about turmeric. Even in the same shop, there are bags of it that are rather yello
  21. Well, I love the ideas of Indian food. I almost see them as the opposite of new French cuisine, with lots of ingredients, spices, and complex flavors. But from my limited experience, the food also lacks finesse. All the Indian cooking I've been experienced to (books, TV shows ect.) have always been about big overpowering flavors. LOTS of garlic, LOTS of chiles ect. I was wondering if there was a French-Laundry-ish type of book out there that involves Indian cuisine. I remember a Micheline-starred Indian restaurant say that philosophically, "We add spices to food the same way you would add
  22. Hi! Could someone kindly share video site that feature on western classical or fine dining? Endless appreciation!
  23. I recently posted a musing about the lingering smell of Indian spices on the skin. I completely understand that fenugrek and cumin are a bit stinky when leached through the skin, of course, but the element that discomforts my nose the most I imagine to be turmeric. Yet I can find no reference anywhere to the power of turmeric to lend an unpleasant scent to sweat and skin. In fact, it is quite common (and a bit silly, perhaps) for South Indian women to topically apply turmeric to their faces on the notion that it is good for the complexion -- and it is, if your idea of beauty is looking like
  24. I've been reading about the "king of mangoes" various places and am really curious to know what they're like. (Apparently the Alphonsos are way better than the Tommy Atkins/Haden varieties we're used to eating in the U.S.) Does anyone know where I can get my hands on some? I was thinking the Indian market at 42nd and Walnut would be worth a shot (though doubtful). Percy got them online at approx. $10/mango, which is a bit pricey for just satisfying my curiosity... anyways, suggestions appreciated!
  25. While looking through my files, I came across the cocktail specs for a bar I used to work at, Akbar. I uploaded them here So this seems like as good place as any to ask what others are doing specifically with Indian ingredients. Strangely, there was no punch recipes on the menu, or anything approaching an authentic Indian drink (except Lassi and Kingfisher beer). Cheers! George
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