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  1. "Msk" posed a good question in another thread and I believe it deserves some space of its own for discussion.... Wow. This is wide open and there are so many. Plenty more are sure to be forthcoming but here's what I look for and want to know.... ==================================================== What To Look For: 1) Is the portafilter being left in the grouphead of the espresso machine when it's not in use? The thermal mass of the brass portafilter asembly is crucial in retaining heat so the brewing temp does not drop off as the water is forced through the grounds. If you walk into a cafe
  2. Just read Steven's latest coffee roasting post... Getting even fair coffee while dining out is difficult, even at many fine restauarants. And there's relatively no chance of having freshly ground, freshly roasted beans used to start that restaurant coffee cup with. What will you be washing down your desserts with? --Mark
  3. It’s inevitable—one of the first things I do when I land in a new country is sample the local coffee. Sometimes it isn’t all that different -- in Wellington, New Zealand, there were Starbucks a plenty -- but in others like Singapore, the local brew is a thick brew of beans and condensed milk. I’d almost be willing to fly the 25 hours to Singapore just to have a couple of cups. Anyone ever had any life altering coffee experiences while traveling? Oh -- and what is it about coffee on airplanes? Must it always be so vile?
  4. im considering trying them out...and I get a free coffee maker - Just for trying!! Anyone had any experience with them or their free coffee maker? Thanks!
  5. I was sipping on my apertivo at the bar of a very popular American Italian restaurant when a very polite young Italian approached the bartender and requested an espresso. Then as politely as he could he explained to the bartender how he wanted the espresso made. The bartender seemed to be listening attentively then went to the $10,000 espresso machine behind the bar and went through the motions exactly as taught him by the restaurant manager and produced another small cup of brown crap – actually it was a $4.00 cup of crap. The bewildered young Italian looked down at the cup that had been plac
  6. My WilliamsSonoma coffee mugs are too small. I need a new good coffee mug that looks nice and holds a good cup - doesnt need to fit in any cup holder since it will be drank at home... What do you all drink your coffee in when you're not drinking your Starbucks in a paper cup? Old Mug? Fancy insulated chrome Mug? Glued Broken Mug? Let me know and post a pic if you got it. THX!
  7. I am going to have a chance to judge a professional barista and coffee brewer contest. Any suggestions for reading so I will be more knowledgeable before I get there?
  8. Here in Denmark we do not really have Starbucks. I think there are 5-6 in total. Everyone tried the pumpkin spice latte though and people really enjoy it. So I wanted to make a "syrup" or contrate to add to coffee to give the flavor. Googling around gave me several suggestions for such a recipe, but for some odd reason, they all contain actual pumpkin. The way I understand it, there is no pumpkin or pumpkin flavor in pumpkin spice latte. Just the spices you would put in pumpkin pie. So since I can't get to a starbucks to sample, I can't really compare and I'm just curious about people's
  9. I wanted to know who ever ordered that coffee on Amazon? The reviews are zoo different,people say they had one in Jamaica,and this taste nothing like that one.
  10. For $9.99 a good value. Notch near bottom of glass prevents over-compression of coffee. Been using it daily for last six months with no complaints.
  11. I would like to fine tune my green coffee bean roasting technique. For several years I have used a Cafe Rosto, which supplies a constant hot air stream to 5 - 6 oz of beans, and they finish in 5 - 7 minutes, full city, just when the smoke alarm goes on for a minute or two. This seems to be good for drip coffee; (I like rich chocolatey South or Central American beans.) I picked up a Whirly-Pop stove top device, because it will do 8 oz at once, over a gas flame, and gives me much more control over heating/cooling. I need to fine tune this application. Does anyone have practical experience,
  12. I brew coffee, tea and cocoa beans. Seeking suggestions on suppliers of quality flavorings - examples: almond, vanilla, mint. caramel, coconut, pineapple etc. Most of what I find has an overwhelming taste of alcohol, glycerin or artificial flavorings or sweeteners - or just plainly too much sweet, not much added flavor....really not crazy about anything too sweet. Can anyone make any recommendations? perhaps part of the problem is most of what I find is intended to flavor either baked goods or snowcones! LOL thank you.
  13. Ideally has anyone got any experience? I want it to have a slightly retro feel, so was hoping to get hold of one of these; Citroen 2CV Van and then put the machines in the back? Also has anyone got restaurant/coffee shop experience with Espresso machines? The 2/3/4 head machines would look better in the back, but this site; Brackins Bar recommends going for a couple of single head machines in case the boiler goes so you can still keep serving... How likely is that? Many thanks for any ideas and help in advance! Angie
  14. Kyle Stewart at The Cultured Cup is providing their new "Lemon Myrtle Rooibos" for this Tea (Tisane to be more accurate) Tasting & Discussion. Kyle is providing 10 gram samples to me and three other members of the eGullet Society. The three free samples are reserved for members who have never received free samples for any previous Tea Tasting & Discussion and who also agree to the following. The three free samples are available to members who 1) will do at least two brewing sessions from the sample, 2) will report on their experience and participate in the discussion within 7 days of r
  15. We have been discussing our 2009 tea discoveries in another topic. So now I am curious - looking forward for 2010, what teas do you want to try for the first time and what teas do you want to explore in more depth? I'm curious just because I am curious...and as a way to inform the Tea Tasting & Discussions for this year. Let me just throw out a few categories: * Black/Red Teas from India (Darjeelings, Assams, Nilgiris, others), Ceylon, China Keemuns, Yunnans and more) and elsewhere? * Oolong Teas? * Chinese Green Teas? * Japanese Green Teas? * Pu-erh Teas? * White Teas? * Yellow Teas? * B
  16. Kyle Stewart at The Cultured Cup is providing their Sencha Select for this Tea Tasting & Discussion. The bag was opened at The Cup just two days ago and this Japanese green tea smells wonderful. Kyle is providing 10 gram samples to me and three other members of the eGullet Society. The three free samples are available to members who 1) will do at least two brewing sessions from the sample, 2) will report on their experience and participate in the discussion within 7 days of receiving the sample, and 3) who have previously posted at least ten (10) substantive posts (questions, answers, comm
  17. In another topic, v. gautam posted an aside reagarding stevia. Anyone else have this experience?
  18. Are there any decent quality loose (or a good quality bagged) tea with added caffeine? I'm a fan of (should I admit this here? I'm new to this section of eGullet...) Celestial Seasons Fast Lane and Morning Thunder black teas. I like tea better than coffee, and I like the more subtle energy boost. I like the Fast Lane, but I'd like something better quality, something I can get loose, or just other options in general. Are there any good ones? What would you recommend?
  19. This Tea Tasting & Discussion features an interesting young raw loose leaf pu-erh. eGullet Society member Greg Glancy at norbutea.com is providing free samples for three society members and myself. (Image used with permission of Norbutea/Greg Glancy.) Here's some background on this pu-erh from the norbutea website. Used with permission. The three free samples are available to members who 1) will do at least one gong fu cha brewing session from the sample, 2) will report on their experience and participate in the discussion, and 3) who have previously posted at least ten (10) substantive
  20. Since the tea people have been posting interesting shots of their wares, I though it would be interesting to see what everyone is using for coffee. Should be an interesting contrast, since I expect coffee brewing setups to be more industrial and high tech whereas tea brewing setups tend to lean artisanal and low tech -- for the fanatics, anyway. The must obvious comparison would be a tricked out espresso machine versus a yixing teapot. This contrast is not universally true, of course. I'm sure there are some high tech tea brewing setups, and some coffee lovers use a simple cone filter. But
  21. This past Sunday's NY Times ran a big article about New York's coffee "renaissance," which is all well and good, but I have a concern and wondered how everyone else felt about this. My problem is that I can't seem to get a properly (to me, at least) drawn espresso or doppio at the cafes that I've been to. The shots are too short, not hot enough, and they're friggin' bitter, but not in a good espresso way. Some of these cafes are pulling ristrettos (triples even - seriously, who drinks a triple ristretto, 20 or more grams of coffee to make 1 ounce of "liquid?"), which I wouldn't mind if they
  22. Welcome to the Coffee and Tea forum where, not surprisingly, you can discuss every aspect of making and enjoying coffee and tea, from leaves and beans to specialty equipment. Our popular topics include How To Roast Your Own Coffee; the Least Expensive Machine For Decent Espresso; Bagged Teas; and Iced Coffee. To view a complete listing of frequently discussed topics see: Coffee and Espresso Topics and Tea and Chai Topics Not a Society member? You’re welcome to read the eG Forums to your heart’s content, but you will have to join the Society in ord
  23. At this year's eG Candy & Confection Conference eG member tikidoc pointed out that there is another use for heat guns besides melting chocolate: roasting coffee. Has anyone else around here tried this? What have your experiences been?
  24. Hello There, I am about to buy a small but professional coffee Espresso Machine... Which is your best pick?
  25. What do you buy for Father's Day for the father whose tastes run to the esoteric and gourmet? If you're my kids, and this is a question that they have to deal with often, you buy a pack of Esmerelda Special Geisha coffee from Panama, which is what I received this year. It is billed as the world's best, and most expensive, coffee. And it really is a special coffee. Definitely the best I've ever tasted. My question is this. Are any eGulleters taking the next step in coffee and going for the extra special blends? If so, what have you tried? How did you brew it? Is coffee the non-alcoholic version
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