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  1. Although this post is a few years old and not many people commented I have to say it is fantastic and will use it partially as a guide for my hopefully upcoming trip to Spain in June. I am taking my GF there and hope to be able to do what we want under a small fortune of a budget. Can you do Spain on $500 per day for a good hotel and food/wine?
  2. My favorite restaurant in Houston is Catalan. Best wine choices in all price points. Food is great as well. De Marco would be my top fine dining.
  3. Very low key...my wife works tomorrow so just dinner for us and our kids. I'm starting with sesame crusted wonton cups filled with seared tuna and a Ginger soy "guacamole". A nice simple salad with arugula shallot apple and dulce gorgonzola. For entree I bought this awesome looking 2" thick bone in prime dry aged ribeye at a little butcher shop for $18/lb! Practically stealing this thing IMO.
  4. I love the pizza a settabella's. It's is very traditional neopolitan pizza. There are several in and out burger places in slc area. Acme burger bar is very good. Red iguana has some excellent traditional mole dishes. You can ask for a mole sample before you order so that you can pick the one you like best. I really like the colorado mole. I ski Alta which is kind of a local type of ski area. Near Alta is snowbird which is a little more challenging. I like these 2 because they are so easy to get to from slc. Park City/Deer Valley will give you more of a resort ski experience. Plus there is a cool roller coaster for lack of a better word in park city and there is also a little tubing area out by the main highway in park city.
  5. Earleir in the fall I made a goat cheese and fig on a toast point with a pprt wine fig jam and topped w Tabasco cured pork belly. It was not very easy to eat but it was a fine creation.
  6. Turkey and smokes sausage gumbo. Stock from carcass. Pretty solid gumbo.
  7. jscarbor

    Seared Tuna

    How do you usually do the tuna? How different would you like it to be? ← Its a seared tuna in a wasabi sauce. If I can go in a direction that isn't asian-ish that would be good. Most of the ways she has had tuna is with asian flavors. I like it but it kind of bores me know. My skills are pretty good.
  8. jscarbor

    Seared Tuna

    My anniversery is coming up and I usually cook tuna for my wife. she really likes one of the dishes that I pulled off of epicurious but I want to try something different. Any tuna ideas out there?
  9. Sunrise tacos on Memorial next to the Shell gas station near Otto's. I have had 3 very good tacos here recently. The barbacoa, migas taco with chorizo and the machacada. All are very good. 2 tacos is enough so my bill for tacos runs about $4.80 which is less than I usually spend to get 3 tacos at other taco stands. Good green salsa also.
  10. I think it was about 9:30. As a side note...They have a lot of smokers out back for a saturday only operation?
  11. I hit Snow's this weekend and have to say I was surprised by how good it was. The brisket was excellent and so was the pork. Free beans are a big plus also. Line was 15 minutes and I was worried that they might run out because everyone was ordering 3 pounds of this and 4 pounds of that. Big orders, all I wanted was a little taste because lunch was already planned for that day.
  12. I haven't been to La Guadalapuna(spelling off) in a long time but they have great breakfast. The machacado dish is excellent as our the chilaquiles(add an egg). For lunch I remember the mole pablano being really good. Its on Dunlavy in Montrose area.
  13. I'm sorry but isn't Pesce owned by Landry's? Food might be good but cmon, its Tilman owned. Its not funky, unique or eccentric. I say Reef. Its local owned, funky in a contemporary way and very good focus on local/fresh. Or if you really want to be different go to Tampico on Airline on the near north side of town. Get the whole snapper and enjoy one of the best dishes in Houston. Its unique, funky and ecclectic. Not fine dining though.
  14. How about the Italian Fried Chicken - have you tried that? ← Is Rizzi's a take out place or dine in? I spent a week in the summer 20 years ago in Jersey/Philly area and the pizza and calzones were to die for. Italian fried chicken at Rizzi's? ← It's both, they have about 8 tables but most of their business is take-out. The crust isn't as good as the crust you had up North but it's close. ← Rizzi's was really good. My current Pizza favs are probably Rizzi's and Pinks who looks to be opening a 2nd location.
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