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Found 596 results

  1. Hello all, I am hoping to get a British-style beer fest launched in the Montreal region for next summer/fall and need some advice. Does anybody here have experience of organising a festival? What do I need to know? Where can I source beer from? I realise some of this is licensing questions, so I'll need to take this up with Quebec's authorities, but any general advice would be very much appreciated. I'd like to feature beers from the US and Europe, if possible. The British-style fest model is a bit of a departure from most north American festivals, which typically charge high entry prices and serve only small samples. British-style fests usually are cask and keg-only. Entry is cheap and you pay as you go for beer. I believe it will be quite an experience for people who have only tried the north American style of festival. The ambiance is very different and companies don't need to spend four- or five-figure sums setting up tents, finding accomodation etc. Usually they are held indoors, which makes them immune to the fluctuations of the weather. Any comments or queries, please post!
  2. Article in today's Wall Street Journal (I don't believe it's behind the subscriber wall, so try this link) discusses how the big three aren't identifying themselves on the label as manufacturers of "faux craft brews" they make and market, i.e., Blue Moon, Leinenkugel's. Some small craft brewers think it's deceitful on the part of the big brewers. The biggies respond, hey, if Kellogg's doesn't promote its ownership of Kashi and Toyota its Lexus, what's the problem? The article finishes by quoting one craft brewer as believing that, while the big guys may cut in to the small guys' market share, they are expanding the entire category to the benefit of all brewers, big and small. The fact I found most interesting, if largely irrelevant, is that Jake and Dick Leinenkugel, the fifth generation of the founders, manage their beer and brand for SABMiller. But while Leinie's doesn't mention its owner on the packaging, the Leinie's website tackles the issue head-on. PS: My wife thinks your basic Leinie's tastes pretty much the same as it did when she was in Madison in the 1960s and 70s; the family sold out to Miller in 1988. But then, your basic Leinie's was never considered a craft beer until SABMiller started expanding the brand a couple of years ago; before that, even under the big guy's ownership, it was just considered a decent quality cheap brewski.
  3. Happy to be a new member here and I hope to become a fairly active poster on the beer forum... Whenever my 2yr old and twin baby sons allow me a little time off for good(?) behaviour, that is! Given that my job is reviewing beer (I'm learning fast, but can't compete with many of you, I'm sure) and that I'm based in Hudson, QC, I am well-placed to discuss Quebec-brewed beer at the very least! So I just wanted to begin a thread about QC beer. What's your favourite, what's your overall impression of Quebec beers and how widely available are they? I saw some in a shop in Burlington last week while visiting the Vermont Brewers Festival, but the breweries were conspicuous by their absense at said festival. Shame, we're about three hours away including border crossing time... I've reviewed lots of QC beers on my site. So far my favourites are (in no particular order): Blanche de Chambly, Unibroue Logique Bio organic Coup de Grisou, RJ St Ambroise Oatmeal Stout Boreale Blanche Looking forward to your views on QC beer. Cheers!
  4. I pinched this from Stickman's weekly column for July 29 "For our numerous readers in LA, here is some good news. The finest beer from these parts, Beer Lao, is available in your neck of the woods. For those in the LA area, the grocery store with the large spirit offering in front, on Hollywood Boulevard in Thaitown, is the place to visit. Yes, Beer Lao is worth going out of your way for! The Thai Temple is the pride and joy of Thai people in America . So, maybe this is the natural first city they would introduce this product?" If anyone's come across this yet, I'd love to hear about how well it's travelled. If it's as good as in Laos, then I am seriously envious of the folks in LA. Cheers, peter
  5. I love this time of year because of the special beers for the winter season. I'd love to know do you have a favorite? I am trying to make a list of seasonals to buy before they disappear. so .... whats your pleasure?
  6. Natho

    Alcoholic Ginger Beer

    My brewing partner and i are going to attempt this in a couple of days time. He has some extensive experience brewing beer and has all the gear. We do not however yet have a recipe. Does anyone have any good ones and/or tips?
  7. I studied in Australia for a semester in '02, and I miss the taste of Fourex and Victoria Bitter, which I was told were Queensland's beers of choice. Does anyone know a place where I can get them?
  8. I've had it with trying to match wines for Thanksgiving and want to try something different this year. I've been serving quality beers more often with good meals, and think that turkey-n-fixin's might be a great pairing. Imbibe thinks so, too; here's their list of Thanksgiving-friendly beers. What are yours?
  9. I came across news of an extraordinary event taking place in the-middle-of-nowhere, Maine, on Thursday, August 19th. Chris Lively, proprietor of Ebenezer's Pub in Lovell, Maine has been collecting rare beers for his Pub for a long time. Last year, he extinguished a couple remaining specimens at this apparently fabulous dinner, held at his establishment. Here is this year's menu (w/pairings). DEFINITELY check this out! Seating is limited to 100, costs $295, and has been sold out for a while. Folks camp out back and keep the party going. In fact, the next day kicks off The 6th Annual Belgian Beer Festival also held at Ebenezer's. I've read some fantastic reports about the camaraderie, the food, the amazingly rare and delicious beer, the mosquitoes, and think hard about how I'm going to make it next year. More info is at http://beernews.org/
  10. Just bought a 64oz growler. I'm unlikely to finish the entire thing by myself tonight, so does anyone have tips on how to best save the leftovers? How bad will it be if I just recap whats left? I don't really have any smaller glass containers that would work. If anyone is interested, the beer is Nugget Nectar.
  11. Tonight I was in my local chain supermarket and saw the unbelievably high price on Miller Genuine Draft. I then went to Total wines and bought a 6-pack of Pilsner Urquel for the same per-bottle cost as the cost of the MGD at the supermarket. Is it any wonder that I never buy beer at a supermarket any more? Just saying...
  12. We've had these in our market for about two weeks. So far they only come in Coors Light and Miller Lite (rain water and slightly flavored rain water). Each holds 5.7 liters (16 12oz beers $18.99 no deposit) and are fitted with a CO2 widget to dispense as well as keep the beer fresh for a whole month (obviously for amateur drinkers). They sit in your fridge and are dispensed in the horizontal position. The thing in the forefront holds a CO2 cartridge. When twisted clockwise the cartridge is pushed against a pin that punctures it. They are not really a good deal since they cost as much as a 24pk. and are really crappy beers. So why am I telling you about them?! Because.. v v v v v v They are reusable! The whole widget unscrews off the heavy duty P.E.T. container. And while the gizmo which holds the CO2 cartridge is designed to twist in with a ratcheting action to prevent one from unscrewing it, I found that giving it a good yank counter clockwise with a pair of Channel locks, breaks the plastic ratcheting pins, and then it is free. If you don't want to buy an expensive Cornelius setup or you just don't brew big batches, this is the ticket. It can be used to carbonate and dispense any brew, alcoholic or otherwise like homemade ginger ale or soda water. If the PET container is ever damaged, the widget fits perfectly on any 3 liter soda bottle with a wide-mouth opening.
  13. The Drafting Room is hosting an irresistable event with Victory 10 Years Alt which is not even available directly at the brewery. More info here See you there!
  14. Found this little brew at the Total Wine in charlotte. The manager told me they'd gotten a small supply in, and the distributer/importer had promptly gone outta business. Being a scottish beer, I figured I'd take a chance Smile Was not disappointed. Pours pale blond, hint of cloudiness from the lees being stirred up (Oops, my bad) Very balanced taste, hint of hops but mostly sweet malt and fruity esters. Medium bodied, VERY easy drinking. Now, the kicker? The stuff 'expired' december 05, so I got my nice Scottish beer pre-aged. I'd love to find a fresher sample to see how the extra time makes a difference. I also plan on culturing the yeast from the lees, just to see what I can do with it
  15. From realbeer.com: A-B BUYS STAKE IN OLD DOMINION An Annapolis brewer teamed up with Anheuser-Busch Inc. to buy Old Dominion Brewing Co. of Ashburn, Va. Fordham Brewing Co. and minority partner Anheuser-Busch formed the new joint venture, Coastal Brewing Co., to purchase the brewpub operator and brewer that distributes in the mid-Atlantic region. Fordham will have a 51% ownership. As part of the deal, Coastal Brewing Co. will assume ownership, sales and marketing responsibilities for both the Old Dominion and Fordham brands, including Dominion Ale, Dominion Lager, Oak Barrel Stout, Fordham Copperhead, Fordham Lager, Oyster Stout and others. Coastal Brewing Co. also assumes ownership of the Old Dominion brewery and Old Dominion Brewpub. Discuss.
  16. Anybody tried, it was available last spring here on tap, and this year it is also bottled, similar to blue moon, but also has lemon and lime. Curious if anybody else enjoys. http://www.anheuser-busch.com/press_room/s...eat_022707.html
  17. Slate quotes Lew Bryson extensively on the slide beer's been experiencing in the marketplace lately. It seems the attraction of connoiseurship is bringing people to wine, and the low-brow market niche the megabrewers have carved for themselves is starting to feel a bit constrained. There is a great big world of beers out there, but the industrial manufacture of absolutely consistent and unchallenging product has become beer's identity in the market. Can craft brewing pick up some of this slack and head off a mass defection to wine? Lots of beers outclass wines in terms of tradition and backstory... and flavor and complexity as well. How do we get the mass market to notice and stop expecting beer to be bland yellow fizz with a trucker hat attitude? http://www.slate.com/id/2167292/nav/tap1/
  18. With a new fish market in town, I've bought oysters a few times lately. Being poor, I can't always afford a 1996 Premier Cru Chablis to drink with them, and I like beer pretty well anyway. Now, I know all about Guinness and oysters, but I'm eating them at home, Guinness is strictly an on-tap beer for me, and I don't really care too much about Guinness anyhow. Here's what I've tried instead: A bottle of Alaskan Smoked Porter that I found in the basement. I try to buy a case of this stuff when I remember, and this was the last of the 2001 vintage. It went pretty well. Same dark-beer appeal as the classic oysters/stout, a little cleaner on the palate, and not so smoky as to get in the way of the brine. Like oysters on the barbeque, without the trouble. A couple bottles of Deschutes Jubelale. Not quite as good a match, but still fine. Here's what I'm thinking for the future: Gueuze. Lindemans Cuvee Rene is available around here, and has some of the characteristics of other things that go well with oysters--bone dry, tart, palate-cleansing. Plus, it's one of my favorites. Drawback: kind of expensive for a beer. Also: Belgians in general. Drank a bottle of this Reinaert Flemish wild ale tonight, and thought it might go. So, my questions to you eGulletonians: What beers do you drink with oysters? What pairings have you had in restaurants that have been successful? What hasn't worked? Lots of hops, or lots of malt? More generally: what characteristics do the beverages have in common--what makes a good match? With wines, it's generally a very dry, sometimes briny white wine, minimal oak--Chablis, Champagne, muscadet etc. Guinness is the opposite--sweetish, rich body. What makes them both work?
  19. lancastermike

    Rolling Rock

    On another site there was some discussion about this. Does Rolling Rock taste the same now as it always did? There were some who said it did not but many of those folks were talking from nostalgia not real taste. We all bemoan the closure of the Latrobe brewery, but does the beer taste any different? A/B is well known for adjunct brewing. Was Rolling Rock from Latrobe adjunct brewed? Is it adjunct brewed by A/B. I will say I tasted no real difference. RR was never any great beer, but was always popular in my area. Any thoughts by those more learned than I am.?
  20. Ericpo

    Home Brewing

    Do any members of eG brew their own beer? I have been wanting to do this for years. I have a starter brewing kit...and I have a group of good friends to help. Just wondering if there are others on eG with experience/desire/or love of homebrewing?
  21. David L Geary Brewing Porter takes the top of the heap in a Porter Taste Challenge, Story here in NYT dining, 10/18/06 Visit D.L. Geary Brewing Co. in my foodblog: dining downeast from August 2005.
  22. Alchemist


    I've been looking for decent soft foam beer kosi's that don't have a sports team or beer logo on it since BBQ season started. Is there hope of finding them here in NYC, or must I call a friend south of the Mason and Dixon line to send me some?
  23. Bill Poster

    Belgian Beer

    Went to Brugge;girlfriend thought i was being romantic- in the end i had sampled 15 different brews and i cannot remember all. My top five Leffe Westmalle tripel Zot Hendrik Brugge Tripel the last 3 fantastic local brews Orval, Palm, Duvel worth a mention of course
  24. Other stouts always seem a little thin/watery when compared. whats the secret?
  25. eje

    Hoppy Brew Years Eve

    Celebrate Brew Years Eve We'll be celebrating with a growler of Blind Pig from Russian River Brewing. What are you drinking tonight?
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