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  1. Check out London's Lenny out in Woodhaven Blvd (Queens).
  2. Sun Luck 69 is one of the infamous hole (or dollar bills) in the wall place in CTown, cheap and fast. NY Noodletown is pretty decent but I just can't stand the cashier! She's been my nightmare since 1984! I don't know if there is any go Taiwanese place in CTown. I am not even sure if there are any good Taiwanese restaurants existing in NYC these days. The only decent Taiwanese joint I could think of is this place by Sheraton hotel in Flushing.
  3. That's pretty hardcore making your own gochujang! It is like someone making ketchup or homebrewing soy sauce.
  4. Good call Raji, Ping's is definitely one of the best Hong Kong style Cantonese restaurants in CTown. Their dungeness crab with fried garlic is highly recommended!
  5. Pu-Pu Plater is definitely a short trip back to memory lane! It's only fun if ordered and playing with fire at the restaurant. I have seen take out places shamelessly listing it on their menu. By the way, Pu Pu means snake in Polynesian.
  6. I will be in the Pacific side of Costa Rica for some tasty waves next week and compromised with Mrs. that we will check out the butterflies farm and tour a coffee plantation. Are there any smaller coffee planters out there? I know there are some coop farmers but need the farm/plantation name. Any recommendation?
  7. Batali suggested soaking these "rubbers" with wine cork for several of hours. The wine cork will tenderized them.
  8. okay, it's called Naengkongguksu and to me it tastes like wallpaper paste mixed with water and noodles ←
  9. So it is not chilled seollangtang but cold soy milk with noodle....Hmmm.
  10. I went to a Korean tofu restaurant and ordered the cold noodle. The waitress warned me that their cold noodle is different from all the others. Her accent was so thick that I really didn't pay much attention. But when the noodle arrived I stared at it for about a minute before digging in. The noodle is the white thread and the broth is milky like seollangtang. It was quite refreshing but bland. Just couldn't finish it (ordered a LA Kalbi afterward). I prefer my seollangtang hot and after my soju therapy!
  11. My mother has couple of cookbooks from Pei-Mei. She's like the Julia Child of Taiwan!
  12. Don't mean to jump off topic but some wise old Chinese lady told me that ducks are "toxic" (not chemically poisonous). Is that true?? In terms of balancing out the heat from Durian, mangosteen.
  13. Well, you're within walking distance of Chinatown - Oriental Garden on Elizabeth has great seafood and is highly regarded. However, it's still a Chinese restaurant in both decor and service. Chinatown Brasserie could fit the bill. Ssam bar is then only another hop, skip and a jump. And for that matter, you could consider Tribeca walking distance as well. But you're basically in an area that's not known for its concentration of wonderful restaurants....and I don't think you're all going to want to walk too far if the weather is anything like today's or tomorrow's! ← That's helluva walk from South St Seaport to Tribeca and CTown Brasserie in this hot weather.
  14. The only fruit that I won't touch is durian...My Malaysian friend those me that they eat that rice as a meal.
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