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  1. To quote Bux: " One can only hope that countries such as Belgium and France adopt some sort of A.O.C. designations for their traditional chocolates, because it's no longer illegal to make a degraded confection and call it chocolate within the E.U. The E.U. leans towards adopting the lowest common standards of excellence and the most rigorous standards of sterility." This is also known as "American Practise". Except for eGulletarians and a few connoiseurs, food as enjoyment is at a low priority of things in the minds of people in the US. A perfect example are the "Gourmet" sections in Supermarkets all over the US. Can someone tell me what makes Red Cabbage or Sauerkraut in jars from Germany "gourmet", or can Anchovies, or Muesli, or Knorr soups, or plain Pumpernikel, or steel rolled Oats. And then there is "President" brand Brie? Come on tell me guys, I deserve to be hit with a wet noodle. My criticism and sarcasm is self satisfying.
  2. Sorry, but this is too funny. I'm laughing all the way to relieve myself quickly. How in the world do you guys expect all these "Heini(s)", (I can say that, I am one), to understand this English word "Seriously" -Ernsthaft-, in German!. I can't see anyone drink anything that is ernshaft. Not a bit of fun. Are you really ernsthaft about this? And around Muenchen anyway!!. Witzigmann and Kaefer would not even call a beer that. And Bayern is BIER country. And "Essence of Juniper"?, They already have their Steinhaeger and Wachholder. Hope you explain.
  3. Anyone hear of "Ron Viejo de Caldas", a Colombian dark?
  4. Peter B Wolf


    Sorry Wilfrid, but "Ris de Veau" are not Veal Kidneys but Sweetbreads. Places that pride themselves of serving Veal Kidneys, are often serving them roasted whole, still inside their fat enclosure, or sliced and sauteed. Lamb Kidneys are seldom served with any of its fat. Whereas Pork Kidneys often find their way into a sweet/sour "Geschnetzeltes"
  5. Peter B Wolf


    Back to a question about Offal. Does any place in NYC, or for that matter the US, have cows "Utter" on their menu? Or is that also controlled by the FDA/USDA. Anyone ever had it? I did 58 years ago in Germany.
  6. Confit, as in "Confiture d'Oranges" , re: Orange Marmelade
  7. All the following serve the $ 20.01 until years end ( I was told) 2. Alison on Dominick Street, 38 Dominick St., (212) 727-1188 (5:15pm – 6:45pm only)** 7. Aureole, 34 East 61st St., (212) 319-1660** 11. Barbetta, 321 West 46th St., (212) 246-9171** 19. Bread Bar at Tabla, 11 Madison Ave., (212) 889-0667** 25. Cafe Luxembourg, 200 West 70th St., (212) 873-7411** 28. Capsouto Frères Restaurant, 451 Washington St., (212) 966-4900** 35. Chin Chin Restaurant, 216 East 49th St., (212)-888-4555** 41. Commune, 12 East 22nd St., (212) 777-2600** 43. Cub Room, 131 Sullivan St., (212) 677-4100** 47. The Dining Room, 154 East 79th St. at Lexington Ave., (212) 327-2500** 48. Duane Park Cafe, 157 Duane St., (212) 732-5555** 59. Gigino Trattoria, 323 Greenwich St., (212) 431-1112** 60. Gotham Bar and Grill, 12 East 12th St., (212) 620-4020** 66. Icon New York, 130 East 39th St., (212) 592-8888** 93. New York Marketplace, 129 West 53th St. at the Hilton New York, (212) 586-7000** 95. Nino's Positano, 890 Second Ave., (212) 355-5540** 96. Nobu, 105 Hudson St., (212) 219-0500** 97. Nougatine and Terrace, One Central Park West, (212) 299-3900** 100. Orsay Restaurant, 1057 Lexington Ave., (212) 517-6400** 106. Patria, 250 Park Ave. So., (212) 777-6211** 122. San Domenico NY, 240 Central Park So., (212) 265-5959** 124. 2nd Avenue Deli, 156 2nd Ave. at 10th St., (212) 677-0606** 126. Shun Lee Palace Restaurant, 155 East 55th St., (212) 371-8844** 128. Sono, 106 East 57th St., (212) 752-4411** 129. Strip House, 13 East 12th St., (212) 328-0000** 130. Sushi Samba, 245 Park Ave. So., (212) 475-9377** 132. Tabla, 11 Madison Ave., (212) 889-0667** 133. Tagine Dining Gallery, 537 Ninth Ave., (212) 564-7292** 137. Thalia Restaurant, 828 Eighth Ave. at 50th St., (212) 399-4444** 138. Tocqueville Restaurant, 15 East 15th St., (212) 647-1515** 142. Tribeca Grill, 375 Greenwich St., (212) 941-3900** 148. Union Pacific, 111 East 22nd St., (212) 995-8500** 150. ViceVersa, 325 West 51st St. (between 8th and 9th Ave.), (212) 399-9291** 154. The Water Club, 30th St. at the East River, (212) 683-3333** 157. Zoë Restaurant, 90 Prince St., (212) 966-6722**
  8. You can call 'em what you want, I call 'em "Kartoffelpuffer", "Reibekuchen" or "Rieveplaetzje". My recipe is from the lower Rhein river valley near Kleve, handed down since 1887: Peel and grate (fine, similar as cheese - by hand), into icy water, 1Kilo starchy potatoes (Burbank). Swish around, let stand 30 Min. Remove Potatoes in strainer, saving water, starch will settle after 10 more Min. discard water putting starch back with potatoes, salt, pepper, nutmeg 3 eggs and a bit of whole grain flour, just enough to make a "mass", that will "heap" a table spoon when scooped. Heat to smoking, fresh, good, clean rendered porkfat, fry patties brown and crisp Serve immediately with homemade apple sauce or lingonberries or preiselbeeren (cranberries are not the same!). When I am coming by your house, I'll make 'em.
  9. The Herb to use is Marjoram or Summer Savory (fresh), both will beat any other.
  10. Could not get the show to work for me, but somehow have had a feeling I would not like it anyway, but I do have a question: By reading the credits, came across "Elizabeth Blau - Culinary Consultant", who is the lady. Anyone knows?
  11. I just like to put my two cents worth into this pot. I never know whether my opinion/postings are appreciated or even read, as no comments seem to appear, never the less, I read eGullet daily and often at that. I have quite a bit of experience of riding the Metro in Paris and have just one suggestion: Don't ever take a baby-stroller with you, turnstiles are very hard to pass, or at times never possible to combat. See Steve Klc post in parenthesis. (It's also very convenient to take the RER B train--from CDG airport--to Les Halles--and walk to the hotel. We do that now, for 50 FF, rather than take the 400 FF taxi from the airport. I might not recommend this if you have not been to Paris before, don't speak or understand any French and haven't felt your way around Paris at all before. It's best to explore and navigate the amazing Paris Metro without luggage the first time.)
  12. Dubia invites Putin, Blair and Schroeder to go swimming at his ranch. "Hey guys, this is America, when you get on the diving board, and yell out your favorite beverage, the pool will fill with it and you can enjoy" Putin gets on the board and shouts "Vodka", pool fills, Putin jumps and is happy. Blair gets on the board and yells "Scotch", pool fills, Blair jumps and is excited. Schroeder gets on the board and screams "Beck Pilsener", Schroeder jumps to his dead. The three survivors in unity "Does this German not know, it takes up to five minutes to draw a proper Pilsener?'"
  13. Steven, Never thought you having a "soft" voice, as it appeared to be, to me. I liked the part of "World domination" and "departing Lawyer", in you comments, and what Mr. Schwarz said you being a "Foodwriter with a straight face". Also, what is "Lithuanian" about the annunciation of "Zaggett" and "Zagaaht"?. Thanks for setting us straight about the "dining" capital and not "eating" capital being New York. Overall: great to listen to, and thank you for the advance note with direct URL to the radio station.
  14. Just read your post Steven, and tuned to the listening channel, plus I have my alarm set for Friday at noon. I have to hear your voice, and certainly will listen to the program of such interest. What other times are you on? Peter
  15. Lets draw a line between Restaurant served and what you use at home. Also a distinction should be made between "coffee" and "espresso". After living in Germany for the last 14 years, I have yet to find a "tasty" cup of "coffee" here in the States, "espresso" mostly fair, but sometimes very good. Now, that is drinking outside of my home. At home I use "Melitta Traditional Torrefazione" brand, extra fine grind. Readyly available her in Maine in Supermarkets, such as Stop & Shop and Shaw's. The Melitta brand is about the nearest to German style roast (maybe because "Melitta" is a German roaster). I use a regular drip coffee maker, so called 10 cup, it's actually 50 ounces, and for that measure I use six good and full "coffee measures" or 60 grams of coffee meal. My wife and I drink that for breakfast everyday within about a half an hour. For "Espresso" I have a Saeco "Bistro" model '98, brought with me from overseas. The coffee meal I use is Lavazza, and I have friends or family send me that from Europe when I run out (twice a year a Kilo)
  16. Ellen, is the "Fat Guy" with you on those trips. He never sounds like that this would be one of his most desired ways of food intake. Also, do you cross your fingers so that all the mentioned establishment are fairly close to each other? (I meann who wants cold Fries?)
  17. I am always using the old fashioned thin pocket thermometer for roasts. Steaks, chops and Chix breasts my thumb. (been doing this for 48 years, am a chef [ret]). As Steven says, we do get a feeling for it. I never set a timer, my interior clock tells me when its "time" for anything. yes, do undercook!! Carry over temp is up to 15 degree on larger pieces.
  18. Steven is right in every aspect, only, Steve, you must have a gas stovetop, as one can not drop quickly the temp to a simmer from high boil on electric!. Also, do the pin whole pricking on the fat end of the egg where the airbubble for future chicks is. Once the air is out the eggs won't crack while cooking. 10/12 min. is perfect. The gray/green cover of yolks is sulfur, naturally present in eggs, and will not occur to be present at lower times. ( Should I post my BIO?)
  19. While talking about style and ambiance of "high End" Restaurant bathrooms does not interest nor bother me, the soaps provided often do. Did anyone ever wash their hands with soaps that, no matter how well one rinses, where the hands stay perfumy, even to the extreme where when touching food (bread), the food will pick it up and than transfer to mouth. ICKY!!!, Peter
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