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  1. Hmph. I guess that means the Twisted Spoke is out.
  2. Erm, why? How about just changing your diet?
  3. Often I ask whether the media have scruples at all currently. It's more an example of them not really understanding much, and then product branding takes over. It's a vicious cycle that isn't improved by people thinking that meat comes from a styrofoam tray instead of a hide-covered poop factory.
  4. Sauted, flambed, and served on a bed of ice cream.
  5. You can gas them ripe with green bananas. That will help. Aside from that, blanch, peel, and freeze. Perhaps a little lemon or lime juice or fruit fresh to retain color. I wish I had your troubles.
  6. Oh no, mint is very manly. For instance, carbonara sauce--coal-miner's sauce. You can't get much more manly than a coal miner. I always put mint in my carbonara. Also, mint, wild mint, can be found hiding by rivers here for intrepid naturists to find. That is very manly. Mint is manly. Unless it's in a menthol cigarette. Bleck.
  7. We're not fat because we crave sweets. We're fat because we sit in cars. We sit in front of computers. We sit in front of the TV. We sit when we travel. We take the elevator at work. We drive to the restaurant, and then go through the drive-through. We mow our lawns with a riding lawnmower. We buy a snowblower instead of a shovel. We drive to the store instead of walking. We use a remote control instead of getting up and pushing a button. How many miles have you put on a pair of running shoes, or a bicycle in the past year? How many times have you gone to the gym--you know, the one you've been a member of and meaning to go to? We're fat because we don't do shit to be not fat.
  8. If there is sauce drizzled on the plate instead of the food, I don't think it qualifies... unless the plate is a bowl and there is more sauce than solid.
  9. Sounds like a miniature bottle with a white label...
  10. Bacos? Yeah, I believe those are a condiment...
  11. Unfortunately, you may have to switch to good old analog, liquid in glass or a laser jobby. The nature of thermocouples used in those digitals makes them perfect antennae to pick up your induction hob. Sorry, but that's just how the physics shake out.
  12. Prime has a specific meaning when it comes to the United States Department of Agriculture. I can't say anything about AAA, though.
  13. I think you're barking up the wrong tree, Shalmanese. You are still going from Complex->Complex with all of those except Corn-> HFCS. HFCS has something like 4 ingredients: fructose, dextrose, sucrose, and water. A cell has thousands, easily, and that's if you just count the ones the cell synthesizes itself, not any food stuffs. By that argument, HFCS is purer, which we're finding out may not be as healthy (we need more nutrients than sugar), but plays on our concept of pure=good which is a red-herring.
  14. You haven't checked your lawn, have you? One quick snare away...
  15. Pounce, I understand where you're coming from. But, the reality of UVC compared to the promise leaves some to be desired. First and foremost, the lamps tend to lose their ability rather quickly, they tend to have an effective lifespan of about 3 months. Also, if you have an uneven surface, shadows cast remove the effectiveness of the UVC. And, there are organisms that produce biofilms that are resistant to UVC. Plus, if you have the light on while you're curing, you'll actually burn the outside of the item, and it won't be as palatable.
  16. Sounds like a perfect end to a 21st birthday bar crawl.
  17. Okay, and how does that make UVC different from a harsh chemical? Anyway, with some normal construction plastic drop cloth, some PVC, and duct-tape, you could make yourself a reasonable enclosure (there are many variations on this theme), but it wouldn't hold up to a bunch of traffic. And for your question, tristar, temperature is very important. That's why refrigeration was such a revolution. The better you can control the temperature, the better things will turn out.
  18. jsolomon

    Shoo-Fly Potatoes?

    Well, shoo-fly pie is a variation on the theme of pecan pie, which is a molasses or brown sugar custard pie. I really like it. But, for cake or taters, I can't fathom it.
  19. jsolomon


    Watching them get treated is a snap. Watching them get diagnosed is not so neat. Imagine a nasty-looking, sterile toilet-bowl brush going where it doesnt' belong... There's nothing wrong with appealing to the silly demographic. I am a card-carrying watcher of Monty Python's Flying Circus. But, they spent much more time "on" in their careers and less time "reaching". Unfortunately, AB seems to be reaching a lot this season. Although, "Eat This Rock" was an amazing bit of Good Eats. And, CC, it's good that AB is That Smart . Smart people get the shaft way too much in our current American Life. I do think that the cardboard box trick will work.
  20. Maybe I'm weird, but I actually like PBR better than RR. And, I'm not a geezer.
  21. jsolomon


    I love Good Eats, but I must agree. It seems to hold a niche similar to Dirty Jobs and MythBusters. There are only so many things AB's treatment can do justice to. He keeps surprising me by finding new ones, but he does surprise me less and less. Impressive dude, Alton Brown, though. I'm glad he came along.
  22. Y'know, I disagree. If W.F. is willing to decentralize some of the decision-making process, and simply take a review role, I think they could be very successful in this.
  23. When I was dating someone who was much more into food, I would take 1/2 cup to 1 cup red wine 1/4 to 1/2 cup sugar, brown sugar, honey several strong dashes cinnamon pinch salt blackberries boil to syrup consistency. Cool. Top with creme fraiche. Actually, I plied that on some other women, too. Much better than a line in a bar. Good recipe, that one. You could do something really similar in a pastry shell.
  24. I don't think this matters as to whether they are going to save face by this move, or not. What I would hope is that Whole Foods will turn its education mission around and help small farmers fill the HACCP need to help them expand into other markets. This could be a large opportunity for WF to transform the modern supermarket, again.
  25. I can see the poor geek who gets to test truck stop kitchen grease just getting thumped every time he goes to check. Thanks, Chi-town.
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