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    Marketing Wine to Women

    Umm, RR, has anyone given you the honey and eggs talk?
  2. Several people have had good comments on one or more of Sitram's lines of saucier's. I think it's the Profiserie line that is the higher quality one, and that can be found for significantly less than $300. Although, I do tend to agree with Sam. If it's got that kind of life span, a moderately high price tag really doesn't enter into the equation.
  3. I generally do not try to impulse buy snack food. But, in the gas station across from where my lab is, I got a cuppa and perused the snack aisle for a moment when I saw Gardetto's Special Request Roasted Garlic Rye Chips. Y'know, the garlic melba toast in Gardetto's snack mix that is really the only reason you buy it? So, $2.09 later, I had 4.75 ounces of rye, garlicky sheer evil goodness tearing up my gums and hard palate. Hell, in the last 15 minutes, I cranked through the whole bag. Damn you General Mills! I just hope I don't bonk on my bike ride home.
  4. My car doesn't have a glove box, so I guess I'm going to have to starve...or find an appropriate coffee shop.
  5. Oh my, I have no idea how many metric tons of chicken salad, egg salad, ham salad, and roast beef salad sandwiches I've eaten with MW, meat du jour, pickle relish (homemade), and finely diced celery. Got me through a lot of fence fixing, pipe laying, and stick picking, though. MW is a farm family's friend, it seems.
  6. That's easy. On your exhaust manifold. Anything else would be uncivilised.
  7. Sandy, my suggestion is to start by making a roux out of a TBSP of the oil and a TBSP of flour. Then use probably half an egg yolk. If you can find double strength vinegar use that. Also, I think there's the tiniest bit of basil in MW. Very tiny, though.
  8. Daniel, my suggestion is very close to the liverwurst suggestions. Braunschweiger, rye, and thinly sliced onion. Good, good sandwich. Real good.
  9. No, it's just overused. Very similar to raspberries.
  10. That's not exactly true, jmolinari. Thermocouples, in order to be accurate to within 1% need to be calibrated. There are several methods of doing this, but boiling liquid is not the best, unless you want to do some neat math with the altitude and barometric pressure.
  11. I wouldn't expect a $15 digital thermometer to give you good results. If you want good control, get a quality liquid in glass thermometer for roughly the same amount. They don't get subjected to the vagaries of battery life like a digital thermometer does, so they tend to give more reproducible results.
  12. You can always order a new insert from the manufacturer. Of course, if you have a recirc type, that doesn't do nearly as much good.
  13. Does that mean we're back to the MW as personal lubricant question? Or will this go to a derivative of the birthday shot?
  14. Nah, Evil thinks it's delicious! 'Course, Evil can't punctuate...
  15. That wasn't planned obsolescence so much as slow design and changes due to hand-drafting and slide-ruling nearly everything. Metallurgy has come a long, long way since then. Ditto engine design and crafting.
  16. Recall that when they were called "service stations", cars definitely didn't have the long lives that modern cars have. Cars from that era have more in common with a push lawn mower motor than modern, fuel-injected, cup-holder laden comfo-cages. Also, with the proliferation of modern communications and debit cards, I'm relatively certain that most gas stations have priced their fuel accordingly. There's something about losing money that is frowned upon. But, they'll never turn down someone purchasing a $1.79 bladder-burster soda that gives them upwards of $1.50 profit. Ditto with the car washes.
  17. Hmm... I travel with... cash. Occasionally coffee. But, too many military years have rendered all food nutritious and filling, even if somewhat distasteful. But, if I were to have something always with me, it would be a thermos of good coffee.
  18. Second rec for Todai Sushi. It was a really good experience. ghost, you and I probably rubbed elbows on Waikiki. My wife and I were there from the 23rd through the 30th of May. If you have a military ID, one of the best deals on Waikiki is eating at any of the restaurants at Hale Koa. No-star prices, 4-star food. If you haven't a military ID, you can still use two of their snack shacks that are right there on Waikiki. Look for Ft Derussey, and if you can find that, you can find Hale Koa. Also, if you have a chance, go up to North Shore and have some fruit from the fruit shacks and shrimp from the shrimp shacks. You won't be disappointed.
  19. Condescension with mayo vs miracle whip is nothing like the condescension mrs. jsolomon gives with respect to Treet vs Spam. Now, that's a funny turn of events.
  20. That's true with the absorption of the energy, but the magnetron, the piece that actually creates the microwaves, is not particularly efficient. Nor is it tremendously inefficient. It just lives in a milquetoast world. But, if those professors were truly worried about the environment, they should live close to campus and walk to work. Because their cars are much worse for the environment by far. Of course, so is their always on internet connection.
  21. No, it's not hard. You just have to realize that anthropomorphosing toward non-human creatures is the unethical act. When you treat a pig like a pig instead of a human, you stop having those problems. But, I would tend to not eat dog because they run too much. Makes for tough, stringy meat. Likewise, I would not eat a marathon runner.
  22. To my understanding, flour tortillas are a Tex-Mex thing. When Germans moved in, they had already had maize brought back to the old world, which contracted pollagra and then discounted maize as strictly animal fodder. Of course, with my German background, I find it difficult to eat most but the exceptionally charming tortilla de maiz, so I make my enchiladas with flour tortillas. Traditional, no, but my family and friends like it, so I continue. Forgive me, for I have sinned.
  23. Y'know, that line gets a little fuzzy west of the Mississippi. Nebraska wasn't even around when the Mason-Dixon line was. But tomatoes with anything other than hamburgers or salt and pepper? Blasphemy. MW on warm, tender roast beef is great, though.
  24. My parents have gone to light. It is so much more sweet, and so much less tangy that I can't stomach it. I'm sorry suzulightning, but light MW ain't MW.
  25. I only use mayo when I make it myself, so I'm firmly in the Miracle Whip camp. There's just nothing like it on a ham and cheese melt...
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