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  1. Second episode: much better than episode 1. The Duncan Hines history was a little hokey, and not going after the honey was very expected. However, the brain sandwich bit was spectacular. I could just see smoke pour out of his ears as he attempted to not say bad things about it right there at the tavern. Good stuff.
  2. Oh yeah. Monday morning. I'm motivated.
  3. Can you blame him? If I had AB's cache with TVFN, I'd sure as heck pitch a motorcycle road-trip to them. Memo: To me, remember to pitch motorcycle road-trip to DW.
  4. Dean, growing peach trees will be a great exercise. But, in the six or so years it may take them to be fruitful, I'm supporting the "make a friend". And, don't forget that there are legal precedents for you to be able to harvest fruit that hangs across the property line between you and your neighbors.
  5. Ozarka is awesome. The last time I had it, I looked at that particular gallon's origin... Kansas City (or some Kansas town) municipal water supply. As for what C. sepidus said, I think they RO first, and then they exchange.
  6. Uhh, you are talking about ion exchance, C. sapidus. Reverse osmosis is generally done through a semi-permeable membrane. Ion-exchange is done using and exchange resin in a bed. Completely different animals. Unfortunately, I know painfully little about semi-permeable membranes.
  7. SSB's? It seems to me that making a vaccine to have the body attack one of its own hormones could have pretty severe implications. There ought to be a better way to down-regulate the production of ghrelin than simply having the immune system attack and destroy it. But, being someone who works in biotech on vaccines, I do take umbrage at the term "Franken-science". Especially given the normal issuances from media covering science. U.F.T., mostly. Again, I am forced to ask, what is wrong with good old exercise and moderation?
  8. jsolomon


    Many physicians are surreptitiously recommending that their patients take *ahem* contraband to assist with the nausea associated. Special brownies may help...
  9. I watched it. A show of that genre, if it wasn't Alton Brown to Anthony Bourdain, I doubt I would watch it. Also, if by some magic of computers, Alton Brown were replaced with Jessica Simpson nude, I wouldn't watch it. I watch it because I like Alton. It didn't seem to be groundbreaking, or that terribly interesting. But, it was a good break from writing application essays for med school! I was also a little disappointed that Alton introduced his support team, but then they get uber-short shrift with the microphone time. Ditto with their restaurant-choosing decision conversations. I'd li
  10. It happens to people on Atkins because they don't have sufficient intake of glucose for their bodies to stay out of glucose debt. Then what happens is a process called gluconeogenesis where the body takes fats and proteins and makes glucose to fuel the brain (other parts of the body are much more agnostic about their energy sources). But, the volatile acids and sulfur compounds formed during gluconeogenesis do smell bad. But, it just indicates that they are in a longer-lasting-than-most glucose debt. Not any other sort of lack of nutrition.
  11. Heh, your coworker is in ketosis! See if he stinks, too! Those are sure signs that his body is breaking down itself to make sure he has enough calories. What I'd recommend for him is to get a little electric tea kettle and boil eggs in it at work. That always did the trick for me when I was living with a vegetarian girlfriend.
  12. Actually, it doesn't even take an enzyme, if I recall correctly. Simply being dissolved in water, the "invert" form is a lower energy, so the sugar takes that form. However, it does take time, or heat.
  13. I hope you recognize the pun in there, tenderfoot.
  14. I think him getting thrown a beatin by the Marine Captain would have been really good FOX quality reality TV! Comeon Bobby, take one for the team. -Mike ← Hmm, it seems a little contrived to me. You know, kind of like the Marine 1st Sergeant takes the producer aside and has a little chat about who should win and why. Of course, the 1st Sergeat wants to make sure things are properly witnessed, so he wisely brings along the medic--an impartial member of the Navy. I'm sure it was a very collegial chat, and that a compromise was met, of sorts. Of course, I think Marines are loveable lugs
  15. But, fermentation is a living process done by live bacteria and yeasts, so it still matches. However, I'm not sure about sandwiches, unless they're made with bread dough.
  16. I don't think that the Raw Food Diet has room for tetrapyloctomy, cdh...
  17. I tend to have five sources where I gain information about beans. The first two reside side-by-side, protected by little fleshy flaps that do a thing called "blinking" to keep them moist. I believe those who speak English call them "eyes". The next two lie a little bit more central and just below--my nares. The final item lies below my hard palate and between my teeth--my tongue. Edit to add: remember, there is no shame in occasionally purchasing bad coffee as long as you learn from the purchase. You shouldn't be bothered by branching out to new suppliers.
  18. jsolomon

    Wine Wars

    ...drink my breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  19. jsolomon

    Hens and Cocks

    Well, given that I don't think chicken sexuality matters as much here as chicken sex... I'm going to ignore the question you asked and answer the question you meant to ask. If it is a well-raised chicken, i.e. one that scratched in the ground and ate bugs and the like, it may matter to some extent. However, if it is a supermarket-purchased, factory-farm-raised bird that has never had the chance to reproduce, there won't be a difference between the sexes.
  20. Grignard epinards--now with more magnesium!
  21. I think non compos mentos might be more apt ← Don't be hatin' on the Michaelis-Menten equation
  22. With jus, dear. With au jus is redundant.
  23. Is that right? I had read that it is big in California. I hear a lot about Woody eating all raw, this raw chef dude Chad Sarno being a bit of a superstar, and raw restaurants opening by the dozen. Thanks for the responses - I have ordered Nina Planck's book as instructed and will be reading it with great interest. These are the main reasons cited for eating raw 1. Raw food is more easily digested. 2. Life force (as seen through Kirlian photography) of raw food is beneficial. 3. Increased levels of energy and health. 4. Reduces strain on pancreas as body does not need to produce enzymes to dige
  24. Alton Brownies Spotted Dick Feynman Max Plancked Salmon Michaelis Mentos
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