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  1. I like the Jacks country kitchen idea...Maybe we can have an e-gullet dining out in the next couple of weeks...That would make a great column, plus I have been dying for some good chicken fried steak.... What days are best for all you guys?.....Mondays and weekends are good for me...i am also good for lunches most days of the week but Mondays are best because I can leave the kids with the wife (they are small) Lets do it!
  2. Chris Cognac

    Smoked chickens

    Make a sanwhich with the breast meat..With some good smokey cheese and crisp bacon....Maybe on some sourdough or some soft herb bread...you could make some good soup to go with it...Or maybe put some on top of a cool salad with some apple peices and crumbled stilton.....
  3. I love the show, its fun and quirky.. Alton is a little different then most of the boring FN hosts. I really liked the Island show..
  4. I am looking for some places in the L.A. Harbor area to write about as I seem to have been neglecting that area....I am writing my column now on Issac's burritto's in Wilmington...across from the ILWU union hall...great stuff!....So does anyone have any suggestions for me to go and check out in the harbor area....noting fancy as I will leave that to Merril Schindler....mom and pop places and small shacks/stands are great! maybe if we find a place we can have an "e gullet" get together at the place and I will use that for my column...what do you think?
  5. Chris Cognac, what a great name! It makes you sound like the dark-eyed, smouldering type.
  6. I saw the promo's for it, looks pretty decent..I like him cause he seams somewhat "regular" and has a love of authentic food...Plus he is a fat guy that wears shorts (like me)...But he is not bald, so he cant be as cool as me!
  7. Ok...I get this game, what a blast...how can I look up the names or do I have to be around long enough to remember them? Bye the way...Cognac is my actual name...People always think its a pen name! I sure wish I was somehow related to the whole "Cognac" thing in France...and besides Brandy, there is a style of shoes called "Chris Cognac".....I found that out while doing a name search on myself on the net to see what comes up.
  8. Anyone try "aye carumba"...Its a neat little family place in the hills...The view is amazing, along with the grilled Lobster....Also the Guacamole is awesome....usually made by one of the children tableside....few things better than that!
  9. Ask the local Cop's...They should be able to fill you in on a bunch of places...I have a Japanese TV crew flying with me in the helicopter tonight..I will ask them if they know of anything.
  10. HI all...I'm Chris' partner here at HPD. I know the friggin town of Monroe and have put out an APB for good eateries. This is what I've gotten so far. DeAngelos.....Italian food.... HOT TIP: calzones Tokoyo....Tepan style Japanese cuisine w/ sushi bar Mohawk Seafood Tavern.....duh, SEAFOOD!!! Sorry, no addresses but Monroe isn't all that big and 411 can get the info you need. Check back later for more ideas. Scott
  11. Wow, Chris! Great site! BTW, What's a Hawaiian breakfast?
  12. This topic is right up my alley!...Try getting away from the beach and east of Aviation for some great hidden treasures...Gardena Bowling alley has the best Hawaiian style breakfasts...its on Vermont Ave....Las Hamacas has great authentic southern mexican food (mole' and stuff like that). Its at Prairie and Marine. Rizzo's pizzaria is a family place in Torrance that has all you can eat pizza, pasta, salad and the best garlic/butter bread sticks every Sun-Mon for 6 bucks.. I have a bunch of places reviewed on my site, take a look as there is a good selection of places...oh yea, havana mania in Redondo on Marine is awesome as well....the best Lechon Asado (garlic pork) around!
  13. Oh my god, I totally forgot about those....Damn,now I am gonna have to go and get one! Man they sure are good!
  14. Nope, it was the Hyatt Regency. Holiday Inns would never be that daring. (And now it's a bar in the hotel, which isn't the Hyatt...called "The Pinnacle" or something.) I had one of the best days of my life in Nashville, and it all started with a ride in a black Porsche, which took me to lunch at the Hyatt. Oooh la la. Who remembers the food? Nashville is a great town, with some great places to eat. I sure miss Cracker Barrel and Waffle house for those interstate highway breakfasts!..I loved walking along the market street area and going to all the neat places.
  15. My partner at work has a bunch of buddies there, I will ask him in the morning.
  16. I used to eat at a great revolving place in Nashville, I think it was at a holiday inn downtown...also you cant beat the view at night from the Stratoshpere in Vegas!
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