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  1. Seeing as it only costs about $5-$10000 to produce one of these episodes before they pay the talent, I doubt FTV actually pays another $90000 to the chef. Not in Canada, anyways. ← You have to figure in editing, music etc....it might not be 100k but I imagine at least 40-50k...100k is for stuff like the travel shows and food network challenge etc... I am positive that the chef is actually making a paultry sum....
  2. Its a storyline....a show needs one in order to be produced....executive are not going to give 100k per episode to someone who just says "well, we are gonna cook something"....they want to know exactly what they are getting for the money...and they need a "hook" for everything that is done..
  3. To each his own I guess.....just goes to show how difficult it is to make and program food television....
  4. I love Rob Rainfords show and want whatever house they shoot it at...what a great pool house in the background....I like his energy and love for food....
  5. Actually the Good Eats stuff used to be done at a house, but now its done at Altons "Be Square" compound in Atlanta...from what I understand it is quite large with a test kitchen, good eats sets and thhe whole 9 yards....I think I recall one of his guys telling me it was around 2.5 acres....which to me is huge (since I am from L.A.)
  6. Damn...i was wondering why I had never heard of that place....I guess it is a little off my "beat" Officer Chris Cognac Hawthorne Police Dept.... Hawthorne California!
  7. Giada's show has been shot at several different homes during its run...they lease the home for the duration off the shoot and the occupants move out.....but than this is L.A. and that is not that uncommon. Hell, if they want my 1951 3 bed tract home behind the Toyota HQ that would be great....I would even throw in my 1951 wedgewood stove/oven complete with griddle
  8. The chicken was soggy from the lackluster gravy thrust on top of the contents of the bowl.....it just lacked any flavor at all.....as well as texture....it was all kind of "gloppy"...plus I now have a massive "saturated fat" headache...I can actually feel the fat particles swirlling around in my bloodstream....I have to go do a shooter of niacin now to try and regain the 3 days I just cut off my life by eating the Famous Bowl.... ugghh...... But, there were 3 "healthy" ladies who came in after me and they were so excited to eat the gravy bowl.....they loved it judging by the smiles.... I am a "Fat Guy" and am usually a big fan of anything fried and gravy
  9. Is anyone going to eat this thing and report back?....Dammit, I will go do it myself....stand by...its 0830 now, I will eat one for lunch.....for the team!
  10. what about Cliftons cafeteria? a classic downtown.....
  11. Chris Cognac

    Ziploc omelet

    Awesome, I am totally trying it!
  12. you have to understand that most likely she has already tasted the dish prior to the actual filming....the one she is eating is freezing cold....but was made for the camera...
  13. Wow didnt know it was on a good eats episode...I thought I was getting some good "secret knowledge" oh well....I am still to chicken to try it and ruin a good steak...maybe I can try it with a cheap steak first that way it wont cost me that much to "fry" a few in the process...
  14. I was talking with a friend this week who is a popular food guy on tv....anyway, he had told me about how he cooks tri tip and steaks directly on the hot coals after blowing them clean with a blow dryer...I thought it was strange but he swears its an awesome method....I am too scared to try it for fear of ruining a nice steak....I think the key is the right wood used in the heating...
  15. I imagine he is working his ass off for Ramsey at the moment and thats why he has such a low profile...
  16. Chris Cognac

    Chicken salad

    cheddar cheese, apples, red bell pepper, celery and macadamia nuts...with mrs dash "garlic and herb" blend and grated parmesan cheese, then kens italian dressing...let it sit for a few hrs in the fridge...oh yea
  17. I would try for Peru/Japanese stuff....El Pollo Inka here in L.A. is awesome...you can get chicken fried rice made with soy sauce and an order of Lomo Saltado...oh yea...and that amazing green Aji sauce!!!!
  18. Pho/Crack...same thing in my book...only Pho is legal thank god!
  19. Chris Cognac

    Roast Pork

    Damn, I am roasting a pork loin as we speak....and didnt see this thread first!
  20. I like Tylers Ultimate and have made the beef stew from the show a few times, its great...I thought the meatloaf things were funny as well.... Its going to be interesting to see what Guy's show looks like and how much "edge" it will have....
  21. Alton is on the road as we speak...he is filming the show through the middle of May.....I know its been a project/dream of his for some time and I am glad he is getting to do it.. Now onto NFNS..I think Guy was the best....he had charisma and good camera presence...but dont get me wrong I like reggie too.
  22. Yes, but sadly, I suspect many audience members would actually be learning something new by this, seemingly elementary, bit of information.Although entertaining, I must submit that I have fallen prey to the sound of the FN jumping on the "reality show" bandwagon... I'd be curious to know how many of you eGulleters have watched last year's winners', the "Hearty Boys" on their show "Party Line with the Hearty Boys?" I have to admit, I've not seen a single episode, so I can't comment (it overlaps with Sunday church and I haven't bothered to tape it...). Does anyone know if the FN plans to keep it another season, or is it to be replaced by the new winner? u.e. ← I have seen it, its not bad, its a nice easy show to watch. I heard when I was at Iron Chef that they got 26 more episodes this year....
  23. Queer Eye was shooting in Vegas a few weeks ago.
  24. I have to admit I snuck a few peaks at it yesterday, but than changed to "world wildest police shootouts"! Man can Tom Arnold sweat!.....Its a train wreck at best and is so over produced it hurts....its just cheesy and sort of feels "slimey" at the same time....but alas, I did watch some of it....it does seam like a giant promo/product placement for country crock and G.E..
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