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  1. I think next month...Iwill try to find out, I know that they finished the audio dubs and stuff last month....I am dying to see it! My show starts Oct 17th if all goes well.... Chris
  2. you forgot the glamor of eating at burger king alone at 1030 pm, cause nothing else is open and you hav been travelling all day....oh the glamor of it all! We leave for NYC on the 14th and go to DC from there...looks like we are doing Fatty Crab, Bleeker St Pizza, a curry place Ann Burrel (from Iron Chef) told me about, some underground sushi joint and one other place....
  3. I saw it!!! That was so cool...now I am getting excited, but I still have 4 shows to film, plus voice over stuff...its looking like Vegas is going to be the first show...you guys will get to see that Chicken Fried Lobster...oh yea, that was good!
  4. I like it, its different, kinda like Miami Ink for cakes....
  5. Wow, I have heard from one other person that ad's were running....what did they look like, I have not seen one yet and am dying too....please do tell....even though its my show I am usually the last person to know anything about it....oh and did you like the ad? Chris
  6. We made it out ok..the storm was a let down....we filmed during the entire thing....as for the first show....its between Vegas, Philly, Boston or Atlanta.... gotta sleep....just got off the plane home
  7. We leave Miami for home in a few hrs...WE do DC and NYC the week of the 18th and then a few weeks after in mid Oct we do Houston and Chicago and thaats it...yea! I am so tired, this filming stuff is actually work...plus we filmed a damn segment right through Ernesto...but damn that place was great (canela, a neat strip mall tapas place)...we did Sango Jamaican-Chinese yesterday to wrap the shoot up.....I cant belive I have been on the road for 17 day and 4 cities....whew! Dont forget, the show starts Oct 17 at 1030 pm...the promo's should start showing up on food net soon
  8. we were going to check out el pollo inka, but I am saving it for my show!
  9. we are doing DC in October and I ate the Chili Sunday at Blvd Diner along with a bite of the goat cheese burger, a fried pickle and the crab cake sliders...it was a great segment and the chef could be my brother we look so much alike...it was strange....We are in Miami, shot 14 hrs today trying to beat the hurricane that is coming....still have 2 places to shoot....I am beat as its day 15 of 12 hr shoot days....plus the sun is kicking my ass...we do alot of driving scenes in a convertable....being a bald guy that is not a good thing...but it looks cool!
  10. thanks so much gang...we are shooting in miami now , racing the oncoming hurricane
  11. its going great..we went to charelstons cafe, blvd diner and bowens island yesterday and fig today....all are amazing, we are headed out for great bbq in the morning.....let me tell y ou bowens island was a trip...thanks to holly moore for that hot tip....amazing oysters and frogmore stew...plus the owner is the leading candidate for Lt Gov in SC....it was as low country as it gets...you guys will love it...the mix of food in the show is great!
  12. Dude, tell em about the Mary Chungs dumplings...I am still craving those....even after shooting 3 restaurants today (and you know what thats like)!!!! Are you going to be part of the NYC crew?
  13. Wow thanks....now I have to see it even more!...damn I have been waiting for months to see it and cant....arrgh! ← Chris - I've been working from 7:30a-6p, then from 9pm to 1am every day for over a week on 3 engineering projects, and didn't get a chance to watch this episode until tonight. You are my HERO my friend! Not only are you a real-life Hero as an officer, but your ability to present good eats to AB was just awesome. You are the most memorable personality AB visits on the entire series. AB lives up this way, and I wish I could have joined his tour on my own motorcycle. But I couldn't have taken that much time off from my work. I'm sorry you missed the episode - I live in north ATL and wish you would have publicized your presence here. I coulda bought you a Sweetwater beer, or a donut from one of the oldest Krispy Kreme's, on Ponce de Leon. However, since it's too late for that, I recorded the episode on my DVR/DVD recorder, and I would be happy to peel you off a copy if you want to PM me. GREAT SHOW! ← Thank you so much....I loved Atlanta and the great food a well as the great people...I did manage to stop byAltons studio and grab a copy...it was fun to watch and sure was a blast to film....
  14. that is a great tip, Andrew, can you check this out for us? Our crew just finished Atlanta (best show yet) and are heading to the airport in 5 mins to go to Charelston...hope to meet some of you eG folks there...then its Miami baby!
  15. its run by his son Lenn, we shot it today and the chicken was great...
  16. Wow thanks....now I have to see it even more!...damn I have been waiting for months to see it and cant....arrgh!
  17. It was a total blast...i have not see the show yet, my hotel in Atlanta does not get food net...uggh!
  18. We are going to both sons place and mary mac's...I think we found a place in "six feet under" with the "fried rats toes" (shrimp stuff, bacon wrapped jalapenos)....We just shot Ria's bluebird and Harolds BBQ today...whew, long 12 hr day at that..
  19. We got into Atlanta today to film an episode of my new food network show and we need to find something "different"...We did "chicken fried lobster" in Vegas and the foood net execs loved it and want us to find something along the same lines in Atlanta....any ideas? We will be here for 4 more nights... Chris
  20. I am off at 6 am Tues to NYC and filming in Chinatown some promos for the network, then its off to Atlanta, Charelston and Miami...hope to meet some of you guys along the way....Saw the footage from Steve prince of steaks....that last shot through the window was so cool....eG folks have been awesome so far and we have manged to get 4 eG people in the first 2 shows....more to come!
  21. I think we are staying in Miami this time, maybe a stop in Hialiah ....thanks fo the offer though! Chris
  22. Jay, can you pm andrew hurvitz and tell him about yourself...he has some posts up thread a bit and is part of the production team....I am only spending 2 days at home and am off to NYC for some promo shoots than off to atlanta, charelston and miami...whew
  23. We have had Andrew from right here on eG with us all week and he has been awesome! We are gonna try and put him on TV today...that will make 4 eG folks so far on the show....Andrew has been posting the pics....off to go shoot the Mary Chungs segment..
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