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  1. We almost got in a fight there when I went w the chefs while I was filming the pilot for Hungry Detective...some drunk idiot lookin for a brawl.....we used out better judgment and left after the martini's....its an interesting place to say the least!
  2. The guy in the pizza segment was a cop...he had a badge and gun on...I actually worked cases w him....we put a kiddy porn guy in jail a few years ago....he did a bunch of stakeouts in the freezing cold based on information I had....ended up working out great...so I had to put him in the show.... Chi town is a pretty city that is for sure!
  3. I need to find out if anyone makes a PA Zinfandel. I am doing a demo at the PA farm show and want to use a Zin for my grilled Tri Tip. Anyone have any info on Zins?
  4. Great Job.....I only got to catch the last bit but was impressed! Now tell us, how did you end up being chosen to compete?
  5. We are tossing the idea around to film at the moment....I am so going to freeze my ass off....gotta find some friends w mulled wine and brats inthe parking lot.... I found a place called "packertime.com" that has some kick ass jackets and stuff... Now boots....I have some I wear at work....they are thourohgood....I dont know how those will work...are boots good? Chris
  6. Would that be the Double Down? they have Bacon martinis....rancid tasting! Total Dive...its on Koval I think, near UNLV...I went there w some Chefs from Guy Savoy and Bradley Ogden.....wow....live punk band....Bourdain had mentioned he went there....its much like the place he drinks at in NYC....worth the trip just to see it...
  7. I do know that the geeks who do the site are locted in a cave in New Jersey somewhere (FN HQ is in NYC) I think they are trying to update it w new features etc....I suggested doing some internet stuff like a "blog" while filming....but it went nowhere....I know we did film many segments for the internet but dont know what will come of them....I think itts a matter of finding a format and then introducing it to the public... On another note, I actually dont have much of a problem (except some videos) on FN.com but I use a Mac and that might be it... On another note, Chicago is Tuesday...I have not seen it but my producer Sean thinks its one of the top 2 shows...so should be fun to watch....plus there is a cool "real story" in the show.... Oh yea, Shirts etc....we dont have or get any shirts etc from FN, there is virtually no product to purchase....that said, I was thinking of getting some cool baseball jerseys and t shirts made up on cafepress....coomplete w secret meanings etc....our show is like the masons...tons of hidden stuff! The guys at work are digging the show.....we usually watch it Weds morning in the Det conference room....everyone gets really hungry and then pissed off at me! I get lots of requests for "special dinners etc" from the guys who want to propose, celebrate etc....so I make calls for them which is neat....alot of the Vegas and L.A. chefs take good care of my friends...its funny as many of my fellow cops have not done the fine dining thing....its different to say the least... I took the young Vegas Officer and his wife along w Martha and I for a tasting menu over 3 restaurants in Vegas....they hung w us for 17 courses...it was so funny to watch Eric (Vegas cop) try and figure out what stuff was and how to eat it....
  8. Hey gang, I managed to score 2 tickets to the Dec 16th Packers game and am flying out there w a buddy (fellow food writer) Sat the 15th. I figured we would get a nice dinner Sat night, maybe some wine before our freezing cold Bratwurst adventure Sunday. We are staying in Green Bay (four points Hilton), does anyone have suggestions etc? Tailgating, how would we go about this....bring trinkets and gift and try and make nice w the natives? Cold....ok, I dont even own a jacket....what do I need to buy/bring Thanks in advance.... PS I am wearing flip flops and a Hawaiian shirt today...its 82
  9. We hit Houston, I think it airs in 2 weeks...Chicago is next, then either Houston or Charleston and then my home town of L.A. (which we hit all my fav spots).
  10. Just so you folks know....they read EVERY e mail that comes into the network....so if you like it, and even if you dont, go ahead and e mail cause they really do listen to what people have to say...
  11. That place was amazing huh! We (my wife and I dined at the same time as Russell) enjoyed our meal and the entire experience, Frank Savoy and Adam Sobel run an amazing operation.
  12. I am not a lefty, but do some things left handed...like eat, play hockey (but not golf).... The Lobster roll was great, one of the best I have had....much better than the legal seafood one I had this weekend in Boston...I really really liked DC, which is cool because I had only heard bad things about it and really didnt want to go there....I had such a great experience doing this show and learned about so many great new places and people....it was a lot of work but an amazing experience.... I have to admit, I do eat a lot of lobster in the show....but hey, who can blame me, wouldnt you eat it too!
  13. That was so good...I ate the whole thing and they had to make another to shoot for the camera!
  14. Dave, so glad you guys could make it to the shoot and that we got to meet up. The shoot lasted till 1030 pm....I just got back to the hotel ad we have to shoot again at 745 am....uggh... I guess I can say that the show has grown in the ratings and that we came in first out of the travel block shows last tues night on food net. I cant say enough thanks for all the help that all of you folks here at eG have given me in this. Several of you made great guests and helped us so much w research and the like. I think we (eG folks, foodies etc) have shown the power of food lovers, bloggers and food forums to the network and really made a great show that we can be proud of.... Thanks so much to all of you! Chris
  15. I am 38 and still working...I just got into Charleston from Boston...its almost midnight...we shoot a ton of stuff starting at 8 am.....till about 11 pm...then up at 730 to shoot another scene...then off to the airport, fly to Philly to connect w my plane back to L.A. which I hope will arrive at 10 pm....then I work at the police station at 6 am....I am leading a double life...and its taking its toll thats for sure!
  16. Russell, great shots...I am packing the suitcase in Boston and flying to Charleston in 2 hrs....cheers, Chris PS we filmed a chocolate segment this morning....I thought Iwas going to explode!
  17. I dont think theyhave it set for another run...I did like the 930 pm friday after 40 DD time slot....e mail food net and tell em to put it on again...they really read those e mails!
  18. yea ...the waitress....no comment!!! The BBQ was really good, and the burger amazing....I love the NYC show, itwas fun to shoot and I think it showed..funny thing about the intro...remember when the shot of me in times square with the background spinning.....you should have seen the crew behind the camera trying to run in a circle behind the camera guy to avoid being in the shot...it took 6 or 7 takes and was pretty funny to watch from the street!
  19. i was not supposed to be in Feasting....but when Alton called after he crashed we figured this would be a way to continue filming the show and still have it interesting, I already had a deal w food net at the time, but had done research for Alton during the last year for his upcoming trip....you know, the cop stuff.... I have a great shot of us eating that giant burger on my computer background here at the station... Paul...I just sent you an e mail....
  20. Yea, they are seated in the box the whole time...there is also another set of bleachers off camera near where Alton is...
  21. It took us a while to find the happy medium, trust me it was not easy....eating in front of a camera and then talking is one of the most difficult things I have done on camera....I did throw some of the cracklin bread into the brunswick stew but it didnt make it in....we are pretty pressed for time with the food shot, storyline, intro's and city stuff...all for 5 places in 21 mins....it must be so much easier to shoot only 3 places instead... We have enough footage in any city for a 1 hr show easy...
  22. I think we just lucked out w the crunch...but my wireless mike is pinned just under the 1st button of the shirts so its pretty close....plus our sound guy, Rick Brush is the man! We are going to watch it at 930...my family has not seen it yet... We film at Rizzo's Pizza in Torrance at lunchtime and the Ragun Cajun at dinner tommorow if anyone want to check it out here in L.A.
  23. We will just have to see what the hell we come up with....it is good that we dont have any rules per say as far as eating goes.....I can go high end or low end....I try to do a mix of both
  24. I think he uses agbabar or ababar he has a neat web site called the gentleman gourmand...
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