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  1. Very interesting, at least as a non native English speaker that often wonder about different words with similar meanings, and the differences between them. In Spanish (at least in the Spanish spoken in Spain) we have the word viscera with the same meaning as you posted in English. Let's say is more a biological term (like inner organs, but of course, it excludes brain; for example, for us, visceras means all inner organs inside our trunk). We have a different word, casqueria, that means... well, anything is not a steak or or just meat... it includes visceras like liver, kidney, stomach, but others like the brain, tongue, eyes, testicles, trotters and so on. Not sure about marrow... Casqueria is a word essentially used when referring to food. Maybe just the equivalent to offal.
  2. farcego

    Dinner 2022

    This actually a well known brand in Spain, normally easy to find in the shelves of supermarkets. I have try other products from them, not that one, and they are nice.
  3. Very nice thread. I love goat as it is stewed in Lanzarote. Normally in Spain you don't get adult goat, rather young ones (cabrito). I am curious that you seems to have not have morena (moray), wich is something I also considered typical of the Canary islands (I have it in Lanzarote) cheers
  4. are those ones delivered by a kind of supersonic deer, or just they have its meat? (or maybe it is a local brand with that name?)
  5. I sometimes do them as you do, but I have never stab them, and never had an issue.
  6. Unbranded, really expensive anchovies, with maize bread, garlic, and a kind of Camembert made in the Pyrenees.
  7. Restaurante "La Salita", in Valencia has high praises from some of my friends. I have not been in Valencia for > 25 years. She was the winner of the 1st edition of Top Chef Spain (but Begoña's reputation as a cook came earlier that the trophy) website (in english): https://www.anarkiagroup.com/salita-eng
  8. Kind of have the same feeling. Actually, I have seen a few Pates for cats looking (and smelling) better than some manufactured and sold for humans. Didn't try at that time, But I would try the cat stuff if any chance in the future. Nice score the piparras BTW, they are often refereed as land "shrimps" (langostinos de ibarra)
  9. Sorry to hear you are in a hospital, hope you are free to go the sooner. I have very limited experience with hospital meals, but it is nice that even with the current restrictions at place, you are allowed to get delivered food from outside. Certainly not when my father "served" some months almost 30 years ago (they wouldn't actually let me in as I was allegedly too young, if we didn't knew some nurses there - my mother best friend) I am not sure if they will let you get some ostriches delivered to your room, it would be funny (and funky)
  10. My life summarized in a a few seconds....
  11. Well, I am sure you check some images search. The thing is that in north spain we don't cock or mix... Squid or cuttlefish is done, rice is done too, but independently, it is mixed for the time to eat (and I would expect it is the same procedure with pasta in italy). I strongly recommend you to do not cook with this tin of squid. In fact I am not sure if you know what you have. The tin is actually a real stew of large squids cut, in inked sauce (that's why I liked so much), it is not made to be mixed, but to be enjoyed, and you wont have baby squids inside, rather, chunks in the real sauce. I am back home next week, and if I am allowed to be with my parents (they don't know I am travelling home, it is a surprise, they may love to see me or rather send me to an hotel haha), I will report here in another thread, how the old woman make the inked stew of squid (We will use cuttlefish), because it is mandatory to be made if I am around my parent's place
  12. The most common way in Spain is with a cup of white rice. If you google for images "calamares en su tinta" (squid in its ink) you will see that many of the pictures have rice on the dish (without the need to incorporate "rice" on the images search). This is how I always had them at home, but I prefer cuttlefish in inked sauce than skid, because cuttlefish have large and thicker cuts of meat (my mother normally use cuttlefish of at least 2.5 Kilogram). I have realized a few pictures of the squid with fries, but I have never seen then that way in the wild (commonly in a stew with potatoes, but not with fries) cheers
  13. Honestly, I didn't expect much from it, but I hadn't had any blue cheese for maybe 3 weeks and abstinence syndrome was strong. And I was surprise for this type of blue cheeses. I had it just without any companion, but it may go very well with some quince or sweet stuff. Probably, and I may try in the future, it will be a nice cheese to bake in the oven and then send a direct attack with bread toast straight to the top, xD.
  14. Yes. Blue mold is often injected
  15. I had to go to the doctor a few days ago, and there was an Aldi next to it. Inside I found a blue cheese, named Borgonzola. In an internet search the name came from a mix of Borgo (italian last name, the root of the makers) and gorgonzola. However, the cheese has nothing to do with gorgonzola, rather, with cambozola. It is more complex flavored than cambozola, and quite creamy. I found it in a single-doses wheel, wrapped in blue foil with the name and some information, but I see it can be found in bigger wheels, at cut (like cambozola). Most of the cheese as this one, often called blue brie in Australia, tend to disappoint me, however, I will happily purchase Borgonzola back. As you can see in the picture, the appearance actually remains cambozola and no gorgonzola, just like the taste does.
  16. That's the best squid in inked sauce tinned I have ever tried! I have pending to try the sardines from Gűeyu mar
  17. It is funny that in the first bought, I was prompted to say how I found the store. I stated I wasn't sure, but maybe I knew the store because it was mentioned in the canned sardines topic. Yes! it was a great experience, I think I already found my personal fish tin monger. I am finally going back to Spain in a couple of weeks but otherwise I would have been ordering more anchovies (and always more stuff, for minimizing mail post charges ). So here is my question for egullet'ers. Is there a good online retailer (preferably small, and close to DC, I live in Laurel, MD) with a good variety of cheese? specially blue and rinsed cheeses? You can help me stopping saving money while in the US ha-ha. I have no blue cheese available in a reasonable walking distance (1 hour), this is a no-no as it came second to anchovies for me.
  18. Going back to the main topic of this thread, I want to share two recent online shoppings: A lot of seafood from rainbowtomatoesgarden. A lot of anchovies from my very own county, some special stuff like cocochas from Hake (manufactered by schoolfriends), but also stuff I wanted to give a go like sturgeon. My experience with two shoppings is above my expectations. I attach also a picture with some labeling. I love that they state clearly with a label in any anchovy tin that it must be kept refrigerated, but also they put labels on the boxes outside, stating that there is seafood inside, and the labels are custom for each package. In the first, it show anchovies (main product of my cart), in the second, sturgeon (main product of the cart). I will soon place a new order
  19. I was told by a mate living in France that there were a big shortage and limited availability of mustard in France. I don't understand why French people have not go back to their old traditions and use once more the famous Guillotine Another product that is expecting to have shortages after this season is Olive oil. Spain, the main producer worldwide is under severe drought, and some people has even said that the production may drop up to 70%. So, even if (hopefully) the drop is smaller, I would expect similar reductions at least around the Mediterranean basin, where the climatic conditions are similar, and where the most of olive oil is produced.
  20. Hola Umar (aqui un Cantabro desde los US). Please tell us more. do you met Jordi Roca? I read somewhere that his disease already prevent him to even speak in a normal way. All the three Roca brothers have a great reputation inside the profession, but also outside it, but I am sure there is nothing like spending all the time there may show a personal and often distinctive opinion. Also, now, what are your next plans? Still hang around in Spanish restaurants or maybe spend some years overseas? cheers
  21. My mother had breast cancer many years ago, and the surgery damaged her muscles (she even had to sell her manual car and purchase an automatic one). When I saw your post, I searched the gadget in Amazon Spain and purchased for her, because she struggles a lot when opening bottles, even with a specific multitask kitchen tool she purchased years ago. So thank you for sharing this (I would never ever had thought that such gadgets exists), you made an old woman very happy and placed a middle aged kid back into the good books
  22. I just found this story in tweeter: https://hakaimagazine.com/news/130-year-old-menus-show-how-climate-change-is-already-affecting-what-we-eat/ But I don't have access to the oroginal research article: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10641-022-01244-6 Not sure what to think before reading the full paper and see how they worked other aspects like increase of transport, refrigeration, and global fishing fleet.
  23. I used to keep a few large and beautiful shells of oyster and scallops. They can be used for cook individual rations in the oven, or present small, individual units of seafood/soups/creams or other stuff in the table in a fashionable way. Specifically, almost all the scallops I had in the past available to buy where processed, out of the shell. So I kept shells from the ones gifted by my predatory friends during the recreational fishing season and used them with the commercial ones.
  24. farcego

    Breakfast 2022

    Your previous posts regarding smoking sturgeon triggered me to find some (its meat is becoming slowly available back in Spain due the farms for caviar). Didn't found smoked meat like yours, but natural (in water) and liver, from Armenia. They should arrive around noon by today
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