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  1. Thank you @Kim Shook@kaybind @TdeVfor welcoming me As a funny fact of myself, I can say that when I was around 5 years old, I already loved blue cheese, anchovies, snails, and the treats I would ask to my parents if we were in a bar after one day at the beach where always sour, strong flavored, like bitter soft drinks (bitter kas) or banderillas (pickled baby cucumber, guindilla (Spanish green pickled chile) pickled pepper and olives). when I reached ~10 years old, almost any timnle I would go for dinner out with my parents, I would order steak tartare if available. Yes, manchego is one of the most international cheeses from Spain. There are plenty of them. Where I belong (Cantabria) the best known cheese is Picon bejes tresviso, a strong blue cheese similar to Cabrales and Valdeon (all three are made in the same mountain range, which is split between three autonomous communities, and each one has its cheese and they are different each other). We have other cheeses like "queso de nata" (caw milk, soft cheese), "quesucos lebaniegos" (hard, small ones made often with goat milk) plus more recently added ones with the growth of small artisan cheesemakers. I particularly like from cheesemakers La Jarradilla, the cheese named "Queso divirin", soft paste with really earthy and mushrooms scents form the darkish rind. Cheers Fer
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    Dinner 2021

    Well, that's an amazing dinner, amazing, but I would say the trout may be steel-head? [also known as ocean trout, fjord trout etc....]. From the picture I doubt it would be an arctic char, and I have fish some chars while in Norway. Never seen chars in Spanish restaurants, even if they were introduced in some lakes around Spain decades ago, thankfully it didn't work well
  3. farcego

    Dinner 2021

    Spanish omelette [obviously with caramelized onion 😍] and Salmorejo [Spanish cream based on tomatoes and bread], with an Australian tempranillo red wine.
  4. Hello there!! I am Fer and in a Spanish born food passionate. Being born in the cantabric coast of Spain, I love fine seafood, stews, and meat. I also have lived in other parts of Spain, like Segovia (famous for the roasted piglets among other stuff). As being a wildlife biologist, I have spent last years abroad, some years in Norway and lately in the apple island (Tasmania). I then have shared home with people with diverse backgrounds like Zimbabwe, Egypt, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Nigeria or Mexico, which have also impact me on the cooking way. My main interests are linked to cheeses, and in general meats and seafood. I also like nice drinks (beers and also wines like galician mencias or godellos) but so far they are for me a nice add to a fine food (of course it may change at some point) cheers Fer
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