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  1. Ok, just for the record, I think anyone who thinks that Rachel Ray is the culinary equivalent of Sandra Lee needs to be tied down and forced to watch every episode of Semi-Homemade Cooking ever. You'll be BEGGING for Rachel after the first fifteen minutes. I um...kinda like Rachel. She's perky and cute.
  2. Updates (you all rock!) Zabar's has what they think may be just the thing, one stainless steel "tumbler" and one glass "tumbler" that fit together. Gracious Home had no idea what I was talking about after I described it thrice in words of fewer than three syllables. Chefs Warehouse Supply was recommended to me privately, and definitely has it. I'm going to tentatively declare "mission accomplished" for now (but won't change my clothes, as I look awful in a flight suit). K
  3. Tried 'em, no luck. Here are the places I have already called (should have put this in the original post) Williams Sonoma Bed Bath & Beyond (they have everything ELSE anyone could possibly need, though) Crate & Barrel Broadway Panhandler Bridge Kitchenware (they do have it, but are doing very limited business until their new store opens and that doesn't include selling me a Boston shaker, apparently) Pier 1 Fish's Eddy...and I called each location Kmart (long shot, but it was worth a try)
  4. Ok, anyone know where I can find a Boston Shaker in New York City...like...TODAY? a million thanks. Kathleen, who is stupid and put off finding the hardest thing till the last minute.
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    I don't mind saying that I was both shocked and appalled to see that Bruni only saw fit to give Alto two stars . The NY Sun reviews it today also (subscription only, or I'd post the link), and their experience was MUCH more in line with my own - I'd have called it a 3+ star experience, buckin' for four. But hey, who asked me, I only ate there. And intend to do so again as soon as I can afford it. K
  6. bergerka


    Went back to Regional on Monday night for a second visit, and I'm really pleased to say that it was just as good as the first time! There were three of us - we shared an order of the fontina fritters (much better than the first night), then I had the veal ravioli with sage butter (terrific ), one of my companions had the bigoli with duck ragù (also delicious - I love this sauce) and the other had sheep's milk ricotta ravioli with tomato sauce (the only minor disappointment - the tomato sauce was slightly too sweet and overwhelmed the delicate filling of the ravioli). We then shared among the three of us the lamb shank special (braised with mixed veggies). It was HUGE (plenty for three!), flavorful, juicy and really good...sort of a lamb pot roast, if you will. For dessert we had the lemon ricotta fritters, of course, and also tried the cheese plate (three cheeses - you can also get five for slightly more). While not as fabulous in quality as Celeste's amazing cheese plate, this was a hell of a deal for $9, a lot of quite good cheese (we had a six-month old pecorino, a stracchino - yum - and a gorgonzola dolce) and comes with honey and fig. Service was excellent - our waiter from last time was there, and remembered us, but this time we were served by a nice young woman (who was also willing to help me out when I asked her how, exactly, she got her hair to look EXACTLY THE WAY I WANT MINE TO LOOK!) who was attentive, cheerful and not afraid to tease Sam. I'm already looking forward to my next visit. Yay! K
  7. Chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes. No contest. Accept no substitutions. She also makes this rice dish with sour cream, jack cheese and green chilis that totally floats my boat. K
  8. Not to mention it's the ONLY place in NYC to go get brats to cook in beer for those all-important Green Bay Packer games on tv! K
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    I can't add much to Sam's description except to say that emmapeel, you are SO cool :cool:, and I cannot even tell you how excited we all are to have a place serving truly terrific, authentic Italian food in our 'hood. Not only that, the bartender didn't look funny at me when I ordered Campari and grapefruit juice. I'll be back at Regional on average once a week. I'll be the tall chick sitting at the bar drooling over the lemon ricotta fritters. Actually, I plan to go back there until I've tried everything on the menu, then start over again. Edited to add: one interesting thing, we got there about 6:10pm and it was pretty empty. By 7:20, every table was full, the bar was full and a small crowd was waiting outside. That's impressive for the location, frankly. :wub: K
  10. Hate to do a "me too" post, but I just have to agree wholeheartedly - this is the best hot-weather drink I've had yet. Very cooling and refreshing. K
  11. Does it count if I walked past a French place in my neighborhood that shall go unnamed (but is run by actual French people), took a peek at their newly posted menus and noted that they have a $23 "pre-fixe?" ARRRRRRGH! :angry: That one really gets to me. Yes, I went in and gently informed them they'd spelled it wrong. K
  12. Thanks a lot, I'm now seriously jonesin' for chocolate chip pancakes and fried chicken, which would be seriously weird in combination! Your kids are adorable, dude. K
  13. Very, very interesting stuff about Australia (and I had forgotten about those McCafes - it's been a really long time since I've set foot in McDonald's, and I just try not to go at all while I'm in NYC, which seems to be the only place in the US the cafes abound, so far. Correct me if I'm wrong, please). However - with the sentence I quoted, I think you missed my point. If you know something serves crap and you're looking for good, why would you go regardless of its popularity??? K
  14. Just of curiosity - let me know if I'm reading your post wrong - if you were looking for a GOOD cup of coffee in America, why in HELL did you go to Starbucks????????? There are roasteries and serious coffee places all over the US - heck, there's even a very good one in Asheville, North Carolina. Surely you could've used that magical invention, the internet, to look some of 'em up? I'm not trying to be mean, here - I thought it was just common wisdom that Starbucks makes a crap cup of coffee. K
  15. My guess is, this, like everything else, is all about moderation. If you (generic you, not specific to anyone in this thread or out of it) cut regular soda out of your diet, drink only diet soda, and decide that therefore it's ok to double or triple your ice cream consumption, you're probably gonna gain weight, yeah. But I can't imagine that one or maybe two diet sodas a day would help or hinder weight loss in any perceptible fashion. Maybe the sodium content would encourage water retention, but if you aren't ingesting more calories, you can't gain weight*. Period. K *edited to add: pregnant women aside
  16. It's all Sam's doing. Well, Sam and Nick & Nora Charles. Seriously. Ok, I'm editing to explain a little, if anyone cares. My parents are not really "cocktail" people, per se, more wine/beer people (they had a beer keg with a tap in our house till I was about 18!). In college, I mostly drank, well, pitchers of beer, and occasionally a shot of bad tequila or seven (or a shot of root beer schapps dropped into a beer. I don't want to think about that now), and maybe a screwdriver or a margarita or eight at a cast party, or one of those frozen mostrosities at the bars where they serve 'em out of big ol' machines. Later, my ex-husband, er, well, mostly a Budweiser or Miller Lite (or illegal substance) guy (yeah, I know). The Thin Man movies, which I originally watched back in college, made me curious about the martini - it seemed so GLAMOROUS! Sam introduced me to the joys of real mixed drinks (yes, I know, the margarita is a real mixed drink), the ones you drink because they taste amazing and look cool. I was thrilled to discover that they really are as glamorous as they seem when Nick & Nora drink 'em. Now I have to go home to watch The Thin Man again. Drink in hand, of course. K
  17. Just out of curiosity, not meant to derail, does Del Taco still cover everything with ranch dressing?
  18. bergerka


    toasted sourdough bread with homemade mayonnaise and heirloom tomatoes from the green market, sometimes with lettuce and/or bacon, sometimes just by themselves. *drool* Green apples, brie cheese, honey mustard and a little salt and pepper on baguette will do too, as will a sandwich jambon/beurre.... K
  19. As of this week, the Silver Moon Bakery is offering fresh peach brioche. I had one this morning. I'm a very, very happy girl.
  20. I'm kinda curious about this. It's always interesting, when reading a review, to know what said reviewer's experience is. So I'm wondering what you expected. Are you familiar with southwestern/Mexican/Texas-style pinto/BBQ/cowboy/chile beans? Because they are NOT gooey lumps of sweetness, like southern-style, or Boston baked beans (not that there's anything wrong with that; I like those, too). They are always what you might call "watery" if you're not familiar with them. You NEVER serve them just scooped onto a plate. They're always served in a bowl and eaten with a spoon so you can slurp up that "smoky and good" flavorful broth. They're more like what you might describe as 'bean soup,' I suppose, if you're not familiar with them. ARE you familiar with them. Is that what you were expecting? Just so happens I've eaten at Southside Market many times, and I think their beans are quite good. They sure do serve a lot of them. ← I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona (lived there for 22 years), and my older brother spent several years living in various parts of New Mexico and Texas, where we would frequently travel to visit him. So I'm quite familiar with that style of beans, from the very bad ones served on desert "moonlight hayrides" () to the excellent ones served in some restaurants. I simply found Southside's to be more watery than those I've had before, and of a texture to which I wasn't partial. FWIW, the beans from 17th Street (yes, I KNOW that's a different style) were about as far from "gooey lumps of sweetness" as one can get. As I mentioned, they were spicy, flavorful without being sweet, and the integrity of the beans was intact. K
  21. Had the chance to try several more things today - Mitchell's was still far and away my favorite, for taste, texture, sauce and crispy bits. The 17th Street ribs, though, were a VERY close second - they were everything ribs should be, the portion was HUGE, and their baked beans were the best, slightly spicy and using several kinds of beans. Southside (Elgin) was disappointing - the sausage was lovely, but the brisket was nondescript and the beans, although they tasted smoky and good, were quite watery. Big Bob's (? the one from Decatur, Alabama) pork shoulder was very tasty, but not as much so as Mitchell's whole hog, and I just REALLY prefer Eastern NC vinegar sauce to the red sweeter stuff. They were terrifically friendly, though. They had run out of beans by the time I got there and gave me a much-needed bottle of water instead. An Arnold Palmer (hint: if it's too sweet, stir it up with your straw, that just means the lemonade hasn't been thoroughly mixed with the UNSWEETENED iced tea) from the Shake Shack cooled me off and rounded out my day of devouring nicely. OH and I got to meet Jeffrey Steingarten. Celebrity whore that I am, I'm THRILLED that he's just as delightful as his books. Just wish I'd remembered to bring one of our eight thousand copies of them to be autographed. K P.S. I would never, never, ever try to do this without the Bubba Fast Pass. The lines were INSANE, especially in the heat/humidity. I got sunburned enough as it was!
  22. I have the funny feeling that the official name for this is "marketing ploy to boost sagging sales" K, going back to her tall frosty glass of Diet Coke with Splenda.
  23. I'm guessing that the reason they're open during the BABBP this year is that both the Shack and the BBQ Block party are, well, associated with Danny Meyer. Just a thought. Also, the reason the dessert stand offered ice cream (and root beer floats) last year was as a promotion for the then soon-to-be-opened Shake Shack. I'll be on the root beer float line today either before or after I stuff my ass with barbeque...or both... K
  24. To be honest, the recipe on the back of the Nestle's chocolate chips package is delicious and very reliable and can take a pounding from inexperienced bakers (like, oh, me). My best friend has improved on it by using bourbon instead of vanilla, and adding Heath Bar chips (you can either buy them or buy a Heath or Skor bar and pounding it into chip-sized bites yourself) along with the chocolate chips. Also, when I use nuts (rarely), I use pecans, as I'm mildly allergic to walnuts. But the best, by far the best chocolate chip cookie recipe I have found is from this book: Cookwise , by Shirley O. Corriher. She gives a basic recipe, a crispy recipe and a soft chewy recipe side-by-side and discusses what makes each of them work. Use Ghirardelli double chocolate chips, and using one of her recipes your cookies will always turn out perfect. Sam is a crispy kind of guy, I'm a soft & chewy kind of gal, and I can make a batch of each in no time and make both of us happy. (Note: this is a great book for those of us who are not very experienced at cooking in any event. I understand Corriher will eventually be publishing a companion volume called "Bakewise?" anyone know anything about this?). K Edited because I'm tired and I've had a drink and I started repeating myself for no reason whatsoever.
  25. I would just like to state that after a 2.5 hour odyssey from 231st and Broadway to the park, complete with a fire on the downtown 1 track, a walk in the heat from 231st to the A train at 207th, a wait of nearly 1/2 hour at 145th for the downtown D (the A was, of course! running local), and finally giving up on the N/R/W and walking from Herald Square to the park - just in time to get soaked by a downpour :angry: , Mitchell's completely delicious barbeque and his side of the only coleslaw I have ever liked were the only things that kept me from committing mass murder and mayhem today. The lives of everyone in this city were saved by pork. K, significantly less bitchy now that I'm full of bbq and sitting in my air-conditioned living room eating frozen grapes.
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