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  1. Rogelio, these look wonderful. Also, please tell me you have been to Rodrigo de la Calle in Aranjuez. If not, you must go there immediately, if not sooner. Ideally, take me.
  2. Always a main dish in our house (Phoenix, AZ, one parent from NJ and one from SoCal). And a delicious one at that. MMMMMM.
  3. And to go along with beansnrice, above, I will never again put the cannisters of sugar and salt (unlabeled, but COMPLETELY DIFFERENT TYPES OF CANNISTERS) next to each other on my kitchen counter. The scene: me, happily making the Smitten Bitch's (it's an endearment, trust me, I adore this woman) cream cheese pound cake with strawberry coulis for a dinner party. Humming away to my iPod, I put in the requisite three cups of...well, I thought it was sugar. Can we all just say how glad we are that I have this nasty tendency to taste batter before I bake it? Salt. THREE CUPS of salt. *gag* After much cursing, I went back to the store for more butter, cream cheese and salt, since the recipe also requires a touch of it and I was now FRESH OUT. I then came home and wrote, in permanent marker, SAL in great big letters on the top of my salt cannister. Just in case.
  4. Although it does invite responses of "yeah, clean my house." ...ok, maybe that's just me.
  5. You are all horrible, awful, terrible people, I've had a pizza craving for three days and YOU ARE MAKING IT WORSE. *sigh* I may have to scoot out tonight to this great little Italian takeaway place (run by actual Italians, before we get all up in arms) near Tribunal... I would gladly join you in your fear of pineapple on pizza, were it not that a) I like it and b) I was recently in Firenze, where I ate most excellent pizza in a restaurant that, indeed, offered one with pineapple. Strangely, the only ones ordering it were the Italians. I stuck with quattro stagioni, myself, but I have to say the pineapple looked delicious. And yes, this happened. I was there with witnesses. And just to flip you all out totally, try pizza that has a nice light tomato sauce with a topping of grilled peaches sometime. No, seriously. My one golden rule of pizza is that the crust has to be able to stand up to whatever you're putting on it. I don't care if it's thin pizza, deep-dish pizza, whatever, if the crust gets soggy, you're screwed, regardless of the toppings.
  6. Um, actually, given the dismal quality of most cafeteria food in schools in the U.S., I'd like to see it reported on a bit more often, myself. Better yet, corrected. Sheesh.
  7. An American school that serves real food? I just fell off my chair in shock.
  8. Oh my god, I'll be in AZ to sing for six weeks in September/October. I am SO THERE. Genny, you are SO THERE WITH ME. This looks FANTASTIC. xoxoxoxo K
  9. Katie, this is probably a thread of its own (and a question for Rogelio or Pedro or someone who is actually Spanish) but in my two years in Madrid and the rest of the country, eating both in restaurants and in friends' homes, the main meal with a main course is more likely to be the midday one, and it's fairly common to set out a bunch of little plates and everyone kind of graze during the evening, especially in summer. So you have both. and just to keep it on topic, I think you were craving lamb kabobs because lamb kabobs are good. Basta.
  10. It sounds like you have a relationship with your doctor that works. However, there are plenty of people who in your situation would have been given a course of medication to lower their blood sugar. That's when the "epidemic of diagnoses" gets scary. ← You know, I'm sorry, but personal responsibility could also include doctor shopping to find the one you can communicate with. It DOES happen.
  11. I, too, would like to hear how exactly it is that diabetes is "overdiagnosed," since, um, it's diagnosed by testing blood glucose levels, not by, yanno, flipping a coin or something. All in all a good and interesting article. I too subscribe to "everything in moderation," and I don't feel it decreases my enjoyment of life at all to do so. If anything, it's increased, since after I eat a meal I don't still feel too full to eat two days later...
  12. Also one more suggestion that worked for my brother - buy Ensure, the chocolate ones, in the can, and make a chocolate milkshake with milk, chocolate ice cream and one small can ensure. Like a charm, it works.
  13. hi there - although I am not quite as physically active as you, I too have had a significant (25 pound) weight drop in the last year and it seems I just can't take in enough calories. Here are a few things that seem to be helping me stabilize (I DO NOT want to lose any more weight - I am 5'11" and weigh just under 130 pounds now!). Ok, first of all, lay off the diet coke while you're working unless it's caffeine-free. Caffeine is a diuretic. Drink even more water (I drink 3 liters a day, easy), drink juice, which has the added benefit of calories. Also, try to avoid those frozen and prepackaged meals, they tend to be high in sodium...also a diuretic. You need to avoid dehydration with all that physical labor! Mild dehydration could also be a cause of your not feeling hungry in the evening, in addition to the exhaustion. Second, don't try to eat three big meals a day (I TOTALLY understand about that feeling that your stomach capacity has diminished!), try to eat five or even six smaller ones. Just snack all day, and make sure they are "long" snacks, which is to say heavy on protein and complex carbohydrates. Hard boiled eggs are great, so are nuts and dried fruits. Add some peanut butter to your celery (or even egg salad, egg salad on celery sticks is delicious). Oatmeal in the morning is perfect, so is peanut butter toast. cook a steak, slice it up and put it in a big salad or make a steak sandwich and stick it in the fridge to eat when you get home - feels nice and light with all the veggies, but you're still getting some protein. I agree about getting to a nutritionist, but in the meantime, get thee to the library and read up on what, how often and how much athletes eat, because that is what you are becoming! Congrats on your newfound muscles! Isn't it fun to feel like you look FABULOUS??? K
  14. If you are in the mood for something completely delicious but a tad bit more...um...rustic (to put it politely), get in a car and figure out how to get to Pendones, possibly the only ugly little town in Spain, way up in the mountains (an hour away from Gijon...and from everything). Go to the only restaurant in Pendones. Order the cabrito and/or the fabes con jabalí. Trust me. I THINK it's Casa Isabel, phone 985 613 725 (and if you go on a weekend, call for reservations in advance, you'd be freakin' shocked how many people will drive way the hell up there to eat at this place), if that's not right I'll change it. All I remember is it's the only restaurant in Pendones, the damn trip makes me carsick every time I go there (probably doesn't help that I've only gone there on huge hangovers, which is what happens when you travel with Eric_Malson!), and it's ohhhhhh so worth it. Just don't count on being hungry for three days thereafter. K
  15. Hi all. I'll be in Paris Christmas Eve with my gentleman friend, and we'd like to find a good place to eat that night! I assume we will need to make reservations! We will most likely be at the Marriott Rive Gauche, on Boulevard St-Jacques, right by Montparnasse. A couple of restrictions: We don't want to spend a million dollars on dinner, in fact, I'd like to keep it to €50 per person if possible. We aren't really interested in experimental cuisine (á la Adriá et al) - a good traditional place is far more interesting to us. I am familiar with the Paris métro system, and we have walked all over the city on our last two trips there, as well. That said, we like pretty much everything, so no food restrictions, and of course we drink wine! We'll be sticking to wine rather than cocktails, as he has to fly the next day and I have completely lost my tolerance for hard alcohol due to a 25-pound weight loss and, well, not drinking it! Thanks, all! Looking forward to your suggestions. K
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