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  1. I'll add a second vote for 'Cesca--I think their food is fantastic. Also, there's Nice Matin on 79th and Amsterdam.
  2. Pumpkin Lover

    Dinner! 2005

    That looks so great--just like home.
  3. I dig your style, Toliver--gimme a bottle of ketchup and I'm a happy HAPPY girl. A New York-cart hot dog with onions and ketchup is pure heaven. Mmmmmm.
  4. I had tsukemen last week at Menchanko Tei, one of the more popular ramen restaurants in New York. I ordered my noodles with spicy miso broth, and like Kristen was saying upthread, the broth was more like a thick sauce. I was told either to pour it over my noodles or dip them; when I had the rest of the dish packed up as I was leaving, the restaurant dumped the broth over the remaining noodles. Is it common to pour the broth over the noodles? Also, is there a recipe I could try for making that kind of thick broth? It was really nice!
  5. I went on May 9th as part of a class outing. I wish I could comment extensively on their wine list (I'm learning, I'm learning), but I thought their small, one-page selection was quite nice. We ordered, among others, a Rosso di Montalcino--my first taste of this type of wine, and I swooned accordingly. I didn't try any other dishes other than the rack of lamb (Carre de Agneau Colette), which came with mashed potatoes mixed with goat cheese and ratatouille. The lamb was tiny but perfect--four small chops cooked just medium rare, right at the perfect temperature. The potatoes were a little dry--they could have added a little more cheese to moisturize the potatoes, but that didn't bother me too much. No desserts for us. We were a group of 17, I think, and we were seated in the left section against one wall. It was a little disasterous seating all of us--two of my classmates broke glasses while slipping in their seats, and only after the second glass fell did the waiters think to move some tables away from the wall. And water/wine glasses all came out at different times: I had to wait five minutes for a wine glass while four of my classmates poured away next to me. So, food = thumbs up, service = eh. Edited to add that the other customers did indeed look local, comparable to the same crowds one sees at Carne, Eden, and Sip, all also in the Columbia area.
  6. From today's Times: Eastern Noodles has closed. Bummer, I never got out there.
  7. Oh holy Jesus. I'm so sorry. Forget my troubles, take all of this advice for yourself!!! Oh dear.
  8. Yeah, I find that Hispanic markets carry these much more often than regular grocery stores. If you're willing to trek uptown, maybe some C-Towns in East Harlem or Washington Heights might have them, as well as small Hispanic markets? If you're willing to head to Inwood, there are a few markets on 207th St. that might be useful.
  9. Actually, Ondine, that makes a lot of sense--when I first wrote that, I wondered afterwards if I really did want to spend a lot of time by myself. When I'm by myself, at least right now, I tend to get bitter. Spending time with friends and drinking my brains out (it's not that hardcore, but ya know) is helping me to take my mind off of this. You're absoutely right. I took a two-mile run yesterday with my iPod at full blast. And ate AmyDaniel's chicken salad, of course. Fresh lobster sounds REAL good right now. Verjuice, your post was wonderful. I just might hit up some restaurants alone, just me and a good book. It'd be nice to indulge in lychee and key lime pie fauxtinis anytime I want now. Thank you guys again: reading the posts is therapeutic itself. This thread should be pinned for anyone going through heartache!
  10. Thank you for all your responses. You people are lovely. It's interesting that a lot of the suggestions you all are making--soups, mashed potatoes and gravy, beef--are also associated with winter. Warm, comforting foods that take a long, therapuetic time. Neat corrolation. He didn't like fish, and didn't drink, so maybe some salmon and white wine are in due order.
  11. (As opposed to the other heart thread in the Dinner forum): I've just gotten out of a year-and-a-half long relationship, and I'm getting back into my regular food routine--bananas, milk and vitamins in the morning, water throughout the day. But for a couple days, I was pretty bad (in a good way) to myself: Monday: No breakfast. Two dogs from Gray's Papaya for lunch. Three leftover wild mushroom ravioli from Gavroche for dinner. No water. Yesterday: No breakfast. Penne alla vodka from Rigoletto's on Arthur Ave. for lunch (I'm in NYC). Nachos with canned spicy beef from the Gin Mill, the greatest bar on the Upper West Side. Lots and lots and lots of beer. And some somethings smoked in a hookah to top it off. So now I'm wondering: what do you folks eat when you're going through rough relationship times? And, what do you tend to cook? I hope to hit the stove again soon--I'd like to get my hands dirty with a long recipe, lots of prep, so I can take my mind off of this miserable-ness.
  12. This thread is such great reading on a nice day!! I'm planning to make the chocolate-Nutella tart for a party tomorrow. I was wondering if anyone has any input on whether or not it'd be a bad idea to make it in advance, like tonight. The recipe says that the tart is best served right away, but I'm afraid that the oven won't be available tomorrow. Thanks!
  13. Thomas would Froogle, of course! I've found this source for beet powder, $4.45 or $8.15. Or this, $4.68. Or in bulk for $24.40. Also gives a recipe for chocolate beet root cake. But now I see you're making your own powder. Go you!
  14. Here's a place for hand-pulled noodles: Eastern Noodles
  15. I know this is total heresy here, but: while my folks are in town in May, they want dim sum. Problem is, the only time we'll have to do dim sum is at night. Besides Dim Sum Go Go, what restaurants would you guys recommend for a dumpling dinner at dusk?
  16. Can you guys recall what was on the menu--what kinds of antipasti, pastas, meats were offered? And is it weird that I was suspicious of a Chodorow (sp?) restaurant because of "The Restaurant?" I guess I've never eaten at one of his establishments, and am unaware of his real track record. Nice comments on the service, CMA--thanks!
  17. Ooh, Wendy, you'll be going this weekend? I'll wait to make reservations until I hear your report; I trust your judgments. Thanks for the comments so far, guys!
  18. I'm doing research for a graduation dinner (again). Last year, my fam and I ate at Balthazar: the food was incredible, but my parents didn't eat so much--I think they were a little intimidated by the prices, and while my three siblings and I ate enough for an army, I feel like they were left behind a bit. So, while reading TONY, I saw the goods for English Is Italian. $40 for all-you-can-eat? With Todd English on board? Am I dreaming or is this a great deal? If you have the goods on this restaurant, spill 'em, because I need 'em!
  19. As always, this was just wonderful! It should be printed up, bound and sold. It'd be a bestseller. And, Bleu--dang girl, you're smokin'!
  20. Bleu, I just went through your first blog. I'm so excited you're doing this again. Will we be going back to Chez Pierre?
  21. Hey again-- Going through these entries mid-semester is really helpful--I need to do more walking around, for sure. I've got another request: in the next two weeks, I'll be looking at the wine scene in the Bronx. I was wondering if there are any wine appreciation groups, maybe in Riverdale or Parkchester? Any shops that you guys know of and can recommend (besides Mt. Carmel Wine on 187th)? Any help would be much appreciated.
  22. Thanks to Jason for starting this thread. I tried a little of the pizza rustica yesterday at Mike's while reporting on AA. It was really beautiful when David cut it open to show me the inside (I'm doing a story on Easter foods, and I wanted to check out the pizza rustica). That sweet crust just cut through the fat and the dense cheese. Heaven. The stores weren't crowded at all. I think I'll have to take a few mid-week trips on the Bx12 to prepare for Easter. Plus, the generosity of these people is enormous. That what I enjoyed the most about hanging out in the neighborhood. When I met up with David, he was taking care of customers, and he asks me--a little grad student--"Hon, relax, take a look around, enjoy yourself. Can I get you anything to eat?" He sent me over to the cafe to talk to Antoinette about the pizza rustica, and the first thing she asks me: "Sweetie, can I get you something to eat? A cappucino? Something?" You don't get this generosity in New York anymore! It was all fantastic, and I have to go back before spring break!
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