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  1. Here's a new twist on an old favorite. I took the skillet out of the oven, carefully placing an oven mitt over the handle so the handle is "wearing" the mitt. But, I didn't use the Oxo silicone mitt thingy, I used the cloth one with a fuzzy inside. Said fuzzy inside is now melted onto the handle.
  2. Yesterday, I made the Chocolate Truffle Souffle cakes from Small Batch Baking. The recipe made 4 cakes in 3 in" ramekins. They looked very pretty and tasted good even though I didn't use very good chocolate. They were very moist. Today, I'm making lemon cake for March birthdays at work.
  3. The husband made the executive decision to throw out our cheap hard to clean waffle maker. I'd like to replace it with something that will: a) be easy to clean b) make an excellent waffle c) store relatively easily d) last for a looong time e) be family friendly, ie: big f) not cost a fortune I don't think I want a large-hole Belgian type waffle maker. And while we're on the topic, what is your favorite waffle recipe or way to eat waffles? I really like overnight yeasted waffles. We usually just eat them with syrup.
  4. Not mine, but Crown Royal quilt here.
  5. I'm disappointed in you. If they asked for and paid for NY strip, that is what they should have received. Jim ← I think that meant the caterer in the article used NY strip, not that anyone was cheated in the skewering of lesser meat. Cheese on a stick, battered and fried like a corn dog.
  6. Marmish

    Wines by the glass

    I guess it comes down to whether you are more uncomfortable asking how much the wine is beforehand, or paying a larger than expected bill afterwards.
  7. Maybe Method products would work for you. They are scented with essential oils.
  8. I took the cake to school today. I bake once a month for all the birthdays of that month (and the half birthdays of the summer babies like me who got screwed all through school when it came to class parties). Based on the oohing and aaahing that came out of the lounge, and the substitute teacher working in the building that sought me out to ask if I sold cakes, I think everything came out ok in the end. I'll surely make this again, and will use plenty of the advice from all of you more experienced folk. I keep saying one day when I'm sick of the kids and the parents and the teachers, I'm going to run away to a bakery somewhere. I think they think I'm joking.
  9. Thanks for all the tips. I do think the syrup was slightly overcooked. I didn't think of spraying the measuring cup. Next time, I'll try watching the syrup more closely and spraying the cup. Then, I might get really brave and try pouring right from the pan. Interesting tip about removing the whisk attachment. I think I may need to check the height adjustment of the bowl as well.
  10. I made RLB's Mousseline buttercream today. This was the first time I tried a "real" buttercream. I got really nervous there in the middle when it was totally curdled and look so icky, but everything I've read here says just keep forging on and it'll all be ok. And it was. I flavored it with Chambord and tinted it ever so slightly pink. The part I had a hard time with, aside from not panicking in the middle, was pouring the syrup. I was using a kitchenaid and tried to follow the pour-mix-stop-pour-mix-etc. method, but I ended up with what I thought was a lot of syrup left in the measuring cup that wouldn't come out. Then I discovered a glob that was attached to the bottom of the mixing bowl. Any tips for pouring the syrup in? How important is it to get every last drop in there? Was that a factor in the curdy gloppy mess I eventually overcame?
  11. Malawry, Did the courses you are teaching exist and the college needed someone to teach them, or were you able to suggest courses that you wanted teach?
  12. The public comment session on the proposed rules has been completed. The IASB posted a summary: ISBE HEARING ON FOOD SERVICE RULES The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) held a hearing on Wednesday (February 8) on the proposed rules regarding school food service and the "junk food" ban. Responding to a request from the Illinois School Nutrition Association, the ISBE held the hearing to take testimony about implementation problems with the rule proposal as published in the Illinois Register on January 6, 2006. The hearing room was a "packed house" with nearly 100 people in attendance. .... Person after person testified on how the proposed rules were much more than "banning junk food ," but would affect the entire school lunch program of many elementary and middle schools. Most at risk would be a la carte selections and "second servings" of entrees from the lunch program. It was pointed out that the over prescriptive criteria on what constituted foods deemed "minimally nutritious items" should be changed or perhaps eliminated altogether. etc. etc. Full summary here
  13. I really like the berry sundae and the berry smoothie. The mocha I only had once, but I liked it, just prefer the berry. The chicken bake I'm mixed on. The flavor overall is pretty good, but the chicken texture is sometimes weird to me.
  14. I don't mind having specials recited if there aren't too many of them - more than 4 or so, forget it. I want to know how much, and I don't want to have to ask. Recently we were at a nicer restaurant with friends. We had not been there before, and should have realized due to the location that we would be underdressed, even though it was not someplace I would consider fine dining. I was interested in one of the specials, and asked its price when we ordered. Since it was much higher than the other entree I was considering, AND I felt it was overpriced for what it included, I ordered the less expensive regular menu item. It surely was a combination of factors that night, but I don't like to have to ask the price, then order something else because it makes me feel like I can't afford it, even if I can. It is uncomfortable and unnecessary. Servers should recite the prices with the specials. Always. As for assuming the prices are in line with the rest of the menu, well, you know what they say about assuming...
  15. This is next on my list to make. I'm glad to hear it was easy. Avocado, I think you need a chocolate sour cream frosting. From Alice Medrich's A Year in Chocolate 8 oz chocolate, semisweet or bittersweet, cut in small pieces 1 c sour cream 1-2 t. instant coffee (optional) 1 1/2 t hot water (optional) Dissolve coffee in hot water. Add to sour cream. Melt chocolate in double boiler or microwave. Add sour cream mixture to chocolate. Use immediately. Soften by setting bowl briefly in pan of hot water if necessary.
  16. OH NO! A**holes. Today was much better. I didn't go to work, for starters. The dog's trip to the vet and related sample catching was easy, quick, and painless (for me anyways - he hates the vet). Then I met with someone who does the job I want to do. She was very nice and gave me some good advice. Then I ate a Costco cheese slice and soda for lunch. Dress shopping didn't go too well. I'm sure it's not related to all the sugar, carbs and alcohol I've eaten due to stress. No, not related at all. But the best thing was the visit to the dr. I got not one, but two bear hugs from a grizzly old orthopedic surgeon who is tickled pink I'm showing improvement. So dinner tonight will be roasted chicken with some sort of veggie and cookies for dessert. I need to bake for work tomorrow. We're having fried chicken, mac & cheese and green beans from the soul food place. Yum. I love being in charge of ordering inservice lunches. So if tomorrow sucks again, I'm in good shape for lunch!
  17. Crappy day #2. One meeting better than expected, one way worse than expected. And I managed to piss off the best boss ever. Called the Mister and said we could have leftovers or go out to dinner. Genius picked leftovers. So I left him to his precious leftovers and fried up some tater tots - no baked in the oven crap - smothered them in chili, cheese and sour cream. Rum and coke on the side, followed by Eli's chocolate cheesecake from the freezer (a Christmas gift) and coffee.
  18. I'm unhappy to report one more crappy thing that happened to me yesterday. My oven's digital display says there's a button stuck and the oven light won't go off. I am VERY happy to also report that today went much better. I was not the worse for wear after all that red wine, and I think I will not be quitting my job in a snit, strangling any adolescent children, or otherwise ending some situation of mine in a tragic manner. But there's always tomorrow. I may be back. In the meantime, thanks oodles for all your commiserating and yummy ideas. It's interesting to see how similar our ideas of comfort foods are. They range a variety of ethnicities, but you can't beat pasta and chocolate no matter what form they take.
  19. God, I love commiseration. Cheeseburger, fries, meatloaf, tater tots, lots of chocolate with almonds, lots of red wine, coffee, and headed for the bath shortly. Fortunately, the boss was the best part of the day. She's fantastic. I hate getting bombarded on all sides when I'm trying to do the right thing by everyone. I know you can't please everyone, and I certainly have a don't-give-a-shit attitude when I know I'm right 100%. Unfortunately, today was a day of compromises and grey areas. Jason and Fat Guy, you sure know how to cheer a girl up. Salad, my ass. Now frying in effigy, that has promise. Thanks everybody. I feel a lot more prepared to face tomorrow. And I'm already taking Thursday off. Although Thursday I have to collect a urine sample from my DOG, and shop for a dress, so I may be back in this thread anyways.
  20. We had mac & cheese this weekend, no pasta left. Tater tots will be accompanying the meatloaf so that's some consolation. ← Edited to add - OOOOH bubble bath. Good call.
  21. We had mac & cheese this weekend, no pasta left. Tater tots will be accompanying the meatloaf so that's some consolation.
  22. I just had the WORST day ever. Not only were things at work bad, bad, bad, but the dress I planned on wearing to a wedding doesn't fit (and I already bought new shoes for it), two people close to me have health issues (one life threatening) and I have PMS. So what did I have for lunch? A big fat greasy cheeseburger and fries, thats what. Now that I'm home, I'm contemplating a few selections from the liquor cabinet, tempered only by the fact that I have to be at work early to get yelled at some more. What do you eat on the most horrible, very bad, no good days? And more importantly, what should I be drinking. You have until the meatloaf comes out of the oven. No beer need apply.
  23. Marmish


    Here's a previous thread on yogurt-making. I haven't made any in a long time because I can get the Mediterranean homestyle easily now. The longer homemade sits, the tangier it gets. The starter makes a difference, and for the thick Greek style, I always drain it.
  24. Darcie, I bake two birthday cakes a month for work. I was promoted within my building and I didn't want to have to send everyone birthday cards because I am horrible with keeping up with that. I have sweet teeth, too, and this also allows me to selfishly indulge in baking. I even took a cake decorating class this year. This month I made a pear spice cake with lemon honey cream cheese frosting, and a banana cake with a chocolate sour cream frosting. The Peninsula Grill cake is on my to do list.
  25. I read this thread the other day and thought I didn't really have any opinions on packaging. Silly me, of course I do. I really like the Stagg Chili SmartPak package. It's rectangular, comes in a variety pack at Costco or individually at the local market, and you flip up the tabs, squeeze in the top, and tear off the top to open the package. And it WORKS. The tear strip comes off every time. Cleanly, without the use of teeth or gnashing of teeth, or other utensils. And it leaves a neat edge. And the chili is good.
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