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  1. Got to say I initially got a laugh.🙂 But then I felt sad for you. I remember my first time...she was...no wait we are talking about pasta. Don't be a coward and make the dough again. Its got to be much drier. Put a cup of flour on the bench, make a well and crack an egg in it. Combine adding flour till you have a dry mix. Just egg & flour. (when you become a master pasta maker you can add semolina (corn meal) or wholemeal buts that's for the yuppies) It should not be sticky at all. (One variation is to use only egg yolks) Lightly flo
  2. Back on Topic! We have tried to eat as "normal" as possible. We had my famous beef wellington last night. The one concession to the lock down is that I am giving a lot more thought to portion control. Because we will be doing a lot less physically, we have decided to make sure we adjusted our food intake (fuel in = fuel out) to adjust to the loss of normal calorie burn. Just the act of not going shopping as often is actually a significant reduction in exercise. Its fine to think along the lines of "I am under stress...I need to eat lots of comfort food to take the stress levels
  3. Slightly better odds that a whiskey breathing emergency room staff is not infected........ I like the odds...(particularly when I am probably slurring my words as well) 😀
  4. There must be a god and he must love me. Or I may be a complete fool but sometime, just sometimes fools get lucky https://arxiv.org/abs/2003.12444
  5. Whiskey Wine (Red but if not then white) Snacks to eat with above (probably going to need AA after the pandemic, but its a small price to pay) I am hoping after a strict diet of any/all of the above I will lose some weight and be healthier. 😀
  6. Bernie

    Dinner 2020

    Drink more or fasta..........😀
  7. Bernie

    Breakfast 2020!

    Are you going to Scarborough Fair?
  8. Bernie

    Dinner 2020

    that's what they say but alas sometimes the nomenclature (always wanted to use such a high sounding word) is different depending on where you are in the world. Here, remote areas can mean a city of several thousand, maybe the distance could be 900 miles OR it could mean remote areas as in a town of less than a 100 and 3000 miles who only get deliveries weekly or monthly then only half the year by 4 wheel drive.😃 Delivery wise, for me its usually at least an extra day and I am less than 60 miles from a capital city!
  9. I seem to remember cumin takes the heat out. If you do a search on the net you get lots & lots of tips but they seem to be all copied from the same source. Some don't even change the words, just the layout. That's the trouble with the web these days, every 10year old with google can become an instant expert and put it on a website, whether its fact or fiction or just opinion. Some say pineapple, acid (vinegar lemon juice, lime juice) and surprisingly peanut butter. I vaguely remember there is something in peanuts that changes the capsaicin (the hot chemical) rather than jus
  10. I have to agree about milliliters. One thing that people (persons?) don't seem to realize is what is appropriate or practical for the job at hand I am a fisherperson (metric) ( fisherman (imperial)) and I think in fathoms rather than meters. On a calm day there will usually be some wind waves and up to 1 meter is usually classed as 'gentle'. So any measurement of depth on a calm day will have a ripple on it (which really produces an error in the reading depending on where you are on the wave). Similarly, (and somewhat surprisingly) bolts screws and nails measure in inc
  11. 1 Single Malt 2 Single Malt (another brand) 3 Single Malt (yet another brand) 4 Ditto 5 Ditto 6 Ditto 7 Non Single Malt (all) 8 Cabernet Sauvignon 9 Shiraz 10 Beer 11 Steak (rare) 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  12. Bernie

    Lunch 2020

    Morning tea time is what the toffs call smoko. (very original naming it "Morning Tea time" it's just having a cup of tea in the morning) When men were men and labored 10hrs a day, there was certainly no smoking on the job. But the bosses relented a bit (they got a bit soft as time progressed) the men were allowed a Smoke break, originally just 5 minutes. That was when you went to the toilet if needed. Originally I think their pay was docked the five minutes, but the union movement negotiated for a paid break of 5 minutes. Not bad, you worked from 6am, till 10am, th
  13. It was Yesterday for us. Starters: Bacon wrapped Prawns baked on a bed of buttery earlier oven roasted Garlic (I think I could have served the buttery garlic as a side but it would have bordered on gluttony ) Main: SV fillet steak with oven roasted potato roasted in beef fat that had been flavored with oven roasted Garlic, mushrooms oven roasted with a tomato,cheese & jalapeno topping. Wine was a 2010 Vintage Brut sparkling (we are not allowed to call it champagne) for the starters and a superb 2012 Shiraz with the main. We skipped desert, and j
  14. Well on Monday 30-12-2019 we received an ALDI catalogue (more junk mail). Big news! Hot Cross Buns are for sale. When I was a kid, traditionally Hot Cross Buns (or Easter Buns as the politically correct agnostics among us call them) went on sale about a week or so before Easter, you know fasting for lent and all that. Their sale has been getting earlier and earlier, but come on guys not till after the new year at least. And stop selling CHOCOLATE chip Hot Cross Buns or Peanut Hot Cross Buns or mixed nuts Hot Cross Buns. We had the GFC to tell the b
  15. Purely speculation but steaming a steak at almost any temperature is going to still need to be put on a hotplate of some sort to sear it to not only "improve" its flavor but to improve its look. (like SV) Surely the demographic you are talking about is not going to do that? Perhaps if you are able to add something to the steam to improve the outside texture (akin to what smoking does) Or perhaps your oven could be an automated steam then hot plate type? I have seen a commercial oven with a hated "hotplate" shelf specifically designed to cook steak very
  16. It depends on the means of control. A thermostat (bi metal strip or capillary type) will have a hysteresis so it turns on at one temperature (usually the set temperature) then turns off a few degrees higher. This turns the full heating element on fully. That is why they typically specify them at +-5 degrees A thermistor type with electronic control will use a PID controller and the controller "creeps up" on the set temperature, reducing the heating as it approaches the set temperature. The PID part usually learns the characteristics of the appliance and will maintain the temperature
  17. Bit of trivia for your contemplation. I SV my steak at 48C that's ~118F Its summer over here on top of the world (why do all the earth globe manufactures insist on putting the north pole at the top when everyone knows that Australia is the top of the world..but I digress) There is a place called the Nullarbor in South Australia where the air temperature reached 49.9C that's ~122 F If I was to SV my steak at Nullarbor, I would probably have to it in the fridge. Or I could vacuum pack my meat and just leave it on the table..... Yes there are ho
  18. If the meat was pretty cold when you vacuum bagged it there may be a very small amount of air trapped in the process. The vacuum formed will be good at the temperature you bagged it but that little bit of air will expand when heated you know "volume of gas=temperature and pressure"..... and other mathematical stuff you can google ( because I forget ) Basically half the temperature double the Vacuum (or if you are pedantic half the pressure) but I did work in a field of super cooling where we needed super high vacuums and the best way to get super high vacuums is to form the vacuum in the cha
  19. Bernie

    Dinner 2019

    Vegetarians is an old English descriptive word for members of a tribe who can't hunt. (and vegans are vegetarians who are also scared of chickens...)😂
  20. As far as the original topic goes I have also been working on converting older recipes into SV methods. So far the best approach seems to be to make the sauce on the stove top, cook completely, cool and use it in the SV bag to cook the meat. It is not quite the same because the meat juices are added during the SV. The sauce will be thinned down by the SV cook, so needs to be fairly thick to start with. So far It is not the same as the older slow cook but perhaps adding osmazome might make a difference. Trouble is I don't have a dog so what to do with th
  21. I have been fiddling with making terrines with chicken, pork & beef minces, wrapped in bacon. (I add boiled egg quarters, asparagus, bell pepper slices, beans, peas). I make it as most would make it normally, but then vacuum bag it (in its dish) with the intention of compressing the meat. I then SV it for 6 hours or so then remove it from the bag and cook in the oven as normal but for a shorter time. Where its relevant to this topic is that the meat initially shrinks and produces a fair amount of liquid. This is probably osmazone and fat. I poured off the liquid, allowed to
  22. Be a bit careful of simply dismissing "processed" as bad. Most milk is "processed" by bringing to moderate temperature (pasteurizing) to kill bacteria (originally cow pox). Homogenized means mechanically breaking up the fat globules into smaller and smaller sizes. In fact I would suggest you might be horrified to learn that most milk will be initially broken down int all its constituent parts and then reassemble with different ratios of these parts (it why we have all the different types of milk). Some of the proteins that are extracted have other uses and are highly priced and are l
  23. Bernie

    Roasted mushrooms

    I do whole mushrooms in a covered pan in the oven. Knob of butter in the pan, small knob of butter in each (skin side down please) and cook for about 25 mins. Then remove the lid for turn the heat up a bit for another 15. This way the mushrooms are initially steamed in their own juice, which is evaporated and you are left with moist mushrooms with really good concentration of flavor. The butter on top stops them drying out and lets face it more butter is ALWAYS good. Butter left (not much, but usually brown/black) is used to cook fried eggs or add to sauce.
  24. Chainsaw Its going to make an inedible mess but it will reduce your stress levels......😁
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